Boy! Was my vacation what the Dr ordered!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Well, I am back from vacation. In light of the ordeal I have been through this year, my long planned trip to Paris, France was a welcome vacation. To live in France as a temporary Parisian was a welcome and refreshing change! It was my first trip to Paris, but surely not my last. As many of you that have hung in here with me while I have been going through it this year (great bunch of friends here!) have known, ever since I have recovered from my health issues, I have been rather discouraged and it has been hard to get going again. This trip abroad is just what the Dr ordered. I mean, it really opened my eyes. In France, even the "fast food" is great for you. What a lifestyle change I underwent. For those of you that have not been to Paris, you quickly understand why there are no fat French (there really aren't) and why they are baffled by our alarming obesity rates. I spent all this time in a city that forces you to move! Even with a great underground transport system, prepare to walk, climb, and trek your way around. It is a way of life. Sure, I learned that Paris may be the land of wine, cheese, butter, and white breads, but it is also the land of anti-preservatives, no trans-fat, and stairs galore! I have to admit that when I went I went with the attitude of "eat what I want now, deal with it later". What a surprise when I got home and checked my scale only to discover that I had lost 5 lbs!! Me- 5lbs! My traveling companion lost 10 and being a diabetic (and I love to tell this story), her diabetes virtually disappeared! Literally, she had to stop taking her medication because her blood sugar was so controlled. I mean, you hear people say things like "exercise to improve your diabetes", but wow! to see it in full effect!

In short, or not so short, what I am saying, is my trip to Paris seems to be really just the shot in the arm I needed, because after being sick for so long, I, as you know, have been so discouraged and unmotivated. I feel as if I came back a whole new person. I really found my motivation there and I want to ride that wave. I know to keep my motivation, I need to be at the most motivational place I know - here! I hope everyone is doing well, cannot wait to go "visit" you all!
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    Wow - so glad you had such a great time!!!! It was about time things started going your way as yes, you did have such a rough year! You deserve the best you know!!!!! I have missed you and am so glad to hear you are back!!!!

    Andrew, oh yah wants to be called Andy now!, is excited about football and when I read your comment on my blog new the old you was back in full force!!!! You are such a caring and considerate person and gosh how I have missed you!

    Please keep in touch. How are things going otherwise? I have stumbled apon a great team here on the site that is full of great people. I was very lucky to find them and am now a co-leader on the team. Would love to have you check it out it is called Spark Power. We are just starting a challenge on the 6th that would really help add to the 5lb loss you've already achieved.

    Gosh, am I so glad to hear you are back!!!! I know I've said it a lot but I just can't say it enough - I REALLY MISSED YOU!!!!!!

    4465 days ago
    YEAH DOUGH!!! I am glad you had such a wonderful trip, I would love to visit Paris someday.

    Welcome back!!!!!
    4465 days ago
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