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Thursday, September 11, 2008

I have been on track since July 2, 2008, when I weighed 164. I will admit there was a bit of a rocky start, so perhaps for my purposes I will take a look at when I started to really be consistent...that would be July 18, when I weighed 162. Fast forward to August 19, when I started maintanence at 149 pounds. That means I lost 13 pounds in 4 and a half weeks, or 2.88888 pounds per week. Today, September 11, I weigh 146 pounds (146.4 - but my weight graph rounds it off). So in the 3 weeks and 2 days that I have been in maintanence, I have lost 3 pounds, and that 's about 0.91 pounds per week. In all, I will have been on track exactly 8 weeks tomorrow and have lost a total of 16 pounds, which is just over two pounds per week on average.

I did this math to help me determine conclusively that my so-called "maintanence" range isn't really maintanence at all - rather, it's my range for losing almost a pound per week. I have felt absolutely fantastic eating in this range - never tempted to stray, never hungrier than I can deal with, and sometimes I don't even need to eat everything I've got (like today - I skipped a big snack and ended up just under 1,500 calories!). I have had enough energy to get me through these tremendous first few weeks of school AND still be able to work out an hour or two most days. My mood has been great, my skin has been great, and I have only had heartburn once since I started keeping track. I am getting tons of compliments (well, really only one: "You look great!" - but from tons of people...kinda just makes me realize they could clearly see I had GAINED weight before!) and I've been feeling pretty fit at the gym. If I could manage to get enough sleep at night, EVERY night, that would make things just about perfect.

Okay, I have convinced myself's official. This is no longer a one-month experiment in maintanence. This is a range I am going to stay in for a while. How long? Longer than a month for sure (that month would be over on Sept. 19!), but I don't want to really give a date. I want to keep doing this and see what happens! Ideally I'd keep losing slowly and I'd eventually increase my calories to a REAL maintanence range once I hit 130. But I don't know...I tend to change my mind about things as I see how they, I will keep doing this for the time being!

Tonight at the gym I did Zumba, chest, back, stretching, abs, and 15 minutes on the treadmill. The first 10 minutes I alternated 6.0/8.0, but I was kinda tired so the last 5 minutes I did just plain old 6.5. (Afterwards, I did 1 minute at 4.0 and then walked home for more of a cooldown.)

Last night was horrible. I left work around 8 p.m. and went to the gym for almost an hour - shoulders, biceps, triceps, and treadmill alternating 6.0 and 8.0 with one 8.5 at the end, then 10 minutes on the elliptical to cool down. Then I went home, showered, packed, and went to Boston. I didn't get to Jess' until 10:30!! I was so stressed out about how late it was and how I need more sleep if I'm going to be able to keep up my lifestyle and be effective at school. I cannot keep staying up late. In fact, it's way too late right now - good night!
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    That's really great, way to go!! You may find that you're at your maintenance range once you lose some more. It seems like eventually you'll top off. You're doing awesome!! emoticon
    3507 days ago
    wow! the weight loss is impressive. i think it's great that even at a "higher" calorie range you are still losing weight. slow and steady wins the race! (although almost a pound a week is still pretty quick)

    keep up the good work and i know i will be checking back for some inspiration!
    3508 days ago
    your weight loss is amazing...13 pounds in 4 weeks? You are amazing girl and I hope to have the same luck!
    3509 days ago
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