I'm been missing for about a week

Monday, July 21, 2008

I've been missing for about a week. I think a lot has to do with stress. I haven't been over eating, just not eating right and let me tell you it has made me feel like complete S#%T. So here it is Monday morning 8am. Everyone except me is still sleeping and I'm sitting here thinking, I need to get up off my b'hind.

I think I'm slowing falling into a depression. Money is tight so we've been cutting corners where ever possible. We had to cancel our vacation which sucks but we'll make the best of it. We cancelled our phone service, our DTV, But I think what really pushed over the edge was when I cancelled my gym membership last week. I just started to cry. Even now thinking about it, I just want to cry. But i'm trying to stay strong and pull it together. I have a tredmill, and elliptical trainer, a exercise stability ball all here in my house. So the plan is to use them as much as possible. I know what I can do with out the gym, its just finding the motivation to do it. I keep telling myself 30-60 mins each day is really all i need, but then I sit and look at all the crap around me and I end up on most days pushing my exercise to the side. I need to some how figure out a time slot where from such a such time is my exercise time and not let anything interfere with it. The question is when and what is the best time.

I have always like working out in the AM seems to get me moving for the day and gives me the energy to get other things done, but for some unknown reason (actually I think its just out of pure laziness, lack of motivation/focus) I can't get moving when I know i'm working out at home. EEEErrrrrrr, I've gotta figure something out.

I'm just so down on myself right now, its getting on my husbands nerves, I'm even getting on my own nerves, lol.

Something has just got to give here. I can't afford anything right now, I've lost my gym temporarily, and its driving me mad. And the price of eating healthy is ridiculous as well. So what options do I have but to make the best of it, right?

I know once again i'm running off at the mouth, but this kinda helps me vent, and get me motivated and gives me determination to not give up.

I'm trying to set up a schedule that is going to work for me when school starts back up too.

So starting today
Monday I plan on 60 mins on tredmill emoticon
Tuesday exercise video (maybe taebo, I feel like kicking some booty
Wednesday 30 mins elliptical
Thursday exercise video
Friday 60 mins on tredmill
Saturday maybe take the kids to the park or pool
Sunday (might just take the day off)

Goal for the week be down 2-3 pounds.

Wish me luck I'm gonna need it at this point.
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  • no profile photo SASSYPLUMERIA
    Maybe the thought of working out in your home doesn't appeal to you so the motivation isn't there. You can still get a free workout outside your house. A brisk walk or a walk/jog around the neighborhood, at a nearby park or a school's track may be all you need to give you that motivation to get moving. Like Megalolz' s brother, your home gym might appeal to you after you get home once you're in that workout mode. Give it a try and good luck!
    4204 days ago
    I know of the stress & depression that you are experiencing ~ for me there was no-way but up!

    There WILL be a light at the end of the tunnel & I promise that it won't be an oncoming train!

    Sounds like you have a great outlook on the kinds of exercises that you can handle at home. You mentioned kids ~ perhaps an outing on bikes would be a fun event for all of you.

    Take care!
    4205 days ago
    Hello and Good Evening. I know just how you feel. You can't let those negative voices talk you out of doing something that is good for you. I highly suggest you get up on that treadmill or that elliptical and give it all you got. You are going to be ok. When a door closes, GOD opens a window. I believe you will do it. keep me posted. I want to know how long you worked out and how many calories you burned. I have an elliptical trainer and when my 15 year old daughter drives me nuts I work out as hard as I can. So far the longest I have gone is 1 hour and 40 minutes plus I so called burned 710 calories. when I was finished I felt great!!!! take care you can do it.
    4205 days ago
    I have a stability ball that I use and if you have the elyptical that is an awesome peice of equpment I feel the crunch of money too i wanted to go to I taly this year but just could not save enough. We are all going through this i think alot of your stress was compouded by not going to the gym now that I know you have the tools at home I believe if you use them you will see that your stress level will come down you are in my thoughts and prayers and hang tough it will get better.

    Chunk emoticon
    4205 days ago
    My brother in law had the same type of problem. He would drive to the gym to workout but couldn't motivate to use the gym in his garage. His answer was to dress for the gym and go for a jog and when he came home he went straight to the gym rather than into the house. He found this worked for him.
    If you can't jog even just go for a walk but leave your house and come back into it in exercise mode!!!

    It is hard when you can see the dishes on the sink and the unmade beds but you need to schedule time for yourself as well.

    You are important. Exercise is a great stress reliever as well. Doing your workout may well save you from depression!

    So get out there and kick butt!!!!! Jen
    4205 days ago
    having a plan is great and remembering that you are your own best friend and you deserve to have the time, schedule the time and create the time to take care of yourself.

