Anyone got a strong vaccuum??

Friday, August 01, 2008

I swear I'm about ready to try some "home" liposuction..Ok, not really, but, geeze! I've done everything but starve myself, and I've gained 6lbs for the month of July..That's 1/2 of what I've lost since March, when I first came back..

I still think it's water retention, because I started putting it on about the middle of June, when it started getting warm, but once it really got hot and humid at the start of July, there was no stopping it, and no getting rid of it.. What do I have to do to get rid of it? I drink enough water to sink the Titantic, I finally got my dr to break down and prescribe a diuretic a month ago, and nothing..If this 6lbs is water, I'd hate to see what my gain would've been had I not started the diuretic!

Figure this one out (and if someone does, let me know will ya?)..My clothes aren't fitting any differently..It's like all this weight is in my one leg..Yep, I'm not retaining in both ankles, just one..My left ankle/foot looks down right skinny compared to the tree trunk I call my right ankle.. 3-4 hours after I'm up and about, I don't even HAVE an ankle...I've noticed if I'm on my feet alot, then my left swells a little, but NOTHING like my right..I'm lop-sided! This started when the weather started getting warm, which I knew it was coming; I've retained during the summer, since I was pregnant with my son 25 yrs ago, but this is driving me crazy..It's never been just one side, and never this bad that it doesn't go completely down during the night..

Ok, I'm done griping..I'll just have to work harder this month, and this WILL come off, if I gotta stick a vaccuum cleaner to my leg to do
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    I agree with everyone else, I would go talk to your doctor - for the simple fact that it's only in one leg - they have to be able to give you something to help you out with that. And don't give up, once this problem is figured out just keep moving forward - you can do it & we are all here to help!
    3576 days ago
  • SUSAN57260
    I am new to all of this; hence no pic yet :) Like everyone else said, see your physician. You could have edema in your one leg and might need to wear a special kind of sock during the warmer weather. I know some ladies where as soon as they get out of the shower they put their "stockings" on ...if they didn't they would swell up...please make an appointment w/your physician. Don't beat yourself up, you are doing an AWESOME job and will get thro this!
    3577 days ago
    Hope your feeling better!

    3577 days ago
    don't give up on the diuretics, I have tht problem also, have you had your blood pressure checked also?
    3578 days ago

    3578 days ago
    I love your attitude. Since you are taking care of yourself your body is going to do what ever it thinks that it needs to and unfortunately it could do some really silly things. I'm right behind you on working harder and I'm with you at least in spirit because well I don't know where you live...LOL.

    Hang in there!
    3579 days ago
    Just watch out for the hickies that the vaccum cleaner might leave! hahaha
    3579 days ago
    Let us all know what the doc says.

    emoticon Sorry this is happening to you.
    3579 days ago
    Definitely go to the doctor again. Let us know what they say. You can do this....stay positive and just think....when this is figured out.....I bet you'll drop a lot! :)

    3579 days ago
    Go see the dr. In the meantime don't starve yourself, I've tried it, it won't work. This doesn't sound like a diet related problem so give yourself a break until you've had it checked.

    Jenn emoticon
    3579 days ago
    Jury has spoken, go see the doctor. You might also watch your salt intake and make sure you stay hydrated. If you dont drink enough like me, your body may stock up a bit
    3579 days ago
    3579 days ago
    That is not griping. That is a symptom of a problem.

    What the problem is I don't know, I am not a doctor, but you do have a severe problem that needs addressing. You will stress your heart from fluid retention.

    You might be one of the people that just cannot safely drink 8 glasses of water a day.

    I don't know your food plan so I cannot guess your salt intake. But these last 8 months I have learned about the heart and fluid retention due to taking care of my dad.

    Please go to your doctor to have this checked. Both legs is really bad but I am going to guess that only one leg is actually worse.

    We do love you, so you must find out what this is.

    3579 days ago
    Go see a doctor1 You could have a DVT or something!
    3579 days ago
    Sounds like you may have an injury or maybe you need to step up the diuretic, when do you take it and how much? Are you on your feet all day? I would also try and get that lemmon juice that comes in a green bottle I get the big one and put a big squt of it in my water as lemmon is a natural diuretic and will work well with the pills don't take the two at the same time though cause the acid i the lemmon may effect the medecation but after breakfast would be a good time I for get the name of it but it is not that little plastuc yellow thing that looks like a lemon and not the one in the3 glass bottle this one is in a squeezable bottle and has the juice of 20 lemmons so it is really good. If you make pink lemonade and use a half a cup of this per half gallon it would work well. If that does not help you may have an injury. does it hurt when you work out? another thing ry taking two alieve in the Morning that would be 400 mg because alieve is naprosen and it reduces water i n the Joints just try it for a week and see how it helps you if you want to split up the alive take one 200mg in the am and 1 2oomg with dinner. see if that helps Iknow that I have massive swelling and the alieve really helps.

