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18 Miles of Therapy

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I spent most of my teenage years in therapy and I bet my parents could have saved a lot of money if they'd just sent me running instead. There's nothing like a long run to clear your thoughts and spend some quality time with yourself. I am one hurting unit right now though! Today was my long run and I ran the farthest I've run yet, 18 miles! I've been doing my long runs on Tuesdays, but the weather wasn't cooperating yesterday so I had to put it off until today. My MIL takes my daughter once a week now which is such a help. It's so nice to get some time to myself and get stuff done. With DH gone it's been tough being the only parent. It's great to channel all my frustrations into running. I always feel so much better afterwards and the end result is so much prettier than the alternative, which is me sitting on the couch stuffing my face with crackers.

It's not all rosy though. Each week is an internal battle. I psych myself up the night before my run and get all excited to run really far the next day. Then the morning comes and I think how nice it would be to use that time just to read a book or go shopping. Then I put my running clothes on and I have to go. I have never once put on my running clothes and not gone. It would be like the act of getting dressed was a huge waste of time if I didn't go and then I would just feel super guilty. Whatever works! It's like there is a little devil on my shoulder and he says things like "Why don't you just quit? No one will care." Maybe no one else will care, but I will. There is something in me that feels like I need to do this. I'm not sure why, but I want to prove to myself that I can conquer those 26.2 miles. So today like most days, I silenced the devil on my shoulder and headed down the road. I live out in the country now where I grew up so gone are the days of pavement and sidewalks. It's pure gravel roads and trails. I run down the old rail road tracks. The actual tracks were ripped out years ago so it's just a gravel trail that goes for miles and miles. The scenery is gorgeous and I run by creeks, rivers, and through a huge valley. If I wasn't already carrying five million things on me and loaded up like a pack horse I'd bring my camera and take pictures. The terrain is sometimes rough to run on, but it's nice not to have to worry about cars and just get lost in my thoughts. Today the only sign of life I encountered on my route were two deer, a doe and her fawn. They were running down the tracks toward me and I stopped running and stood really still and they got probably 15 feet away from me before the mother noticed me. She started stomping her hooves at me and snorting, I guess to try and get me to move. Finally she decided I was scary and turned and ran away with her baby following her. Pretty cool!

Overall it was a great run. Even though I've had my Garmin for over six months now I only figured out last week that I could have it keep track of pace for each mile. All I need is something else to analyze :) It's kind of neat being able to look at the data. The last 3 miles were rough and I seriously wanted to call a cab. If I'd had a cell phone with me I just might have :) Okay maybe not. I'm too stubborn to quit like that. I did have to keep repeating to myself over and over "Only 3 more miles. Only 3 more miles" and then "Only 2 more miles. Only 2 more miles". You get the point! My newest and favourite mantra that I've been using is "If Katie Holmes can do this so can you!" Nothing against her, but when I am conjuring up images of runners she is not someone who comes to mind. I read somewhere that she had never really ran before and only trained for 2 months for the NYC marathon. I'm feeling more confident and at this point I know I can finish the race. I just hope that this last month of training enables me to finish upright and smiling. Right now I'm exhausted, my hips flexors are aching, my legs are stiff and my back is killing me where my water bottle kept hitting me as I ran, but I couldn't be happier right and that's all that counts in my books!
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    I know the feeling about getting ready to run. I can think of million other things to do but just as you said, if I put on my running clothes, then it's a done deal. I always feel so much better when I return home.

    I like the Katie Holmes comment. I'm going to borrow that from you. Maybe when I do the LA marathon in February I'll slip her picture in my pocket and when feel like I'm hitting the wall, I'll just slip the picture out and push harder.

    Good luck on your marathon.
    4581 days ago
    Running is also my best Therapy! emoticon

    My Chiropractor/Kinesiologist recommended me to stop because he thinks that I am addicted and to him, that is a bad thing.

    I said "No way, Jose"! I worked hard to get my putt out there at 5:00am and run no matter the weather (well, I haven't tried snow yet... LOL)

    I have found a Physical Therapist to help me with my "running boo-boos" without restricting me. eh eh

    I KNOW you are going to do well with your Marathon! You know what they say, "if you can run a mile, you can run a Marathon" and with your long distance run, I have no doubt that you are going to enjoy the experience.

