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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I have a big debate going on in my mind........back and forth, back and forth! Scary, I know....

I have read so many great things on Spark about 2 products. Two totally different products, but both of them have to do with getting to my goal.....either the body bugg or the wii fit! I currently have a wii, but I do not have the wii fit. I don't think I can afford both of them right now and I know it is hard to compare apples with oranges, but I am really intrigued by both of them. I just don't know what would be more beneficial to me right now. We have had the wii for a little over a year and I have barely played with it at all. I am not a big video game advocate...I get too bored. But on the other hand, it would be exercise and it would be something I could do with my children. I think the cost is around $100.00 (I could be totally wrong) compared to the body bugg which I found on 24 Hour fitness for $199.00. I am a big fan of gadgets and I do like that it is such a smart little piece of technology. I don't know that I would like wearing it everyday on my currently very large arms.....but I sure would if I paid $200.00 for it. Or at least I hope I would....I don't always follow through. There are times when I have signed a years contract at a gym and then I go like 10 times. I am not very financially smart, and I don't always make the best I need everyone's help.....opinions...advice...w

I am very interested in both products and I am not just trying to spend money to spend it. I know these tools won't guarantee me any weight loss, and I also know that whatever I decide on that it will take me putting forth the effort it requires to be successful! I just need people who have invested in both or either one of these products input! Thank you so much my spark friends!
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    Thanks for the great blog. I have no opinion, because I don't have either. I hate to date myself, but I haven't played a video game since Coleco Vision's donkey kong. (Circa 1980)
    I think the Wii Fit sounds like a great thing with winter coming. It will give you a variety of choices for indoor fitness. Plus. . . get your kids involved. I think they will love you for it.
    Besides. . . The BB will only tell you what you already know. Eat healthy and move. . . the rest will follow!
    Love you, Miss you,
    See you soon.
    3530 days ago
    Okay, Mimi... I just have to say, that I have wanted a Wii Fit for MONTHS! I heard MCDLADY (Kerri) talk about it and it sounded like so much fun and it is! It is amazing... My most recent blog is all about "A new Wii for the new Mii" (Cause they call the you in the Wii Fit a Mii!). It is really the best thing ever. I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, exercise as you know... if you read ANYTHING I write or post... I have done very little in the 8 months I've been on SP... Some walking, some bicyling.... but this... well, this is something that I will do... and that I am loving doing...

    I would so get the Wii Fit. You already have the most expensive item... the Wii... why not get the Wii Fit? You have three STRONG opinions about it... Mine, Bekah's and Kerri's... I think you will love it... It is amazing... and fun, and exhausting (I ache... and with walking I don't normally ache so I know I am using more muscles!) and silly, and crazy and fun, fun, fun!!! It is an amazing product.

    You are welcome to come over and try it out at my house. We normally get home about 6 pm and I'll be glad to show you the Wii Fit. It is so worth the money and my BF IS AWESOME!!!!
    3531 days ago
    I'd vote for the Wii Fit. I bet you could rent a copy from a video store like Blockbuster to see if you like it. Jillian Michaels is also coming out with a new Wii fitness game the end of October. I agree with the others, the Body Bug would give you good information but the Wii might get you to burn more calories while having fun. Everyone I've talked to says the Wii Fit is rally addictive.
    3531 days ago
    I don't know about either very much except my son plays video games all the time and he is tall and slim so maybe there's something to keeping your hands occupied (me... I type all the time)
    3531 days ago
    Okay Mimi...this is what I've got to say!!!! I don't know anything really about this body bugg...I looked it up, but I still don't know too much about it. However, I do know something about that Wii Fit, because Mom's BF just bought her one on Sunday. So, let me tell you....(I'm going to use all caps because I want to show you my emotion!!) I LOVE IT SO MUCH, I NEVER THOUGHT IT WOULD BE SO FUN & CHALLENGING AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    !!!! You start out with all these different exercises, & the more you do, the more levels you unlock, so you get to play more & more & more!!! I had been on it for about 3 minutes & I said to Mom, "I've gotta get me one of these!!" It's just so awesome. I've probably done about an hour & a half on it, & other than a little sweat & some achy muscles (that's not just from the Wii Fit though, that's from moving 100 & some boxes yesterday), I can't even tell I have exercised! I haven't gotten through all the exercises on it either!

    So, if you can't tell, my vote would be for the Wii Fit, just because it is great, & quite fun!!!!
    3532 days ago
    I have a different opinion. I have neither but if I had a choice, I'd go with Wii Fit. It would encourage you to exercise because it's something new and different. The Body Bugg (which I am actually getting this week) is great, but it basically is a giver of information - much of which you could get on your own, or with a $30 heart rate monitor watch. The Body Bugg also tracks your calories - you could do that for free in Spark!! The reason I am getting a BB is because my trainer friend found me a used one for $50. Otherwise, I would not be getting one! If I had a Wii, I would SO get Wii Fit. It only takes 21 days to make a habit...and if you did 21 days doing a bunch of different things on Wii Fit, I daresay you'd be addicted!!!! Just my opinion.
    3532 days ago
    Well I don't have either but I will weigh in anyway. I have a Wii also. It was bought on a whim and my husband and I do not use it. I was tempted to buy the Wii fit but I don't know if I can justify the cost, knowing I don't enjoy A) exercising in the house, and B) video games. What happens if you get tired of it or bored with it? The Body Bugg on the other hand is a great tool to have along this journey. It's really the only thing of it's kind! I would love to buy one and maybe I will someday but if I had to choose between the two... DEFINITELY the Body Bugg!
    3532 days ago
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