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Sunday, August 24, 2008

So like Kathy, yesterday was one of those scratch my head days. It is no wonder that we give up and stay fat. It is so much easier.

But there in lies the problem. Instaed of stopping and figuring it out, we have spent our lives doing what was easy ,instead of what was best for us. I am the most quilty person I know , when it comes to this. when the going got tough ,i just gave up. It really wasn't what I wanted to do, but I was lazy.

The difference this time is the fact that I am surrounded by the best people. When I am feeling sorry for myself, there is always someone who says something that makes sense. Sometimes more then one. There are
suggestions for articles and sometimes a swift kick in the drawers. just to get our attention, not a violent kick. I know I for one can get on a pretty good pity pot when I want to. I forget my own advice. Pull myself up by the bootstraps and move along.

So I have decided to read and do research on my dilema and see if I can figure it out. There has to be a solution, even if the solution is time. since starting Spark, I have lost 5 lbs, quit smoking finally, and had reduction surgery with a staph infection after. A very wise Team Leader(Cheryl) told me the other day, that my body has been thru a trauma and a lot of changes in a short time. I need to let it catch its breathe and reboot. Such good advice. Maybe that is why she is a team leader.

All this change is made so much easier with friends. Like the branches of a tree. We all help support one another and grow off of one another. The leaves represent all the little achievements we have made along the way. Put them all together and we have a tree that will shelter us all in its canopy. Just like the tree, we falter and loose some of the ground that we have achieved. But when we fall ,we fall together. Then we start again and with our new achievements, we make a new canopy.

You all make this more bearable. This fall when the leaves turn Lecates orange and start to fall, that is when we will start to make new achievements . When spring gets here, our tree will once again be full and the shade will be with us to keep us cool while we help one another with yet another quest.

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    I'm proud to be a part of your tree! You are tackling a lot all at once. I saw on your home page that you are watching sodium too. That alone is hard to do. I've been watching mine for well over a year. I'm no expert but if I can help with that, shake my leaf.

    4563 days ago
    well said Deuce, and as bad as you can feel some days, know this, you are one of the main reasons I have stuck with this program. Right fron the beginning you have always been there for me. I hope that I someday can spread inspiring words to others as you have done for me. emoticon
    4565 days ago
  • CAROLYN0107
    Beautifully written! Thanks. emoticon
    4566 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2948406
    I have been up and down lately on the motivation as well. Partly because there has been even more things going on in my life than normal so I have been doing great on food but not great on exercise.

    To get back in the flow, I try to concentrate on one thing at a time. Maybe your one thing can be water. Drink 8 oz of 8 glasses of water and a day and just focus on that - not the food or the excercise. We have to take this journey slow and can not expect frustration. Especially with the recent trama and all the changs, you can not be hard on yourself here. You have to be patient and give yourself time to adjust to these changes both emotionally and physically. Concentration on 1 thing per week until it becomes a habit. Start small.
    4567 days ago
    Nice, Deuce, very nice. Listen to your body. emoticon
    4567 days ago
    Deuce - That was very well put my friend... Guess we know who will be wording our new book... LOL
    But even more... I think we can all relate to what you just said... WE've all been there and made those poor choices, but something is different this time... I'm finding that I may have that pity party for myself and it only last a short time unlike before when I too would give up. And you are right... It' s the people... I am stronger and ready to continue on with this journey today... because of the encouragement and support of this team...
    Together we can do this...


    4567 days ago
    Well just go on and make me cry!
    (((cow cuddles))))
    4567 days ago
  • POLLY20
    Carol, Yes we are all part of the Family Tree.. Spark Tree.. Love the way that you put it all into prespective.. No we are not alone, we all have each other & that means when You are Blue, We are blue too.. We hold each other & make every effort to keep all of our Branches, leaves & trunks going into the right & Positive dirrection.. You are a Positive Branch on my tree along with All of our Terrific Spark Gang.. Love Ya Polly
    4567 days ago
    Carole: Your enthusiasm & energy sparks me onward! I wish I could provide the same momentum to you that you so constantly send my way! It sounds like you are doing mighty fine these days. That is great news! I hope to always be a leaf on a tree along your journey. Your blog reminds me of a beautiful song called "Grow Old Along With Me"

    Turn your volume up & listen to it here.
    Ohmigosh, I just realized we can't send links on blog posts. Cut & paste it into your browser. It is worth a moment of your time.
    4567 days ago
    Were all in this together my scale is not moving either. I'm going to fool with my numbers some but I know it wont happen over night. we will all do it with each others help(((HUGS)))) emoticon
    4567 days ago
  • MARLA7
    Deuce - Yes, it's our family tree! I'm so proud to be a part of it with you!!! (We're our own worst enemies, too... ever notice that?) (((((Hugs))))) Marla

    4567 days ago
    ya know, we all get down, and some times life just throws a ton of stuff at us all at one time (this month was horrid for us, and another lifelong friend of my fiancees just died,, truely a really bad month for us) and even if we get down, do things we shouldnt, thankfully there are people who are there for us, whether in real life or on the net (I feel like the net helps me more then people around here, they juust want to feed us to make us feel better, sadly that only makes me feel worse LOL)
    you have been thru so much, keep your head up, you will make it! keeping you in my thoughts! hugs
    4567 days ago
    Cherl is smart and she gave good advice.... give your body time to heal. Nothing happens overnight
    4567 days ago
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