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Sunday, July 27, 2008

I like caps coz they are easier to see. Ols age ,Ain't it grand!!

Life has thrown a few curves here lately. I'm hoping that it straightens out and levels off for a while. My infection is almost all cleaned up so that is a plus. I still say the right is going to be smaller thwen the left but it will be months before the swelling is officially down enough to tell. I will always be glad that I had it done coz it has taken so much stress off my back. I actually can stand a little straighter and my upper back rarely hurts. Bravo!! That was the whole reason for the reduction . If it had been for vanity I would have done it years ago.

As some of you know ,my 17 yr old had an irregular pap this year. Now being as I've had Ovarian cancer it really had me upset. So we go back to the doctor for a test called a Colposcopy. Scarry but she got through it and the doctor ended up doing a biopsy. We wait for results. I'm not gonna go into that fiasco , it is to long. Well the results are she has dysplasia. It is a condition that if left to its own devices will lead to cancer. I may take years but it is something that must be watched and treated if it gets too bad. All this crude at the age of 17. I wish I had the bad news instead of her. She has to return in three months for another exam and then wait once again for results. I'm not sure past that point. She will have to have an exam every year without fail for the rest of her life.
It is not that we all don't have to have them but for her to know that there is a condition in her body that could potentially kill her is scarry. Before you ask, She had the GARDASIL shot last year after her first pap and the all clear was given to get the shot. I'll leave you to guess what my thoughts are on that. There are a lot of things I wished I'd known or found out before I allowed the shots to be given.This would take more then a blog to explain so I will leave it at that.
Just the other day I spent the day in the ER with my 23 yr old son who suffers from juvenille diabetes. He went to the doctor with back pain and possible blood in his urine. The doctor sent him to the ER and so there we set. Actually it was the quickest we ever got in. They asked questions and checked his bloodsugar. The nurse said 'He needs an IV and labs. They did his labs and an Ultrasound of his kidneys. I finally got to go sit with him. they gave him a pain shot and we waited for the insulin to take effect. The nurses came in and were talking to him By that time they knew his blood sugar was 712 which is extremely high. They were trying to figure out why he was still walking and talking. He really shouldn't have been . He should have been in a coma or on his way to one. He always has high B.S. I tis something he has lived with and struggled with for 14 yrs. No one has been able to figure it out . They got his B.S down to 300 and felt since he was used to it ,that it was safe to let him go home. Now we need to see our fam. doctor and try to work it around it not being about his diabetes. See his insurance has a rider on it that it won't cover his diabetes for the first year. are you beginning to see the dilema. He of all people need the coverage and can not get it. The doctors at the hospital lecture about taking care of yourself ,but let you go without insurance or miss a payment and that doesn't seem to matter.We don't even know if the insurance will cover the hospital. He went coz he thought he had blood in his urine but the doctor sent him coz his b.S was so high.
So now on tuesday I have to go have a recheck blood test called a CA125 which is a tumor marker that helps tell whether or not my Ovarian cancer may be back. It was elevated 6 wks ago and now has to be redone. I'm sure it is probably coz of my surgery and the fact that I had a staph infection., but the fear is still there. I guess it will be in Gods hands , coz there isn't anything I can do about it. I try not to worry or talk about it, but it is the ever present dropping of the other shoe. I've waited 3 yrs for it to fall and it may be here. I just don't know. I guess time will tell.
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    Deuce, I wish this wand worked better. One of mine had dysplasia also.
    4589 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/4/2008 8:55:09 AM
    You and your family are in my prayers
    4594 days ago
    DEUCE, what a drama and I can't begin to imagine the stress of all you are dealing with. I know they say God never gives us more then we can handle but sure seems like he's testing you and your family bigtime. I think as Mother's we would do just about anything to protect our kids and I know you feel so helpless to do much more for yours, being frustrated is to say the least. One thing I do see is why you have a need to have fun and sometimes get lost in a virtual adventure or two, let's plan another get a way soon just for you girl! I wish there was more that I could do for you and your family, see I too feel helpless in this regard. So I will offer up lots of prayers and lend you my shoulder anytime you need to vent or destress in any way. You know we all are here for you and would do anything we could to make things better. Love Cheryl emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4594 days ago
    wow, so much in so little time. I am so sorry and will keep you and your family in my prayers, hugs
    4595 days ago
    I am so sorry you are going through so many health crisis problems at one time. It seems more that one person can handle. We are here for you to vent. emoticon
    4596 days ago
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    Well I am just glad that you have us here to get it out all and that you have your family to lean on and they have you. And you are right, when it rains it pours! This too shall pass. You have the gift of life and love on your side so do not forget your faith. emoticon
    4596 days ago
    Oh sure now I really feel bad about my avatar... Geez! Ok I guess I'll go change it...

    Hang in there my friend... This too shall pass... And we're with you all the way...


    4596 days ago
    If it is raining, I pray that it is the rain of His Spirit hovering over your family right now with His protecting, healing wings and pouring down His love over you all!!

    If you need prayer or someone to talk to, drop by my page or sparkmail me.

    4596 days ago
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