Monday, August 25, 2008

MY MOTIVATIONS (Why I took/have remained on this journey; What pushes me.)

Numero Uno- I am getting older and it's just long time I be in control of my life, emotions, body, habits, etc. Living a long, healthy, happy life requires a bit of discipline- not to take all the fun out of life- but if nothing else, my body needs me to take care of it so that it can carry me any and everywhere for many many days! My back will really appreciate weight loss. My heart will certainly benefit from a lifestyle of fitness and all my body's systems can appreciate healthier eating habits.

Motivation numero 2 is that I am cast in Dreamgirls in October and there is NOTHING like being on stage LIVE, singing, smiling, projecting lyrics, remembering blocking, and exacting your moves, all while wearing heels and TRYING to hold your stomach in!!!! Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT try this at home! Holding your stomach in while trying to sing is a breath support disaster waiting to happen. So it's just time to get rid of the extra around the mid section which may slip by with every-day wear, but in the will-be Dreamgirls wardrobe, probably not so much.

Motivation 3- I am not married and may not ever have kids, but just in case, as I understand 40 lbs is average weight gain during pregnancy. I do believe that with my height (average to short), frame (not more than medium), and former back injury (herniated disc/ disc bulge) my back would have refused to let me even waddle and just totally shut me down if I were to try to add 40 lbs on top of where I already was. No way Jose!!!

Motivation 4- I just can't help but wonder what a better me, even best me looks like, feels like. Though I am a hard worker, I have never been a competitive person. And in terms of physique, I've just always been the chubby, fluffy, thick girl. And I just figured that's what I was supposed to be and always would me. But the reality is that in a basic way, carrying more weight than you need is just that- excess. It means you are taking in more than you need and/or not depositing as much as you should be in relation to your intake. That's like being puffed up with knowledge- not the most functional of ways to be. So I am trying this to see- what does it look like for me to be fit? Doing life in moderation rather than excess (like eating) or lack (like not exercising).


Watching my weight tracker move from far left to further right!

Seeing on paper how I stayed within my daily calories, drank water, how many calories I burned doing exercise, etc.

Spinning the log-in points wheel everyday to gain points so I can send people goodies!

There are many people on SP who encourage me, whose profiles I read and pictures I see that motivate me to keep going. Special shout outs to Biggest Loser Team, Light Blue Team, Tean Captains CATHYJOW & ET3RAE and to...

SP Member RESHAPEMYLIFE- If it wasn't for her welcoming me into SP, I may have quit this place after the first day. She got me plugged in and keeps me going; she challenged me about change. I will reach my goals and make her proud!

SP Member FITGIRL15- She has lived my life, achieved my goals (in terms of height, starting weight and weight loss goal). She challenged me on whether I was WILLING to make a change or if I just wanted the results of change. Time will tell and as I reach my goals, I will make her proud that I MADE change rather than just sit around wishing for change.

SP Member DRINA1984- For whatever reason, she actually took to my encouragement and jumped on board to the idea of us getting there "together." I think I sorta bribed her with "if I can do it you can do it," so I can't let her down now. I will reach my goals along side her, so she'll always know we both really COULD do it.

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    Good question. Motivation is an interesting combination of wanting to make choices today for what you want to achieve in the future. But the motivation isn't about the goal it is about the wanting. How strong that desire is and can it overpower other factors in our life. I will be interested to see what answers you come up with. Just be aware that they may not always stay the same. Mine have changed drastically over the past 2 years.

    I MOSSY love ya,
    4641 days ago
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