A Night In The Life Of The Fat Chick

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Everyone has a purpose in life, and I believe mine is to allow others to feel better about theirs. Just when you think, everything is flowing smoothly, reality sets in.

For the first time since Taya was born, we finally had a kid-free night where one of us didn’t have to get up at the butt-crack of dawn the next day. We were gonna go out and paint the town, take full advantage of our ‘no kid’ situation. Our first order of business is to get clean, so we take our showers, and then decided to give Matt’s best friend (and I use the term loosely) a call to see if he and his girlfriend wanted to join us. Turns out, she was working till 9pm, and even though he was all for it, he still had to talk to her about it (understandable). We however weren’t waiting 2 ½ hours to eat, so we told him to meet us at the restaurant, just to let us know what was going on. He only lived a block away from it, so he wasn’t going out of his way…he agreed, and Matt and I walked to Friendly’s.

I definitely got in my cardio, damn hills returned on me. For anyone who knows what Friendly’s is, you understand why I was willing to battle those hills. For those who don’t…it is the greatest, family restaurant around, and serves the best ice cream (definitely have to keep your calories low for the day to eat there). Well we got there around 7:30pm or so and out of all the empty seats in the joint, we were placed directly next to the kitchen. Shrug it off, not gonna let anything ruin my night out. So our waitress comes over, and takes our drink, and appetizer orders. Finally a server who is competent. (I’ve been a waitress, so I know the stresses and everything that comes along with the title).

So I started off, with an oreo freeze drink and mini mozzerella sticks, in addition to something healthy…a side salad, no dressing, and OH MY GOD!!! It was beyond awesome. Just thinking about it now, makes me want to trudge back up those hills to get it again. Anyways, before we even finish with our appetizers, out comes the meal, and I definitely wanted to save room for ice cream, since that is the best part, I only ordered a thing of fries, plus I was still working on my salad. Why is it, the very instant you put food in your mouth and begin to chew, that is the exact moment the server takes to check on you? I will never figure that out, that ranks up there with what came first, the chicken or the egg (my theory is egg, cause they never say what kind of egg it is). Moving on, we nodded so that we wouldn’t talk with our mouths full, and as soon as she walked away, I heard music…and not just the music blaring overhead for the whole restaurant to hear, this was something different. It was coming from the kitchen, that we were so nicely placed next to. We were literally yelling over it, and of course our waitress was nowhere to be found, so we couldn’t ask her to do something about it.

Finally she makes another appearance, and of course we ask her about the volume of the music, and of course, she handles it. So our night continues on peacefully and its time to order dessert, mmmmm. I saved up all my calories for the day, for this moment, and it was so worth it. That first bite into my warm brownie sundae with mint chocolate chip, and chocolate brownie ice cream, with sugar free, light hot fudge, reeses pieces, crushed peanut butter cups, and rainbow sprinkles to top it off (are you salivating yet?). Like I said, totally worth conserving all those calories all day long.

Since we finished up before 9pm, we figured we still had time before Matt’s best friend would be showing up. So we walk across the street (look more walking, woohoo!) to CVS Pharmacy, cause I need to fuel my bad habit, and get some cigarettes. As we are walking, we notice that there is a lot of lightening, yet no thunder or rain. When you live in New York, there is one saying you can always live your life by…”if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.” Because Matt’s best friend was meeting us at Friendly’s, we had to walk back over there and wait. As we were sitting outside, we watch the lightening, and as soon as I say how weird it was that there was no thunder, a huge clap of thunder bellows throughout the sky. Ok, so a storm is pending, but it’s still not raining yet. Suddenly, the water I had with dinner is kicking in, and I need to make a beeline for the bathroom. On my way back out, I see that it is well after 9pm at this point, and still no friend. Fine, we will give him 20more minutes, and if he doesn’t show we will go from there. As we are still sitting outside, the sound of thunder and the bolts of lightening increase, but still no rain.

At this point, I’m tired of waiting, so I head back inside, because of course the pay phone doesn’t work and already ate one of our quarters (remember when a pay phone only cost 25cents, those were the days). So I go back inside to use their phone, and call best friend…SHOCK! He didn’t answer his phone, so I left him a message simply stating that we were cabbing it over to the bowling alley, and if he wants he can meet us there. I then call the cab company and tell them what they needed to know. Oh goody! More waiting…10-15minutes before the cab can pick us up. Back outside we go to wait some more, and since then the thunder and lightening have increased so much that you can almost smell the rain coming. About 5minutes into our wait, and I feel a drop hit my finger, then another across my face. It was almost as if someone was poking a cloud with a needle and then just cut open the bottom, cause after that it was beyond pouring. We rush to take cover, but it didn’t matter with all the wind, we were still getting wet. 25minutes after we made the call to the cab company (the same one that said 15minutes), the cab pulls into the parking lot, and we dash to it to avoid as much of the rain as possible. I feel weird sitting in the front, so I went straight to the backseat, but thinking he could save time and not get wetter, Matt went to the front passenger seat. Joke was on him though, his window wouldn’t roll up. The whole way there, the rain only came down harder, and the more wet he got, which sucked for me too, cause I was getting the backlash in the backseat.

