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Cardio Fitness & Strength Training 9/14/08 started

Monday, September 15, 2008

I will be starting a new Strength Training Workout I found in
"Shape" magazine, October Issue. It will be for 3 weeks & when completed, I will repeat for 3 more weeks. Each week a little more weight will be added: emoticon emoticon

1 st Week: 4 sets (12 or 15 reps max) each

1.Shoulder Press: Used 8 lbs=DB
2Chest Press: Used 25 lbs= barbell
3.Squats: Used 8 LBS==DB
4.Tricep Kickbacks: used 5 LB==DB
5.Hamstring Curls: Used (10 LB Ankle weights) The routine called for 40 lbs, But I workout at home=NO machine for that, so what I used will have do.

6.Bicep Curls: Used 10 LBS ==DB
7.Seated Calf Raises: Used 25 lbs (Barbell)
8.Bent Over Rows: used 10 LBS==DB

Crunches: 500 (100 sit-ups/w/Punches & weighted gloves used
(My Crunches will vary from day to day.)

Side Planks/W/Oblique twists: 3 sets each side & Held 70 seconds
(Planks will vary each Day )

Push-Ups/W/Stepper: 3 sets of 15 reps (will vary also)
Leg Lifts: 100 (will vary also)

Every week My Team Leader, MEL, of 100+crunches A Day,
gives my team a different exercise to do along with my crunches.
SO this exercise changes all the time.This week it was:

(Lying Leg Abductions/W/Band: DID: 3 sets of 25 reps each)
EXTRA I ADDED: Standing Abductions/W/Band: 3 sets of 25 reps

After Workout I Did: Kickboxing For 20 Minutes
Jacks On my Trampoline: 300 (For my Jumping Jack Team)

Stretched For: 15 minutes (some Yoga Moves I did)

Tomorrow wil be Cardio: Haven't decided yet what to do!

Please let me know your workout. I like to change my routine often.
I usually don't do a routine for this long, but I want to try
something different. I always was afraid to lift heavy weight, but in all my fitness magazines, they say,
"To get toned, challenge your muscles with heavier weights & new exercises. To burn fat & calories, increase your workout intensity, & to stave boredom, mix your routine
To make sure I will be getting the best workout, "SHAPE" tracked down the current thinking on everything from maximizing
fat burn to stretching. "SHAPE" suggested to try one of these new
approaches everyday this week & they said that they bet I'll feel stronger, firmer & more energized. After all, the only thing I have to lose is flab!

You know what, it's true, because I felt so much more energy today from my workout than ever before.
So I'm giving this workout routine a shot for the next 3 weeks & more.
I did the 4 sets today most of the exercises I changed & did different positions for Shoulder press, for biceps, triceps, squats.

Wish me luck! On my new adventure. I like to call it that.


Lee emoticon
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  • MKPQ51
    As you know, I can't help you here. You've got a program far exceeding what I even have planned; however, here are a couple of articles that may of interest to you:

    Best of SP Daily, 09/17/08, Ask the Experts, Why women should strength train?

    Exercise Tip of the Day, 09/14/08, Answers from SP's Fitness Experts, How much weight should you be lifting?

    4445 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/22/2008 4:33:13 PM
  • LEE907
    Sara Katie,
    Thank You for stopping by my blog I posted. I do have "Chis Freytag's 321 DVD. I like her. I have quite a few DVD's I got from prevention & from "Shape" & Beach Body. I like to do them in the winter time. I live in NY & the winters are cold, so I'm limited to going outdoors & exercising. I started this routine from "Shape" magazine. I should be finished by the time the winter comes. Thank You again for the thought.

    4447 days ago
  • no profile photo SARAKATIE
    It looks like you have really got a program going! I wanted to add that Prevention Fitness Systems 2-pack Belly, Butt, and Thighs 3-2-1 workout with Chris Freytag is something you might want to investigate. I have not started it but they are in segments - she is interesting - exercises different - and you can choose the workout you want to do and how many you want. check it out.
    4448 days ago
  • LEE907
    MONDAY 9/15/08

    g: 30 minutes
    Jumping rope : 15 minute
    Jacks/On/Trampoline: 600
    Danced For: 15 minutes

    ks Full Position: 3 sets Holding For (90) seconds
    Modified Planks: 2 sets Holding For: ( 2 Minutes)
    Side Planks/W/Oblique Twists: 2 sets each side & held For
    ( 60 seconds)
    Standing Abductions: 2 sets of (20) reps each Leg
    Rear Leg Lifts: 3 sets of (30 reps) each leg & added pluses

    Back Extensions: 10 sets Of (20) holds For Sets
    Figure "8's": 3 sets OF (15 reps)
    Stretched For: 15 minutes

    TUESDAY 9/16/08

    I scheduled: bike riding for (60) minutes

    Crunches: 500
    Planks: 2 sets OF Full Position: Hold For: 1 1/2 minutes
    Modified Planks: 2 sets Hold For (2 Minutes)
    Side Planks/W/Oblique/Reach: 2 sets Hold Each side (60 sec)
    Push-Ups/On Ball: 3 sets of 20 reps
    Running Lunges:/W/Leg Lift: 3 sets of (20 reps) each leg
    Leg Lifts: 100 OR (50) ?
    Back Extensions: 3 sets of Holding For (20) seconds
    Stretch For: 15 minutes

    WEDNESDAY 9/17/08

    Strength Training: Same workout as (Sunday Sept.14)

    Omitting: Abductions & adding
    Running Lunges/W/Leg Lift: 3 sets of 20 reps each side
    Kickboxing For: 15 minutes
    Jacks: 300 OR More?

    THURSDAY 9/18/08


    anks/Step-Ups/Running Lunges/AND/
    Kickboxing/Push-Ups On Park Bench/& Moutain Climbers
    STRETCHING FOR: 15 Minutes

    FRIDAY 9/19/08

    Strength Training: Same as (Wednesday Sept 17)

    SATURDAY 9/20/08

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4452 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/15/2008 8:35:39 PM
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