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Sunday, August 03, 2008

I just wanted to say thank you for all the comments; they're very much appreciated..

First of all, don't worry; I'm not swaying from my caloric intake, and I drink at least 10 glasses of water/day..I may be just a tad under it at times, but that's just cause we've not gone shopping I've gone the route of not eating, voluntarily and unvoluntarily (not a good time, financially, yrs ago), and it obviously didn't work, which is one of the reason's I've had to work so hard to get my metabolism to cooperate, again..I think about the only fad diet I've not tried is the cabbage soup, and that's because just the thought of the smell of cabbage cooking turns my stomach..*hmmm maybe I just stumbled upon a new fad; "aversion to cooked cabbage" diet* lol

Oh and Cinnie, I'll be sure and use the vaccuum where it won't show in case of hickies emoticon lol

I do have my reg monthly checkup appt with the doc this coming Wed., and believe we're going to have a talk about this, if I have to stand in front of the door to keep his butt in the room! lol My problem is that I can only get morning appts with him, because of Tim's work schedule, plus, Wed is one of Tim's days off, so therefore, a gym day..BUT, I saw my nurse at the grocery store one day, about a week after my last appt, and she saw what my leg looks like..Actually one of the few times I wear shorts out in public ('cause I was in a hurry lol), and she happened to be standing in front of me in checkout..I told her I know this isn't office hours, etc., but take a gander, because next time I bitch, I want a witness lol Truth be told, I'm very lucky that Destiny is Ed's nurse; She's pretty much in my corner, and knows if I'm griping about something, then there's something to gripe about..Don't know what I'd do without her, even though I do tease her about smacking her upside the head for being so dang perky first thing in the morning..I accuse her of being an airline stewardess in another life LOL

So anyway, I do have an appt Wed, and will blog that evening, after I collapse for a little bit, between 2 hours at the gym, then grocery shopping immediately afterwards lol

Sidenote: Just for the heck of it, I weighed this morning, and it actually showed a 3lb loss, so it did go down a little during the night..'Course it's back, but it did at least show me that it can be gotten rid of..
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    I am so glad that you have the appt and a wonderful nurse that will make sure you are taken care of properly. I do hope that the fluid goes down and stays down.

    3582 days ago
    Great that you sound better . I know you can do this
    3582 days ago
    You sound realy excited and I am so happy for you I know there will be bumps along the way but your gonna do this and make it.

    Chunk emoticon
    3583 days ago
    I'll be looking forward to hearing how the appointment goes, Joy! Keep at it!

    Hugs! Beverly
    3583 days ago
    What a joy to read this blog..I am so glad you are feeling better about everything in general...will be looking forward to learning how you make out..Hugs
    3583 days ago
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