Hot Tub Aerobics? It's Possible!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Well, I've found there's more than one way to get exercise in! One of our Spark Members congratulated me for "thinking out of the box" LOL! I guess I was, in this case.

I had gotten bored with my daily exercise routine that I had also conveniently fallen out of. Oh who am I kidding... I fell off the exercise wagon and it ran over my "soon-to-be-big-again-if-I-was
n't-careful" butt! So as many of you know, if you try and just jump back in on the exercising and walking, you tend to get really sore... especially us Thyroid peeps. I was going through a medicine change and the previous medicine was accomplishing two thing: making me feel lousy and packing on the pounds so fast that I couldn't keep track. I was going to have to go back to the consignment store and tell them I needed my "Fat Clothes" back because of the weight gain, and that just wasn't an option that I was thrilled about. My muscles had become soooo sore from all the health problems, and I was facing that stupid mountain of pain and weight once again. So I thought "Well, I guess I'll sit in the Hot Tub and kinda relax and massage the muscles and then maybe go for a walk later." And I did. I walked for about a week around the neighborhood and gradually started getting my stamina up. I was once again making progress!! Still, the weight wasn't budging.

Then it hit me. While I was sitting in the Hot Tub I started just "bicycling" in the water. Then I remembered my water aerobics classes from years and years ago. I thought "I bet I can incorporate some of those movements in here, there's enough room!" So from that day on I did the following movements:

1) Bicycle: while sitting in the corner of the hot tub and supporting myself on the side grips on each side of the seat, I simply did slow bicycle movements keeping my tummy taught the whole time... not extremely fast movements or the water splashes out and I don't want to be a water-waster in a time where it's a very valuable commodity!! I LOVE our Hot Tub (it was our Anniversary present) and I want to be a good steward over it. When I first started doing these movements it was 100 (counting left leg as 1, 2, 3 etc. ) and today am up to 500!!

2) Jack-knifes: OMgoodness. The mother of all tummy workouts LOL!! I have never been able to do set-ups well. One reason is the scoliosis (spine twisting) that I have and the other is the 7 surgeries I've had in my life that cut through the stomach muscles... there's just not a lot of strength there. But Praise God the water helps in that area. Again I sat in the corner of the Hot Tub and used the seat grips on each side as support. Keeping my tummy taught I simply bend my legs and bring them up to my chest almost making a ball, then extended them out to the opposite side of the tub and arched my back a bit (concentrating the whole time on using my STOMACH muscles and NOT my BACK muscles). At first I could only do 2 sets of 25 of these because believe it or not, they're very intense. Today I was up to 100!!!

3) Side Leg Extensions: Again sitting in the same position of the tub and supporting myself slightly with the hand grips, I extend my legs out. Keeping my tummy taught I simply spread both legs out and them bring them back together. The first half of them I point my toes and the second half I flex my feet. It works different muscles both ways... the toning it accomplishes is amazing! The resistance of the water works to strengthen and tone the muscles. At first I did 2 sets of 25 and today I'm up to 100!!!

These are a real eye-opener for me. I didn't want to just sit there... I'm a mover and a shaker (and quite frankly I didn't like the way things were shaking body-wise... thus the reason I started this LOL).

The whole time I'm exercising, the jets are massaging my back and the heat is helping draw out toxins. It's honestly a great way to use such a wonderful tool like a Hot Tub. For those that have a pool, these can be done while using a Swim Noodle as a support under your arms, reclining back as if you're in a swim chair. Trust me... my legs toned up quick the last few summers when I was doing this.

Have a great rest of the Summer!!!
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  • no profile photo CERXELS
    I fight pain and sinus issues with my hot tub. I do what you would term as a partial jackknife. Sit and legs to bottom and just out of water...I use the lid to do pull ups and other exercises that I can't think of unless I am in the hot tub. It is better than meds and the only way I can wind down....highly driven, highly ADHD, I force myself beyond all measure to do what needs to be done by sheer determination and the only thing I can't make happen is sleep. If I can't sleep or wake up sore and can't go back to sleep 5-10 minutes of hot tub beats tossing and turning.
    2165 days ago
  • no profile photo LEXYJILL
    Thanks so much for posting this! It is exactly what I need!
    3888 days ago
    Thanks so much for the encouragement on exercising in the hot tub, I just couldn't do many exercises, I always hurt something. The hot water in the hot tub will let you do almost any leg exercise. I use floating dumbbells for arms too. Now I've got something I can stick to. emoticon
    3900 days ago
  • no profile photo AMELDA1
    4266 days ago
    What a wonderful idea!!! Keep up the great work!!! emoticon
    4277 days ago
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