The night wasn’t going exactly as planned, but it was about to pick up again, there was always fun to be had when bowling…I mean who doesn’t like bowling. Plus I was finally going to be able to drink more than one alcoholic beverage, since there were no kids to go home too, and I wasn’t the designated driver this time. We pull into the parking lot and my fantasy came crashing down hard. Why they were closed at 10pm on a Saturday night, I will never know, so we tell the cab driver to just take us home. It’s raining out, so of course he is going to take the longest way there, I think he was a few coils short of a working light bulb. Pull up to the house and the cab driver informs us that we now owe $12.00! Damn, I didn’t even hear him tell us to bend over. I’m slightly ticked off at this point, and I’m not sure who I’m more frustrated with, the cab driver, the bowling alley for being closed, or the friend who blew us off. Brush it all off and enjoy a quiet evening at home I guess, at least I will get to sleep in tomorrow morning.

Before this ends, you should know that sleeping in, wasn’t in the cards. My body woke me up around 7:30-8am and then my bladder was screaming to be relieved….tmi for you? So with our kid free night and day, nothing went according to plan, but I did burn calories, whether I was walking, or cleaning, which is what we did all day Sunday.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Friendly's...Yummie...but trying to avoid icecream...if I have just one..it turns into a binge...Icecream is my WEAKNESS! You have to love their swiss mocha almond sundae's. emoticon emoticon

    ps. Lucky you...it sounded as if you had fast service...around here..no matter which Friendly's you go to ...service is slow, slow, SLOW!
    3763 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/3/2009 7:57:43 PM
  • GMONG69

    I don't normally comment on other's blogs but you made me sooo homesick for Friendly's. They don't have them out west where I am. My all time favorite item to order was that behemoth of a sundae called the Jim Dandy or as I used to call it the Jim F'n Dandy.... ahhh memories emoticon
    3892 days ago
    Hehe....sounds like some of our experiences. We had a kid-free night Sat. night (thank goodness for our older children) and attempted to go out to eat and see a movie. There wasn't anything really worth seeing in our movie time frame and at the restaurant it was strange not being interrupted every five minutes of our conversation. We finally rented a movie and took it home where we were....you guessed it.....interrupted by the return of our son. I really enjoy your blogs 'cause they so closely resemble my own life. Have a great day!
    3899 days ago
    I totally feel your pain! My husband and I had a kid free night this last Saturday also. We had big plans to drive the hour to Fort Worth to see a concert and have a nice quiet dinner beforehand. Well, we made the hour drive to Fort Worth, got in a huge fight, and drove the hour back home. So much for a night without the kids! Sometimes it just seems like we don't know what to do with ourselves without them. I mean, they drive us batty all day, and then when we get some alone time, we don't know how to function without all the chaos. Lord help us!
    3907 days ago
    Wow no kids for an entire night. That would be wonderful. i hate that things didn't go as planned. Next time maybe just stay in, snuggle up and watch a movie and go to bed early....wink.wink.
    3907 days ago
    Sorry about your bad kids free night. I've had several of them but at least your stayed on track with your goals
    3907 days ago
  • NJC8985
    I just have to say that at least you did have the right idea, walking to Friendly's and heading out to the bowling alley. You took full advantage of the kids-free night and you were able to still keep track of your goals...

    I did have a question though as to what part of NY you are from, because for some weird reason I think you may live close to me.. I live by a Friendly's with a CVS across the Street and it ws raining like crazy out here the other day.. It could be a complete coincidence but, IDK.. I live in Baldwin, NY.
    3907 days ago
    interesting story! Hope your next night off goes smoother.

    But if you think 25 mins and $12 is bad for a cab lol lol lol BOY you are blessed!!!! Everytime i've ever called a cab I've always waited close to an hour and better be going like 1/2 mile if i expect to pay less than 12 bucks. LMAO Thats success my dear, don't fret about that part!!!!

    And I used to live near friendlys when i was in philly... really? never was a fan of them. hehe (shrugs)

    Ah well, at least you didn't have the kids for the night (HUGS)
    3907 days ago
    thanks for sharing
    3907 days ago
    My thought is we are trying so hard for a break that it never goes as expected ..... its like seeing the reward and never being able to get it! SORRY better luck next time...Hugs
    3907 days ago
    It's amazing to me that some many of our kid-free nights go exact opposite of what we plan like so many others have said.

    Thanks for reminding me how good their icecream is *GRRRRR* emoticon I haven't had any since I was back in New York myself.
    3907 days ago
  • JULIE752
    OH GEEZE. go figure. MURPHY"S LAW I tell you, Its a darn conspiracy. he he he

    Hugz tudy
    3907 days ago
    and apparently it is going to be one of those you long remember and too bad for your friend he really missed out on a pile of fun invite me next time LOL mary
    3907 days ago
  • 4CYNDI
    When it rains it pours. (LOL) Hope your next date is a better one.
    3907 days ago
  • ~*SHINING*~
    I'm still stuck on the mint and peanut butter! I like mint. I like peanut butter. I like chocolate. I like chocolate with mint or peanut butter... but together you are bringing up my gag reflex here! LOL
    3907 days ago
    Loved reading this, reminds me of a few kid free nights my hubby and i have tried to have.
    At least it was a night to remember.
    3907 days ago
    awww better luck next time! but the dessert sounds wonderful mmmmmm
    3907 days ago
  • no profile photo AMELDA1
    3907 days ago
    I guess the good news is that this is a night you will always remember.

    3907 days ago
    I love it!!! This sooo mirrors my (few and far between) breaks from my kids! lol
    Just when you think 'it's all good' - it's DEF not..lol!!!

    Hopefully your next kid-free day/night will make up for the disaster this one was..

    3907 days ago
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