Friday, September 26, 2008

Okay, so maybe it isn't exactly sabatoge, but the office is having a pizza/cake party to celebrate a coworkers birthday. Ahh!!! I feel like I am being tempted here. I can totally give in to temptation, but I know that I will feel horrible afterwards. But then if I break out with my lean cuisine, I will be asked a BUNCH of questions.... [Sigh] Wish I could snap my fingers and be down 95lbs....
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    That is the toughest thing for me, too - to be around people partying and having yummy "bad" foods. ..first off, when u feel like you're missing out - remind yourself that you've eaten this know how it tastes...and you know its just a Cheap thrill, that lasts a couple of minutes. But where you are headed, there is Real lasting happiness, even Joy.
    ....also, you can drink a diet soda right before and have some filling protein for a snack (cheese or meat)...just make sure you're not hungry! slowly and control your portions.
    Have the 1 slice of pizza, slowly (you'll get fuller faster that way)...and if possible, leave a portion of the Flour crust. Thats the most fattening part. .then, have just 2 bites of the cake,
    Put it down...and drink some more Water or diet soda.
    Good luck!
    4494 days ago
    I may have a blog entry on is my thought on the whole thing though -

    We can sort of prepare for celebrations because their going to happen all the time. My thought is eat a salad or something prior to the celebration and than have a little. One slice of pizza. You can have it, just figure it into your calories for the day. Drink your water and eat the salad and you'll feel fuller. You may or may not even eat the whole slice.

    Cake - I can feel for you. They had a cake for me a few days ago, oh a week ago Saturday. So unplanned...I never knew they were having it for me.

    Anyhow a small piece won't hurt you and again drink up the water.

    I figure we don't have cake all the time and if its a celebration go for it. I actually ate the cake and didn't eat the frosting. I did taste it but just a tiny taste of the icing.

    Enjoy as long as its not a celebration every day - enjoy it.

    The main thing is figure it into your calories, drink the water and have the salad.

    You'll do fine.
    4496 days ago
  • MSV2UU
    I have been where you were/are. I have been honest with my co workers and that made it a lot easier. This way they don't offer me things that may be a temptation. They have actualy been a help because I am being held accountable when I grab something I shouldn't . I would eat my lean cuisine and maybe have a small piece of cake.
    4496 days ago
    Great your can face your challenges.. you know there will be more to come, on the quest for a smaller you.

    What did you do go for a walk at lunch time?

    In this situation I would needed to remove myself from the temptation.

    Alexia emoticon
    4497 days ago
    I've dealt with that before. And I know how hard it is to avoid the food and comments and questions. You could eat your Lean Cuisine and have a small piece of cake. Just say you're not in the mood for pizza. Or tell the truth. Either way, it's your business and not theirs. And when you start losing weight and getting skinny, they'll be asking you how you did it and telling you how amazing you look. :)
    4497 days ago
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