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Friday, August 29, 2008

I have had a pretty good three days (even with a dinner event for my husband's work last night - whoo-hoo!) and have already dropped a few of the pounds I packed on this month. I am now at 7 above goal, and I am going to really strive for getting rid of them by the end of September. Still SOO frustrating after even being a bit below my goal at the beginning of August, but I know that I can get back there again.

I am striving for consistency each day, eating within range and not overdoing the exercise. I am headed back to work next week as my kids head back to school, and I need to get back into a routine that I can maintain rather than freaking out over losing this bit of weight. I did a step cardio video this morning and am using restraint and not going to double-up and also do a kettlebell workout. This is especially challenging since I have the new Lauren Brooks DVD and have only done the shorter one of the workouts on it!

Here is my fitness plan for September (by the way, I am pretending it is already September since I can't bear any more August!):

3 Kettlebell workouts per week (Iron Core, Lauren Brooks and Kettlebell Goddess DVDs)
3 straight cardio workouts per week (run, walk, BOSU, step)
3 yoga practices per week.
1 rest day per week (although a yoga-only day will count)

Obviously that all adds up to 10 and there are only 7 days in a week, but I am planning to do two of my yoga practices on days when I am doing either kettlebells or cardio. I also sometimes do a quick yoga practice add-on to other days, but am not counting that here.

I do not want to plan (or encourage myself) to workout two hours per day! I don't think this is realistic with my life (or healthy). I know that there are a lot of people on SP who do this and more, but I need balance in my life and can't have that if all I do is work out. I have been neglecting other areas - my spiritual development in particular - and need to place priority on that rather than just more and more sweat! So, my workouts will mostly be 45 minutes (sometimes less), but will not exceed 90 minutes even on days I do "double-up" my workouts.

My plan also includes spending at least 15 minutes each day in prayer/Bible study/journaling time. This sounds like so little compared to my fitness time plan - and it is! Again, I am out of balance. I think this is a step in the right direction.

Something my yoga practice has taught me with weight loss is that it isn't the calories burned on the mat that make the difference (a darn good thing, since yoga doesn't typically burn all that many calories). It is the difference in approach to the time OFF the mat (encouraged by that yoga practice) that helped me lose weight.

When I am consistent with my Bible Study and prayer time, I am naturally in sync with what my body needs. Honoring God in this way enables me to honor God in physically caring for myself better as well. Again, this results in balance and maintaining healthy habits and healthy weight.

I use the expression "pay now or pay later" a lot and think it applies here. I need to get back to using proactive steps to be physically and spiritually healthy, rather than cramming (and sweating!) like crazy to undo the damage I have done by not taking those crucial steps each day. Right now I am paying for the damage of August. In October, I hope to be reaping the rewards of the balance of September!
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    What a great plan, Liz.

    Great to see that yoo are already centered and focused on now, and not last month. Also great to see that you workouts are going to be shorter.

    One thing about prayer/workout time. Have you ever read, 'Mind Body Mastery,' by Dan Millman? He was a gymist, among other thing, and a coach for a college in the U.S. In conversation with another coach at a competition, he was asked something like, 'So I hear that your ahtletes meditate as well as train. Where you find the time for them?' His reply was, 'They're doing it right now,' pointing to one of his athletes on the mat.

    If you still feel out of balance, try dedicating a workout or two to God, or whatever your want. I usually give myself 15 minutes at the beginning of my workouts to make sure I'm in the best state possible, and then go from there. That way, the whole thing is bigger and more directed, the intensity is much more enjoyable, and I end up feeling much more balanced. Just an idea to go with your already fantastic plan:)
    3976 days ago
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