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Sunday, September 14, 2008 I know I have trouble with my moods. I can be very moody at times. I know that at times I get euphorically high. But I don't really have bad lows. I DO have periods of EXTREME MAJOR irritability and agitation and anxiety and anger, and the drs always want to call that "depression". But they usually pass within a day or so. At this moment I am in a downright FUNK. I have been so irritable/angry for the past few days. And now I have a SUPER case of the pure BLAHS. I literally feel like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. I don't know what's up but I hope it passes it fast. Maybe it's just some strange one-time hormonal thing. Y'all just pray for me. I have tried at least a half dozen various meds in the past to try and make me stay on an even keel, but nothing ever worked. I had gotten so much better for a long time, this is the first yuck time I've had in a while. I just pray it passes and doesn't return!

Anyhoo, THANKS to all who gave me birthday wishes!! I did have a good birthday! (And, turning a year older did NOT send me into this yucky downward spiral I'm on. I don't stress TOO much about aging...yet!)

I have to apologize for my "absence" lately. I have not felt a lot like computing over the past week and it's really hard to be a great motivator to others if you are not feeling too motivated yourself! But the biggest reason for my not having checked in is that I HATE MY SLOW GOOD-FOR-NOTHING USELESS POINTLESS AGGRAVATING IRRITATING WASTE-OF-MONEY dial-up internet!!!! I have had it!! Every evening when I would try to get on, it would connect, then disconnect 2 minutes later. After 2 days of that, then another 2 of it refusing to load pages unless I waited 15 minutes, I just gave up!! I finally decided to try again tonight and it has been just ok. S...L...O...W...but working at least. I am getting sattelite internet ASAP. I filled out a form to place an order tonight so hopefully by the end of the week I will be up and computing like normal folks!!!

As for me and my eating...well...I have not GAINED anything so I am THRILLED with that. But at the same time, I have not lost any either, so that's a bummer. I have been having too many bingisodes and NOT enough exercising. It's just been so hard keeping things going with school starting back and all. I am so tired when I get home.

However, two bright points in my exercise dilemma...we just recently got a Wii game system and I LOVE it!! ( I was much the video game addict back in the day! And that was just when there was nothing but regular Nintendo, so you can imagine how much I am LOVING this thing!!!) I would not let my kids have a game but my mother insisted on getting them the Wii. I had heard so much about the Wii Fit game and all that kinda stuff until I finally gave in. We don't have Fit yet as it stays sold out at the Wal Marts and other stores around here. I'm probably gonna just get it off eBay this week. We got the Wii Sports package and it is great too. I played the boxing for a while the night we got it and man was THAT a help!! My arms were pertty sore for a few days afterward, but I really ENJOYED beating the crap outta those folks! LOL! It certainly helped with some of my frustrations. Ya know, I will try that in a little while! Maybe it will help me now! Hahaha...

The other bright spot is also a downer oldest son is playing in our town's Youth Football League. That means practice 3 evenings a week for 2-2 1/2 hours at a time. UGH! My hubby doesn't get off in time to take him or even pick him up so I have to. But the good news is that practices are held at our town park and there is an AWESOME walking track there. I stuck around to watch him practice every time last week , but starting with tomorrow's practice, I'm going to use that track. Even if I am tired and worn-out feeling, I cannot stand just sitting around with NOTHING to do, so I will make myself get up and walk.

Ok. I do feel better! I have been missing my spark because I have been missing My Spark!! LOL! Ok...if I'm up to making cheesy jokes like THAT, I MUST be feeling better!! LOL!

Peace and blessings to all my fellow strugglers!!

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    Sorry I missed your birthday, did you post it on Redneck Women? If you did I missed it so I didn't realize you were having one....when was it? HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!

    You know exercise is supposed to help depression....saved the Spark article about that because I too get in a funk at times. I think we all do it some.
    I will definitely add you to my prayers.

    Sure hope you get your internet 'fixed' too. Ike (hurricane) kind of 'fixed' mine at home (being sarcastic) just got it back at work today. Hopefully soon as I get power it will work again. Maybe we'll have to race and see who gets theirs up and going first! Haha!

    Take care and if you need someone to yell at to get you out of that funk I'm here!
    Hugs, Alice
    3566 days ago
    Hang in there. Sounds like you've got a plan.....that's great. You CAN do it!
    3567 days ago
    I just love it when a plan comes together!

    I got HughesNet for the same reason. Just got tired of not being able to get my mail. I hate paying for satellite but it sure beats the heck out of dialup. Mississippi, come out of the dark ages already!

    I started walking when I take DH to doctors appointments! It feels great to get in some walking time! Try getting a sweat-headband though because here in MS we really need it. I went to Wal-mart's yesterday and bought a pair of Dr Scholls walking shoes and love walking in them!

    Welcome back and you are so going to love your satellite connection!

    3568 days ago
  • 3TWINS
    Hey Eeyore,
    It sounds like a lot of things are going right!
    Wonderful family
    Lost 11 pounds
    So nail your tail back on and keep going. emoticon
    3568 days ago
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