Where Hearts Embrace

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Myriad talents blossom, petals unfurled our lucid pollen dancing in the breeze, gracing each word with its silken golden ease; giving our hearts and thoughts to this world.

Another day begins to dawn and the aromatic scent of hazelnut coffee wafts tantalizingly, saturating the unseen air with rich evocative memories elicited by its warm hominess...something to anticipate, to savor the first thrill of it entering my eager mouth and sliding soothingly down my throat, awakening my body as it has already my senses. As the warming sun rises to balance the early morning chill, I thank God for my home, my husband, my three furpurrs and that I can still appreciate the simple things of life and be happy with what I've been blessed with. Each day holds the promise of adventure...of possibilities and miracles. It is a day to rejoice and to notice everything, ready to leap into the moment.

As I meander to our kitchen to pour myself a cup of that magical brew that jump starts so many of us...I begin to mentally tick off the things that must be done today...Prayer, devotions, putting the apartment into a semblance of order...taking care of the royal kitties demands...preparing my hubby's meal for the day...taking him to the doctor and helping him ice his back down where he hurt it last night at work...Laundry and bills...going through my email and working on my poetry and romance books...then find a moment for myself to breathe and relax.

I have been dwelling on my disabilities and other ailments...and I am so thankful to be grateful in that while I can't do most things well...or easily anymore...I can still walk albeit without grace and with the careful listing that comes from pain. In spite of all that is wrong with me...I reflect on the fact that it could be much worse and be grateful that it is not. Life is simple...we make it complex. To just breathe and focus on Heaven and my King makes it a blessing...for it is full of lessons to be learned and good things to give and receive if we but take the time to know them. Love, kindness, support, encouragement, friendship, acceptance...these are the ties that bind. Not the material things of this world, but like air to our lungs, and faith in the is these that make life worth the living.

I am a physical basket case...yet I'm so richly blessed. Time to start my day...thanks for spending a special moment with me. Have a cup of coffee or some berry spice tea, and while you do...put down the paper, turn off the TV or radio...and think of your many blessings, and maybe what you could do for someone today to bless them. Have a wonderful day...go out and experience life. If something or someone touches you in a truly remarkable way...write it down. When something gets you down...take out your notes and read them. And count your blessings. I guarantee that you'll start feeling better almost right away. God bless.

In a world of chaos
With less gain than loss
We all need a place
To rest in grace
Where only God is boss.
A sacred place
Where hearts embrace
And souls...serene;
Can re-learn to dream
Away from the rat race.
Find your wings
In heartfelt things
Spread them wide;
In gentle breeze supplied
And soar in the peace it brings!
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