    I know about downsizing the things in life I have gotten used to having but how wonderful that you have a treadmill at home! As well as those other things. I don't have them yet and probably wouldn't have any place to put there either so heck use the toys you have to your advantage and enjoy them. Wow.

    Depression is tough when it grabs on to you and drags you down into the abyss but moving, dancing, walking any of those things and so much more will remind you that energy creates energy. Sure explore the feeling of depression but down dwell there. Grieve the loss of your gym membership but do it for 5 or 10 minutes then go do something else.

    As they say this too will day at a time.
    4205 days ago
    Well, as the old saying goes, "Neccessity is the mother of invention." Despite the hardships you are experiencing right now, I think it's awesome that you're thinking of ways to deal with them. These are tough times for everyone. I think we all feel the pinch to some degree with gas prices so high and the price of everything going up as a result. Hang in there; things will get better.

    Lisa emoticon
    4205 days ago
    I work out at home with dvds and stability ball too. You tell me what time in the morning you want to work out and I will be working out here at my house at the same time. Then get on Spark and post on my page what you did. See now you have a workout buddy even though we aren't in the same house.

    So get moving and get ready, we are going to rock our houses LOL
    4205 days ago
  • TRAVIS07
    Things will get better.Where there is a will there is a way. Stay motivated Bless you! emoticon
    4205 days ago
    Do we allll live in the same house!! Yes we do. We all can relate to you in some way or another. Frustration comes from not being in all that is left to do is...let go! Let it go. This too shall pass!! This is only temporary. You know how God does it. Sometimes things come in our lives that are tough to make us strong, not give up. It gets tough when things don't exactly go the way we would like them to go, but you have so many other things to cherish and look to for support. Your man, your kids and us!! It's not what you don't have but what you do have!! Count those blessings and make it work! Walk the track or play ball with the kids. Or like you said, get on that sweet lil treadmill and elliptical machine that I DON'T have at home and work it!! Sometimes we have to get creative, and do what we do best. You know how we women do it. We can pull a rabbit out of a hat, without the hat!! For REAL. Don't over do it, just stick to your goal and loose those 2-3 pds you are talking about this week! I work out at 6:00 am when my husband leaves for work, and I can't tell you how good it feels to get it behind me so early!!

    Looking forward to a good report at the end of the week mama! Keep logging in, okay?????? emoticon
    4205 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/21/2008 4:49:56 PM
    I know you said you feel like you're falling into a depression but you seem to have a great outlook. It is very hard to go through times like that. I completely understand. You're going to teach your kids to have a great attitude if you continue to yourself.

    Good luck on doing your exercises at home. Alot of things you can do at home will help your body. Think back to PE in school, you can do push-ups, sit-ups, squats, jumping jacks, etc. Keep up your good attitude and keep working hard, you'll be great!
    4205 days ago
    I like the fact that you put your plans of what your going to do for the week. I noticed that you like to have some idea or plan set ahead. I'm here and I'm rooting for you! I have to do all my excersise at home too. I understand. I think that you can accomplish your goal though.

    4205 days ago
    Well i noticed you said everyone was sleeping but you, that would an excellent time to go for walk bike ride video exercise. that would be good me time and i would get out of the house with a walk men and go go go. for an hour. or so. and think about what you are going to do that makes you happy and going to lose weight

    4205 days ago
    I don't know anyone that isn't trying to cut back on spending right now - on the positive side you have your own exercise equipment.

    How about neighbors or people from your church? Maybe you can find a walking partner - mine found me and lives across the street. She begged everyone she knew to walk with her and no takers so she just joined DH and me on our walk and we have been walking partners ever since, 3 years last April.

    If your town has a community center it might offer free exercise classes. Call the local hospital as they too sometimes offer them.

    Some churches even have gyms too; never hurts to ask around.

