Sunday, September 14, 2008

Yesterday, the Ouachita was whipped to a backward flowing turgid froth by Ike's outlying winds, swirling, sucking, and battering the interstate bridge pilings below me. The city raised the floodwall on my side of the river 3 days ago, because the backwaters of already swollen rivers and bayous had been emptying into this river for a week following Gustave's visit. Today, the river looks like slowly melting pewter glass beneath uncertain skies. I've been kicking myself all day for not taking pictures yesterday from my perfect vantage point! A friend's daughter's house a few miles to the southwest was robbed of windows by a tornado spawned by the hurricane system...thankfully, she and her family were unharmed. She said that small twigs lined all the crevices on her car doors as though they had been carefully and deliberately inserted upright by some mischievous child making a unique work of art! How incredible are the forces of nature set in motion by the hand of God at the beginning of time! I pray for all those who have been more closely and seriously affected by this storm.

I've done reasonably well this week on the "cut back on the dairy products" regimen. I've been fighting a throat infection all week, but I haven't felt the bloated, swollen head thing, so I think I may be on the right track. If I have to completely give up cheese and yogurt, though, it's going to be a difficult battle. I think I can almost live without chocolate more easily than I can live without cheese! But then, I suspect that the cheese and other dairy products may contribute to my craving for chocolate and other sugary things. We'll see. My sister has embarked on a similar dietary clean-up program, so we are being mutually supportive.

I maintained the Nordic Track sessions for the week. All in all, I'm satisfied...no weight loss yet, but I could zip my jeans a bit more easily! Whee!!

P. S. Tonight I tried fixing salmon a slightly different way than usual. I started off the same way...sauteed some sliced red onions in a spritz of olive oil, then added the salmon on top of the onion, sprinkled it with dill weed and cracked black pepper, and cooked covered (turning once) till done. When it was almost done, I added a squeeze of lime juice to deglaze the pan. I served it with a thin smear of roasted red pepper hummus spread over the top along with sides of brown rice and a bit of chunky guacamole. (That last one's for you, MOJO!! emoticon) I have to say, I was satisfied...yum!
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    I too have given up the chocolate, and seriously, I mean seriously cut down on cheese.. emoticon

    My omelets consist of just 1 egg & 2 whites, but to be honest, just as nice/good.

    & Im hoping I get some results on my next weigh in.

    Iv done two just under 5 mile walks this week, another this afternoon is planed.

    & what you have written has given me more inspiration, thank you.


    3859 days ago
    The way you write about hurricanes is how I sometimes feel about giving up foods too! "swirling, sucking, battering, whipped" LOL
    I hope you find answers and that your challenge will be rewarded - persistence really does pay off. Considering your challenges, I find your efforts heroic, too. That should be said.
    I'm reading Dr. Dowd's "Vitamin D Cure" and he says cheese is VERY VERY acidic (as are grains). He's celiac-saavy, too, so I "trust" him - :). Um, next time you make salmon, give me a call. I just finished walking and I'm starved - it sounds sooo good! (And Dr. Dowd would approve!)
    3870 days ago
    I hope by now you have recovered from the throat infection. Giving up dairy is tough. Give up chocolate? emoticon Since I am a chocoholic who doesn't eat cheese, I'd choose chocolate over cheese any day.

    If you are able to zip your jeans a bit more easily, you are making progress because your waist is getting smaller. emoticon

    Your salmon dinner sounds so delicious and healthful. I have to try it one of these days! emoticon
    3870 days ago
    I know what you mean about giving up things, but this is one thing i learned about my refined sugar fast: eating what you're trying not to eat is it's own punishment b/c if it makes your body feel bad, that is punishment enough. sooner or later you will learn that if your body responds badly to a certain food, you won't eat it so you can feel good.

    the other thing is that nothing is forever. the psychological pull of a forbidden food only powers the obsession. "just for today" anyone can give up anything...one day at a time.
    3872 days ago
    Beautifully written. Powerful stuff, like the days.
    The dinner sounded great. Maybe I'll pick up some hummus tonight.
    I'm glad you are ok. Be safe, behind your floodwalls.
    3873 days ago
    OH MY that just made me hungry! Wonderful.
    3873 days ago
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