Yipes! Another lesson in reading labels

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Occasionally, I get these burritoes at the store, when I'm in a hurry to get home..Today was one of those days..I hadn't had one in ages, so I had never really looked at the label; it's around the same size as the ones Tim and I make, so I figured the calories and all that would be around the same..NOT!!!! I realized I had never had one since I started tracking, so I got the wrapper out, and proceeded to about have a heart attack! I read "480 calories" I thought "Not bad for a lunch item" Then I looked again.. a serving was HALF of the burrito..I had just eaten 960 calories for lunch!!!!! I couldn't believe it..What in the world could be in this thing that made it so high in calories?? The Mexican dishes Tim and I make has the calories of the 1/2 burrito, but for a full serving, and we have most of the same stuff in it..I think that's why it threw me..

Just another lesson of "pre-made" versus "home-made", and reading the WHOLE label.. Good thing I already planned dinner, which is a chef's salad, and already have it in my tracker..Also good thing tomorrow is gym day lol Planned on going for a walk, later, too, after the humidity goes down some (I hope).
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    I am always surprised when I log online to find calories on restaurant or fast food chains. I am always like, wow, shouldn't eat that again. how do they get all that extra fat in there???? I am glad you read the labels and definitely home cookin is the way to go. I hardly ever eat out and like to cook.

    I know that you are going to stay on track and I love that you are not looking at this in the wrong light. You hadn't had one in a while, you were hungry, now you have a goal to take care of the calories. You are doing awesome

    3579 days ago
    Tell me about it! I never realized how many calories I was actually eating until I started using this site and training myself to look at those labels. Especially the serving SIZE part. That is the trick. Pretty shocking. I think the calories in store bought frozen stuffs might come from the stacks of sodium they pump into it to "preserve" it. Not sure though.
    3579 days ago
    Oh golly...that is such a pain...I had the same experience with a chicken place we frequent...or should I say...used to frequent...just can't afford the calories...when I first figured them out...I flipped...scary.

    You are doing really well...tracking really works...good on ya!! You go girl..think you have it beat!! Hugs
    3579 days ago
    Ouch that was a painful lesson. Yes its amazing how the premade stuff racks up the calories. Good save with the salad. I too have had that lesson taught to me and now I just cook from scratch
    3579 days ago
    Yeah... those labels can get you every time! But... at least you looked, right? Onward and forward....... you'll make up for it... it is okay!
    3579 days ago
    It sure is amazing how those pre-made things are SOOOO much higher in calories. I think they add extra fats and sugars to up the calorie count!

    Hugs! Beverly
    3579 days ago
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