    Chunk emoticon emoticon
    3579 days ago
    I too think I would probably see the dr because it's just one leg. Hang in there, the weather has got to cool off sometime and maybe then you'll see a big loss. Good luck to you.
    3579 days ago
    Good Morning...gee...not a nice thing to have happening to you...think I would follow the advice of most of the gals here...go to the doctor...especially when when it is just one leg....don't get discouraged cause this is something that has nothing to do with your food...don't starve yourself either...cause your body certainly won't be happy....please post again so we know how you are doing...Hugs
    3579 days ago
    You know this couldn't possibly be real weight gain. Did you maybe injure that leg a little? You might try a non-impact exerices for a week or so, like biking and see if it goes away.

    If it doesn't, for you to have it in just one leg there must be an issue with that one leg. I'd go to the Dr. and see where the problem lies. I doubt there's anything you can do diet-wise.

    Hang in there! You're doing great.

    3579 days ago
    I've had similar problems, maybe if it goes on too long you might want to see a dr. again about it. It could be the balance of something in your diet. I know what it's like to work hard and have everything seem to go the other way. emoticon
    3579 days ago
    I agree with the others, please see a dr. for what is going on with the sem to have a good attitude (which your name clearly states) so get the dr. appt our of the way and go from there.....good luck emoticon
    3579 days ago
    3579 days ago
    "The scale doesn't measure your worth."
    3579 days ago
    It's good that despite these challenges you aren't giving up...and Don't. I am praying that God with heal your body and allow you to reach all of your goals. Make sure you keep a close eye on your legs because this could be more than you think......But since God is healing you as we speak, don't'll be problem free soon. God Bless You and I hope you continue to stay positive and motivated.
    3579 days ago
    Definitly see your doctor about the issue of it favoring just one leg. I know you saw him/her about the water retention but did you discuss the leg at that time too?
    3579 days ago
    I have to agree with the possibility of Lymphedema or venous insufficiency. Either one is a problem that you need to see your doctor about! Take care, Joy, and keep us posted!

    hugs! Beverly
    3579 days ago
    Trust me I realize how you are feeling. My clothes are starting to feel a little bit looser so I decided to get on the scale a couple of days early just to catch a sneak peek (I weigh myself on Tuesdays) and come to find out I am up three pounds. But I know I am eating correctly but I am up and around alot and constantly outside with the kids so I know it is undoubtedly water. Try talking to your doctor and see what he is thinking. Things will get better just keep your chin up!!! emoticon
    3579 days ago
    I think I would make a doc appt.......and if he doesn't get to the bottom of it, then I'd be finding another doc, I think. And keep track of how much you drink per day, versus what's coming back out, so you can take that with you to your appt. Does it seem about even to you? Here's hoping you can resolve this so you can move beyond it, these hot, humid days are just a ton of fun, aren't they? NOTTTTTT! emoticon
    3579 days ago
    Sounds like the Lymphedema that I suffer with on a daily basis. My left leg is 4 to 9 inches bigger than my right.

    During the summer months you should consider wearing support stockings to help alleviate the pooling of water retention in your legs (you can purchase them over-the-counter). Also, when laying down ~ elevate your legs above your heart. Throw your salt shaker away, don't eat ANY processed meats (lunchmeat, weiners, brats, ham), drink lots of fluids & exercise. The more activity you can do while sitting ~ the easier you will have in getting rid of the fluid.

    To help control my Lymphedema, I do MLD (which is a massage of the lymph nodes); wrap my legs with compression wraps, wear support (custom fit) stockings or wear a compressed boot!

    You are lucky to only suffer thru the summer ~ I have problems EVERY day.
    3579 days ago
    my legs swell up like that too, in the summer esp. sometimes.. my dr. called it venus insufficiency.. my veins aren't strong enuf to pump the blood and fluids back up to my heart like they should. i have to wear compression stockings (in your case, just one) to support the veins.

    this is a real bummer when it's hot.. but the swelling does go down in a few days.. make sure they go up past your knees to work.. knee hi's don't work.

    check with your dr.

    this has nothing to do with your weight in fat. and water is heavier than fat..

    best wishes, ann
    3579 days ago
    I'd also check back with the doctor. I would think there's something they can do since you're only retaining on the one side.

    I had to cut out all foods with any added salt and really reduce my sodium intake to finally lose the water weight. I know how frustrating it can be.

    Hang in there and let's us know how it's going.

    3580 days ago
    Sounds like maybe your electrolytes are not balanced properly to take care of you in the humidity and heat. Please don't stress about it. Yes, you do have to drink lots more water throughout the day if you are exerting a lot of energy. I would also keep track of sodium on your nutrition tracker. If you don't know how to do that spark me and I will tell you how.

    You are also gaining muscle because of the exercise you are doing and that could be part of the gain. Just stick with it and you will see results. Stick with your spark guidelines and put your feet up at the end of the day.

    I know it seems like the fluid will never go off but it will,
    sending you lots of hugs and support

    3580 days ago
  • RENA1965
    Try looking at some of the successful people at sparks nutrition pages and get some ideas how to sew your meals together. Also eating too little makes the body refuse to give slip to that stubborn fat.
    You have to have a little of all the foods from the food pyramid to breakfast and lunch (also eat within the food ranges sparks sets for you..)
    If you still have problems sewing your menu together try weight watchers to learn the basics of healthy eating..
    3580 days ago
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