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Saturday, July 26, 2008

You know, there are people that lead pretty typical lives. Day in and day out they just go along doing their thing. Sometimes I wish my life could be like that but that would mean giving up all the experiences that shape my world- and I wouldn't do that for anything.

I had started a new exercise streak and re-dedicated myself to spark. It is hard but I just KNOW I can do this. None of that has changed just a wee bump in the road. I was feeling all kinds of cocky about walking 18 and 15 miles last weekend. I ended up with HORRIBLE blisters on my feet. VERY deep and very large- like the size of a qaurter. I've had blisters before but I knew these were significant enough that I needed a plan to make sure I get through the walk on August 15th. I had lost several toenails (6) and so was told to get a size bigger sneakers. I thought my heel moved around too much but the "professional" in the running store said it was normal. Well, I'm thinking that HAS to be what is wrong. I obviously need a half size smaller sneaker. I need to take care of that right away. Anyway.......

I started my first class on Monday and it was only a 4 day class. My blister on my left foot hurt so bad I was almost crying. I am so darned stubborn I didn't listen to my body. I kept thinking I must be world's biggest wimp because a stupid blister hurt so much. I have golfed 18 holes through blisters before for pete's sake! Anyway- I couldn't sleep, couldn't let my foot TOUCH anything, it was throbbing like there was an alien in my heel. By the time class was over on Tuesday and I was driving home I was in bad shape, almost called DH to come get me. Made it home but had the shakes and chills and EVERY muscle from my lower back down felt like it was in a vice grip. At around 9:00 I decided to go to the emergency room because I couldn't miss class the next day and I was thinking something wasn't right. YEAH, I'm so dumb. I was in the hospital until 3:30 am until I convinced them to discharge me so I could go home and get to class on time! I was on IV antibiotics, fluids, pain meds..... Poor DH took the day off to drive me to class (over an hour one-way). I had an infection in my bloodstream and they gave me an antibiotic I was allergic to so I got sick in class to boot, then at lunch I lost part of a tooth? You just can't make this crap up- hahaha.

I managed to finish the class without missing a minute! I got on the right antibiotic so I feel much better now. The infection was going up my leg and they said it was a good thing I went to the hospital when I did. Geesh- nothing is simple.

On my way home from class I couldn't get home because all the roads were blocked- come to find out there was a tornado- IN NH????????? It was devastating. We had no power from Thursday noon until around 10 am this morning (Saturday). I had to get rid of everything in the freezer and some stuff from the fridge but I couldn't complain seeing what my neighbors went through. I live 10 minutes from my parents and basically the tornado took a crescent path and went right between both of our houses. We are so incredibly lucky. Check out WMUR.com if you are interested in the pictures. I know some people are used to these types of things but I have never been near one before. It gives me chills when I drive up the street.

We are leaving for vacation for a week so I won't be around much. I sure have missed all my spark friends but I'll be back before you know it!
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    Good to see your still paying dues to your guardian angels! I'm glad to hear your ok! I miss being here and catching up on everyone's life... I miss so much.

    Take care of you!
    4469 days ago
    PATTYYYYYYYYY!!!! OMG GIRL, I was just catching up and read this. I'm so glad you went to the e.r.

    You know what they say, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger! I bet you could give a t-rex a run for his money about right now!! *smile* I hope your vacation is a wonderful retreat for you!!! (hugs)-Tonya
    4582 days ago

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    I hope you had a great vacation
    4584 days ago
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    (((((Patty))))) I am sorry that you are going through all of this craziness! I am SO glad that you went to the DR. about your feet! I hope that you are feeling better now! *hugs* ~Jenn
    4601 days ago
    Oh goodness Sweety

    4601 days ago
    emoticon Patty !

    I am so happy you had your foot checked out. Please take care of yourself. Youare a very special person and I am honored to have you as a spark friend. Enjoy your vacation and tell us about it when you get back.
    4602 days ago
    Oh Patty...when it rains girl, when it rains. Despite it all though...you still have that "can do, will do, gonna gitrdone anyway" attitude and that is such a major accomplishment. You should be cocky and then some for walking all those miles...WOO HOO. Blisters....do you have body glide yet? Have you tried Thorlos brand walking socks? If you haven't tried the socks....get some...they do make a difference and are extra padded...so they could make up the difference in those bigger shoes.....I lost toenails too...I think it is fairly inevitable at long distances regardless what shoes....something else...at Wal-Mart in the dr.scholls footcare section....extra padded moleskin is wonderful. You'll have to wait til the blister is well enough that it won't rip the skin off to try it....but the blisters now are kind of a blessing in a way. Now you know where you will be prone to blister during those 3 days...and you can keep it all to a minimum with the stuff I mentioned above...those little blister band aid things are good for smaller areas too. When you get back from vacay....I can hook you up with some tips sistah!!!! I am just so proud of and for you for all you are working towards. I am SOOOO glad to hear you and your folks are safe and your property was unharmed....tornadoes are terrifying....I've seen several and I am just so glad you are ok!!! Heal those tootsies up and be sure to "map" the blister prone areas....and most of all.....ENJOY your time away!!!!!!! See you when you get back with details for us : )
    4602 days ago
  • RENA1965
    What have you learned from this? Walking so far requires decent walking shoes not sneakers. Buy the right type of foot wear and make sure it suits your feet. I never know I had a flat foot before going to a sport shoe specialist and he showed me on a special plate he gets his customers to stand on. I could see from the warmth of my feet I had no bridge on my left foot, since getting the right shoes I can do any amount of kms with decent socks and not get blisters. My back may hurt from impact but thats another story, I have a spinal injury.. But I never feel the impact from long distance walking or am so much pain next day from blisters.. Use a little more money and avoid this jaded feeling.. You need a good experience to get your motivation up to full potential..
    4603 days ago
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