am I a bad person

Friday, July 25, 2008

OK I normally think I am kind thoughtful and all around a pretty decent person. However, recently something came up that bothers me. Long story short I don't get along with my folks. After my back injury I was in constant pain and was very limited what I could do. My mom took this opportunity to start calling me a druggie in front of my kids (I was on a lot of meds but I took them as directed or less) say I was ignoring my kids and that there was nothing physically wrong with me. If I ever disagreed with her she said I was in need of phsycological help. Now karma has come back on her and she now has a bulging disc. Not as bad as mine but enough to cause a lot of pain. Now I understand how she feels. The pain she is in now is the same pain I have had for the last 6 yrs and will have for the rest of my life!!! (I now have nerve damage and have a medical implant to help w/pain) Part of me is glad she is in this pain, hoping that she will have more respect and understanding for me. Yet I know how bad this pain is and wouldn't wish it on anyone. Please be honest. Is it too much to hope for that she will understand me more or will she just keep thinking how bad she has it?
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    Feeling a certain way does not make you a "bad person".
    It is a shame that your mother decided to lash out at you the way she did, and to do so in front of your children is at best in very poor taste and improper!

    You say that you do not wish this on your mother or anyone else for that matter. You're simply hoping that with this pain comes understanding on her part.
    That hardly makes you a bad person.

    I've often had people and things that others told me they would have sought vengeance for - and I declined to act in revenge. However; every time I thought I might do -something- toward this or that person if I knew it would make that lightbulb go off in his/her head.

    No.. you're not a bad person. I do hope that your mother finds some understanding. If she does, perhaps you can repair your relationship. If she does not, just remember that the problem is hers and not yours.

    I wish you luck.
    3951 days ago
    First of all remember we do not get to pick our families! As a survivor of child abuse I know this all to well. Second, I agree with Susie. It's very likely she will think that she has it worse. Lastly, my Mother has always hated my husband who is a cancer survivor, right up until she found out she had the exact same cancer. Now he's an ok guy in her book. Go figure...

    So, no I don't think your a bad person. Only time will tell if she will ever respect your situation. Until then keep posting and draw support from others. I have had back pain for most of my life so I know what a battle it can be.

    3953 days ago
  • SUSIEQ911
    My thought is that she's going to think she's in worse pain than you were and she won't understand.

    I don't think you're a bad person.

    Karma is a bitch, though.
    3953 days ago
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