    I was attending a Jeff Galloway Clinic at my local running store the other day and you are doing just what he recommends, not to tell yourself "from here it is just a 10K or a 5K" but to take one mile at the time. Good for you! :-)

    He also talked about the benefits of the Running/Walking Marathon strategie during the first miles of the race in order to finish stronger and running those last miles non-stop.

    I bought his book and I am learning a lot from it.

    Enjoy your tapering week, and the well deserved rest before your "big Day".
    I cannot wait to hear all about it!

    GO GET'HEM!!! emoticon
    4596 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/10/2008 12:23:34 AM
    I see I am a week late on this blog. 18 miles, I CAN'T relate. But I am going to someday. I walk more and longer and faster. My ankles aren't complaining any more. Someday, I will run a mile, then maybe two, then maybe.... My son in law is an Ironman triathlete. I heard a premier woman triathlete speaking at a triathlon about the marathon. When she hits the wall, she says to herself, "I can make it to the next telephone pole, the next hydrant, the next big tree." I am adding you to my blog post. I am so looking forward to your marathon blog, particular the part about your victory as a finisher.
    4603 days ago
    I loved this blog. I can relate. I did 26.5 Sunday and even with a couple of other people there were a few times I was down to "go to the tree" go to the next stop light. You get it. I wish you the best of luck on your marathon. You are a week after me. Just remember that "yes you do run like a girl, try to keep up"
    4611 days ago
    Oh, I felt the same way yesterday- expect I was running only 13. It was just one of those runs that I didn't fuel-- at all. I pictured Chicago and the last 3 miles. I was so miserable and this guy just kept telling me that we could do it in under 4. Well, I didn't ( missed by 41 sec), but I finished that feeling gives me confidence on every training run where all I can think about is -- when am I going to be done-LOL! It seems to be quite a common issue!
    Great job on a great run! You are doing it!
    4617 days ago
    Sarah... what a great blog. I remember reading some of your posts on the March team and thinking, man, I wish I could run 10 miles. You inspire me. So many points in your post I identify with... like the first sentence and the 'stuffing face with crackers' remark. Great job on the 18 miles.
    Oh and I wanted to add, I read a book called 4 months to a 4 hour marathon and the author said OPRAH ran a marathon. Now THAT threw me for a loop. If Oprah can do it, so can we. :)
    4619 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/16/2008 1:51:00 PM
    One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
    Sclemeel, schlemazel, hasenfeffer incorporated.
    We're gonna do it!

    Give us any chance, we'll take it.
    Give us any rule, we'll break it.
    We're gonna make our dreams come true.
    Doin' it our way.

    Nothin's gonna turn us back now,
    Straight ahead and on the track now.
    We're gonna make our dreams come true,
    Doin' it our way.

    There is nothing we won't try,
    Never heard the word impossible.
    This time there's no stopping us.
    We're gonna do it.

    On your mark, get set, and go now,
    Got a dream and we just know now,
    We're gonna make our dream come true.
    And we'll do it our way, yes our way.
    Make all our dreams come true,
    And do it our way, yes our way,
    Make all our dreams come true
    For me and you.

    Making our Dreams Come True by Norman Gimbel and Charles Fox - Laverne and Shirley Lyrics
    4623 days ago
  • BRUIN2
    Your new mantra ROCKS. And it's SO TRUE!!

    What a peaceful place to run - glad you've got such a beautiful place to head to!!!
    4624 days ago
  • MARLIE13
    Woohoo!! You are a running machine! I didn't realize that about Katie Holms but totally...if she can do it? can kick her butt!!
    4624 days ago
    Nice job with the run! I've been dreaming of running before my long runs lately, and I wake up all stressed out when I realize that I still have the miles in front of me and that the run may not go as smoothly as it did in my dream. Very weird, but I know what you mean about that devil on your shoulder. Keep battling him back and that 26.2 will be yours!!
    4624 days ago
    Congrats. Those last few miles can be a killer. What I usually think is....20 more minutes, 10 more minutes. It seems easier when I know I have gone HOURS and it's only minutes left. Anything to get there, you know?

    Good for you!
    4624 days ago
    congrats on 18 miles! still a dream for me.
    4625 days ago
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