Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I've been putting off buying a dehydrator for a few reasons. One is money, I would like to buy a good one. Should I buy the biggest or buy one that I think I would need right now. Not sure where or how far I will go with the raw food, not that I am thinking of giving it up but I have never been crazy about cooking and always was a roast or saute cooker and this kind of non cooking seems like quite a bit of preparation and I would like to keep it simple. My problem is solved for the time being, I mentioned to a friend about getting one and she has one she never uses and I can borrow it for a few months. I'm very excited at the prospect of what to do with it. I'm getting it tomorrow and I am going to use it asap.
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    Rose, Thank you for your comment on one of my blogs. :)

    Just wanted to say that eating Raw does NOT require having a dehydrator! I've been Raw on & off for YEARS & don't eat dehydrated foods, period. Chopping board & knife are the main utensils. ;) Next is a food processor, then a good blender. Main thing is to eat LOTS & LOTS of salads--get inventive with the veggies you use. Use TONS of variety in what you mix in. I don't use bottled oils at all. My "dressings" are 4-5 super ripe (juicy) tomatoes, 3/4 of a large grated cucumber, (creates lots of juice), 1/2 a fresh squeezed lemon, and a mashed avocado. (The avo creates a "creamy" dressing.) Sometimes (with a seed/nut grinder) I'll grind a bowl full of unhulled sesame seeds and/or raw sunflower seeds and throw that in too for the dressing, usually in lieu of the avo. The fresh ground seeds create a smooth dressing too--with the other ingredients.

    Besides SALADS I eat tons & tons of fruit. (Today for "breakfast" I pitted a dozen ripe plums & threw them in my food processor for a "plum soup." I had 1/2 of that, then tossed 2 bananas in with the rest of them in the food processor & mixed that up. Added cinnamon for more "taste" after that.

    Eating Raw is just meant to be SIMPLE, above all HEALTHY. All this dehydrating nonsense is just that--nonsense! Yes it could be tasty at times, but healthy?? I don't think so. It's certainly time-consuming! The dehydrated Raw nuts concoctions you see in stores, i.e. Lara Bars etc... all a person needs to do is throw pitted dates & some soaked nuts into a food processor, blend them, then eat AS IS. Dehydrating is Not Necessary! It's just HEALTHIER to eat non-dehydrated food. Dehydrating means that the moisture is taken out of nature's foods. That's not wise. Our colons NEED the water in fruits & veggies in order to work properly. Nuts are LOADED with minerals/nutrients, as are veggies. They don't NEED to be dehydrated in order for our bodies to assimilate those nutrients. Why spend the darn time (wasting time) doing that?

    Sorry for the rant... I'm somewhat *outraged* that the "leaders" of the Raw foods community (those who write the books, have restaurants, load up the aisles in health food stores) are "training" people new to Raw think that Raw food eating means dehydrating food. Raw foods is about going back to basics--to fruits, veggies, salads, nuts & seeds in their NATURAL state. Dehydrating foods allows people to "make a buck" in the Raw foods community. Sell outrageous convoluted "recipes" in books, charge OUTRAGEOUS PRICES in raw foods restaurants, and have LONG SHELF LIFE in health food stores for their products.

    The only other things that help to have are a juicer, and a seed/nut grinder. And a grater.

    All that being said, have fun with your friend's dehydrator. The only times I ever used one (which I'd bought years before, and then when I went raw I took it to Goodwill!) was to dehydrate tomatoes, corn, grapes & bananas. The smells were delish, and I NEVER dehydrated them all the way. I just ate them while they were CHEWY & still somewhat moist. Very tasty. :) (But now I'd rather eat the tomatoes, corn, grapes & bananas RAW, in all their natural HEALTHY splendor. :) )

    Again sorry for the rant. If there was ANY way I could teach/reach people that eating Raw is NOT meant to be equated with dehydrated foods I would. ;)

    4338 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/25/2008 6:12:37 PM
    Let me know how it works out for you!!
    4338 days ago
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