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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


So, I started back working out consistently in June 2007. SO it makes more than a year that I began trying to get back in shape and shed a few pounds. For a year, I lost a pound per month doing nothing differently except cardio, weight training, boot camp, dancing, jogging, oh and hiring a personal trainer. Can you say "TIME" & "MONEY?"!

Well, a year later, I dropped all that and now since joining SP July 2008, I have been losing A POUND PER WEEK, up from a pound per month. NOT working my brains out, and pushing my body to some unreasonable fatigue, but by simply walking and most of all, BEING RESIDENT MANAGER OF MY CALORIC INTAKE!!!

I read it on FITGIRL15's page when I first got to SP and I too have now been made a believer: I DO now agree with the "theories" that weight loss is 80% your diet and only about 20% your exercise. My body is proving it. I am losing INCHES without running all over town and spending a half day in the gym. Don't get me wrong, more moderate/ intense exercise is good for the heart, strength training is great for our bodies as is a stretching & balance regimen. And I will eventually re-incorporate those things. But for now, I am having a BLAST taking my daily stroll, barely a brisk walk (a few pushups and crunches hear and there) and simply being master of my mouth and disciplining myself on the calories consumed. I don't know that this weight loss regimen will last forever, but I'm gonna ride this wave and see how far it takes me. I will tell ya- I am not as toned as I want to be and WILL be, but I AM losing pounds and inches.

For once with this fitness & health thing, I don't feel overworked and discouraged because I am under-rewarded. I feel like I am cheating the system, getting rewards I never expected, almost effortlessly. Now you may be thinking "What about weight training? Aren't you losing muscle mass?" Well, tonight I learned (See my "Happy Weight Formula" blog) we lose 1/3 to 1/2 lb of muscle per year as we age; so YES, I need to eventually kick in with weight training, but I doubt the pound I am consistently losing every week is water or muscle. So it must be fat.

So I submit that if you can control what is going in your mouth, 80% of the battle is done.
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    Being the "Master of your mouth"... Hmm... That's food for thought, something to chew on.... I am REALLY going to think hard about that today. (I agree with you 120%. Now, I just need to DO IT.)
    4633 days ago
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