Two HUGE hurdles least this time!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Huge Hurdle Number 1 for this weekend: So last night we went out to eat as a family. And where did we go? Where we always go of course! Golden Corral, home of the absolute BEST country and steak buffet around these parts!

I was nervous going into it. Waaayyy nervous. Me and Golden Corral go way back in my dieting history. The last time I did Weight Watchers, several years ago, I fell off the wagon and was never able to get back on mostly due to a buffet meal at GC. And it was supposed to have been my REWARD MEAL for a job well-done and several pounds lost after a month with WW!! It was NOT a pretty sight. I ate until I was sick. LITERALLY. After that lil episode, I decided that I COULD NOT and WOULD NOT "deprive" myself of fave foods and lots of em... EVER AGAIN. And that was that.

So from the moment we decided yesterday to go there for supper, I was a lil scared. Okay...I was a LOT scared. But I know that I can't hide from restaurants, and buffets in particular, forever. So I decided that I needed a plan ahead of time. I have SUCH a HUGE problem with quantity. I started trying to think of what I could eat there...and eat LOTS of it...and not feel jealous of everyone else and deprived of great food joy. So, I made pre-planned what I could have.

And...drum roll please...I STUCK TO IT!! I started with a salad. It was sizeable, but it was 95% greens with a little parm cheese, egg, fresh mushrooms, grilled chicken, and Thousand Island dressing. It was great! And I was actually pretty satisfied afterward. But I couldn't go to GC without and leave without some of their awesome steak. So I had a lean piece, approx 6 oz. I also had some steamed broccoli, lima beans, and a small piece of baked fish. I did have a moment of weakness where a roll jumped into my hands and begged to be put out of its misery. Who am I to deny such a request?? For dessert, I had fresh strawberries dipped in a tiny bit of chocolate.

Now..I know this is a lot of food. But I tried to choose good quality. And if you had seen how I used to eat there...well let's just say that it's far better left unseen.

Today was Huge Hurdle Number Two for this weekend. We go every Sunday to my dear mother-in-law's for lunch. She is a great cook! And she cooks all my old country faves...rice n gravy, chicken n dumplings, dressing, roast, fried chicken, biscuits, etc. And I usually end up so full that I can do nothing else for the rest of the day except lie around. Well, today I did GREAT! I had 2 little barbecue chicken wings, some butterbeans, a SMALL portion of chicken n dumplings...but..yet again another darned roll came at me. And once again, I did away with the dirty little thing. (Can you tell that I have a MAJOR WEAKNESS FOR CARBS??!) But, I vowed that I would have no cake for dessert cuz of the roll so I didn't.

YAY! One weekend down!! Weekends can be potential traps for me as we don't really have routines on the weekends and we alwyas like to eat out. But surprisingly, I sit here Sunday eve and I do not feel ravenous, bitter, angry, deprived, mad, jealous or any of those other feelings that I often get when I am "changing the way I eat". (I'm trying to completely STOP using that nasty lil word that begins with a "D" because what I am actually doing is learning to eat like a NORMAL person. I am NOT dieting. You "diet" to lose a few lbs. I am eating to MAINTAIN.)

So. There. I know I am long-winded. But writing this helps me so I will try to keep it up for myself. If youtake time to read it GREAT! You can struggle along with me!! LOL!
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    wow. you did great you should feel very very proud of yourself. I have alot of the same issues as u it seems and it is always wonderful to see someone overcoming them!so keep it up and if u need a buddy add me as a friend:)
    3111 days ago
  • 3TWINS
    You did a great job. Those carbs can be addicting. I'm proud of you. I don't think I could have done it. I know my weakness. I cannot eat at a buffet. Even when I make good food choices I always eat too much. My other problem is carry-in dinners at work or church. There are just too many choices and everything looks good.

    Continue to great success,

    3532 days ago
    You did an AWESOME job. GC was the down fall of myself and DH. We ate the lunch specials at ours almost everyday until they closed in our town. That was the best thing that could have happened for us. Now we have to drive about 40 miles to go to GC and we only do it on special days...DH birthday, Father's Day, Easter and Thanksgiving and only if everyone is in agreement. It doesn't matter to me anymore where we eat if eating out as I am on very limited carbs and protein due to health issues. My biggest issue was portion control...
    I am so proud of you. Two major hurdles done and over. So now you know that you can do it!!! WAY TO GO. Beating the battle at your MIL's is TERRIFIC!!!
    You are one very brave and courageous woman!!! Keep fighting the good fight!!!
    God bless you as you continue your journey to a healthier you.
    3539 days ago
  • P_WOOD
    You're awesome! emoticon Ever thought about being a comedian?

    Anyway, great job this weekend! Golden Corral (and all other buffets) have lost the ability to intimidate you now cause now you know that it's possible to go there and not overindulge. That's a HUGE score!

    Keep it up! I see your 'inner skinny woman' peeking out. (LOL!)
    3540 days ago
    Been there, done that! These love-traps are everywhere in our past. I have learned to watch people at these buffets. it sppears that the ones who are really loading up are very UNhappy though. Ever notice? Good Job for leaping over this hurdle!
    3540 days ago
    Congratulations! That's wonderful! Southern food is just a killer for me; it's so hard to resist. You did great!
    3540 days ago
    You did GREAT!
    Keep up the good work.
    3541 days ago
    Good job! emoticon
    3541 days ago
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