Voices in my head

Monday, July 14, 2008

Morning Walk

(Voice 1) Wow, it really looks nice out. Let’s get out and walk.
(Voice 2) Wait ! First I have to take the dogs out. Then get my coffee. Then I have to check my email and take a shower.
(Voice 1) You have to shower BEFORE you walk? Can’t you shower after the walk like normal people do? And the email will wait.
(Voice 2) But there might be something important in the email !!! And I have sleep hair.
(Voice 1) Just throw on some clothes, grab the water bottle, let’s go. NOW.
(Voice 2) Wait I want to see the news !


(Voice 1) Time to go to the gym.
(Voice 2) Hang on, I have to shower and change and do my hair.
(Voice 1) Oh for pity’s sake. Throw some clothes on and let’s go now.
(Voice 2) But those two women might be there and they always look so perfect in their cute little gym clothes.
(Voice 1) So when you wear a size 0 you will look cute too. Let’s go!
(Voice 2) Let’s wait and go this afternoon and then we can get a double mocha at the coffee shop as a treat

Exercise Tapes and DVDs

(Voice 1) I feel a little stiff. 30 minutes of stretching or Tai Chi would feel so good right now.
(Voice 2) The Tai Chi is a video tape and the VHS player is hooked up in the living room and she is watch a movie right now while she knits.
(Voice 1) Good Lord, the VHS player ways less the 3 pounds. Unplug it and bring it in here. This is not rocket science. There are 3 stretch band DVDs we can just throw on the computer and play in here.
(Voice 2) Yeah but we did that yesterday and I really want the Tai Chi stuff.
(Voice 1) Then go get the VHS player and we’ll hook it up here.
(Voice 2) I want to watch this TV show, you know we love this show.

Strength Training

(Voice 1) Lets bring up the videos on Spark and do some work with the weights. A little bit of arm work would not hurt.
(Voice 2) But I’m busy right now posting on Spark. I have to keep up with this you know.
(Voice 1) Get the weights and get the exercise pages up now.
(Voice 2) But the weights are heavy.
(Voice 1) One and two pound weights are heavy?
(Voice 2) Hang on, there are new badges on POGO.

I have a problem. I know I have a problem. I just have to work so hard to keep that “other” voice quiet.

(Voice 2) La la la la ….let’s go look in the fridge. I’m bored.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • JIBBIE49
    Voice 2 is "HARRIET" from what Dr. Gould calls her in "SHRINK YOURSELF." She is always ready with an excuse, but AFTER you don't go to the gym or do that video, then she will CRITICIZE you and tell you how SHE could have done it.

    I call my Voice 2, SPONDULEX, my INNER BRAT. emoticon
    4680 days ago
    But I really love voice 2... especially lalalala lets go look in the fridge! Ha Ha
    4680 days ago
    This really made me smile. I argue with myself too, But knowing I have the team to lean on helps quiet down the naughty/louder voice!
    4680 days ago
    Voice 2 sounds like she is related to my inner child. Does yours throw tantrums when you put your foot down and say NO. emoticon
    4681 days ago
  • KERI65
    The voice in my head is Tammy telling me to get off my butt!!! Maybe she can be one of the voices in your head tooo????
    4681 days ago
    They say duct tape will fix anything..think it would help you in keeping that other voice quiet! Thanks again for the laugh, but also for proving to me (once again) that i am not the lone person in the world that argues with myself!
    4681 days ago
  • no profile photo TMROTH
    emoticon listen to this voice.
    Stay away from this voice emoticon .
    You can do it Ro. Heck, if I can you can. I am so lazy and out of shape I feel 100. You have me beat by a long shot. Keep going girl- you can knock those 2 girls at the gym out of there socks soon- you will be so fit.
    4681 days ago
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