    Praying for you,
    4205 days ago
    I totally understand! I have been out of work since March. I have an interview tomorrow we will see. I had scope surgery on my knee last Friday and have other medical bills coming in. But I have found people in my area that are selling veggies from their garden for a whole lot less than at the store. When I can we are going back to walking. I have a great park really close. I also have stairs to use. So there is always a way. One way to get moviated is find a buddy. Either on sparks or one in your neighborhood. I haven't done this because I knew I was having surgery and I didn't want to hold anyone back. But if you don't find a buddy come by my page and I will help you out as much as I can. After all we are here for support! I know you cn do this! emoticon
    4205 days ago
    I know we're having to do some serious tightening of our belts too. It's bad enough that gas is as high as it is, not to mention groceries. As far as the gym membership is there is a YMCA in your area you might be able to get a discount on the membership depending on your income. Just a thought.
    4205 days ago
    Blogs are a great place to vent! I love being able to sit down at the computer and let it all out. It is a geat way to help you focus on what you need to do.
    Looks like you have a great plan. We are all behind you when you need that extra push! Go for it girl!
    4205 days ago
    Hi! I wanted to let you know that I post daily affirmations on my SparkPage. It isn't much but it makes me feel better. Please visit my page and just read something uplifting. I really hope it helps and wish the best for you. This one is especially for you...
    It is the simple things that make me happy.
    Being with friends or loved ones,
    Sharing food and wine and laughter.
    And life is good.
    4205 days ago
    Good may want to check around and see if you have a locally grown grocery store (they buy local and don't pay transportation fees, taxes, they charge less). I found one here in Colorado and it saves a TON on fruits & veggies. Also.....just make it happen. I know, I know....sounds so easy. But if you work out as soon as you get up (even if the time varies) this will soon become a habit and your body will actually look forward to it. There are more health benefits to working out in the morning keep burning more calories all day. I can't get my butt up early enough to work out and then go to work, so I work out as soon as I get sitting....I put my stuff down, change and do it.....otherwise I'd get comfy wouldn't do it. Can you do your stability ball while watching tv? Sounds silly, but I grab it and sit and just move side to side....maybe a few can really feel it even when it's not a full workout. I just just on it and move a that I'm not just sitting on the couch.

    My Hubby and I also had to cancel our vacation.....we are gonna do something locally and it will only be for a day or two. It's not exciting....but is good to see the state around us.

    Good can do this. It seems so hard, but when you get in the routine, it does get easier.

    4205 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/21/2008 10:00:37 AM
    Money is tight for a lot of us . I have downsized about as far as I can but still may have to find more corners to cut if this trend continues. Still, think about it, we have it so much better than so many in this world. So many are struggling just to find clean water and a little rice to feed their kids. Pray for them and it brings your own situation into perspective. We are really blessed in so many ways. Giving up the gym hurts but you have everything you need to succeed without it. You can do it!
    4205 days ago
    I totally understand and know all aobut money being tight Been there done that!
    What time was it you usually went to the Gym? Set your excercise time for the same time every day. Set the room up like a Gym atmosphere Wear what you wore to the Gym. Your Gym is still gym time just a different location! Was there someone who went with you? See if they would join you at our new location.
    4205 days ago
    Good Morning..golly...where you are isn't a good place but guess have taken a good step toward getting out of that spot...writing all the stuff down is awesome...with a little planning you can have a super Naomi said ..exercising was around way before it was popular to go to the gym..Redhatmama had a bunch of awesome tips...I have one you have a park near your home where you could take your bikes, a picnic lunch and do a staycation!! Know we are in your corner cheering for you!! Hugs
    4205 days ago
    I understand girl!!! i have the same problem...we people need to stick together. we are retired, are on a fixed income, and have a lot of expenses. I could go on forever about that one...but i am taking action. I have paid off the two smallest bills(we always pay more, even if it is just $10,than the asking amount)and am near paying off the third one. Then i will concentrate on one of the largest ones. we are taking our vacation this year...but a heck of a lot closer. We are fortunate(????)in still owning a time share(can't sell it in current market, so will just use it)but instead of flying to some far distance, we are going back to where we used to live(different town, same area)Galveston...on one of the little islands...and it is just a 3 hour drive. We plan to cook a lot of our meals in our unit...and enjoy the water. We are searching for cheap or free places to enjoy some time til things get better. As for food, I found that that is almost breaking us, and we spend way too much on things i let sit and have decided to take the tip of another sparks gal, and plan 3 days food and shope for just that and actually use it!you can eat healthy on even a fixed or low income. Brown rice is a staple, and sweet potatoes or yams..much better than white and they make great french fries(oven done)as well. i buy taboullah and make a great greek just have to make your family eat a bit more healthy and you will find that it is not any more expensive than fattening food. I love smoothies, and the kids will like them too...with frozen fruit...strawberries being my favorite and they do not spoil. Chin up girl...get your spirits up and just view your current situation like a challenge!
    4205 days ago
  • no profile photo LIFES*2*SHORT
    Oh girl... I hear your cry! Been there, done that! Money problems usually get a little better with being a little careful. The exercise? Well... that was around WAY before the gym... and it looks like you're going to keep at it... which is awesome. I am going to call in some recruits to help give you the lift you need. All the best for this week and on.

    4205 days ago
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