Girl, you don't have the brains God gave you

Friday, July 11, 2008

Ok lets start this blog all over again.

Let's write this out, Rosalie, so that we can print it out and paste it on our forehead.

I do not want to smoke because:

1. I hate the funky taste in my mouth. I would rather taste gum then ashtray,

2. I do not want the sore throat . I mean do I really want to feel the rough and ugly throat. Do I really want to sound like a old truck driver?

3. I do not want the cough. Just that little nagging cough that becomes so much a part of your life that you don't notice it.

4. I do not want the runny sinuses. Lord there is nothing worse then sniffling all the time.

5. I do not want the morning phlegm. There is nothing worse then hacking up phlegm while you are pouring a nice cup of coffee.

6. I don't want to smell like an ashtray . I want to smell of lemons and grapefruit and roses and lavender.

7. I don't want to eat wonderful food without being able to taste the flavors. I love food and I want to actually taste it.

8. I don't want to lose the ability to smell the rain. I want to smell my shampoo and body wash. I want to be able to smell the coffee in the morning.

9. I don't want to huff and puff after walking to the mailbox. I want to walk my 2 or 3 miles everyday. I want to exercise at the gym without having a heart attack.

10. I don't want lung cancer or COPD. I want to live to be 100.

I live next door to a woman who is 10 years younger then me and looks 10 years older. She has COPD really really bad. In and out of the hospital, oxygen tanks to breathe, a scooter because she can't walk far. Not being able to say more then 3 words in a row without taking breaths.

I do not want that for me.

I am a nicotine addict. Nicotine is my drug of choice. I use nicotine to cope with life. I am a Nicotine Anonymous failure. I am a hypnosis failure. I am a gum and patch failure, SIGH

All I have is me and my will power. I quit this rotten habit last February and did not touch a cigarette for nearly 6 months. I went crazy last week when the cravings went out of control.

The cravings are still there jumping out of my brain like rabbits out of a hat.
I just do not understand why they are so strong after 6 months but I do know that I have to get through this, Only I can do it, And I will.

If I smoke another cigarette, my sainted grandmother will look down from heaven and yell "Girl, you don't have the brains God gave you"

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Rosie, the first sign of how successful you ARE is that you have clearly identified why you want/need to quit. The second sign of success is when you begin to identify yourself as a success, not a failure. turn those negative thoughts of being a failure around, find those moments of success and repeat after me, " I am a SUCCESSFUL non smoker!" emoticon
    4688 days ago
    Ro: This is great! It is exactly what I had to do. My blog got longer & longer as a team of us added Things to Do instead of puff, Things to Eat, etc. Feel free to check it out. It is buried back a few months, but many have used it.
    4688 days ago
    Ro you can do this my husband had COPD and I watched him go down hill each and every day fighting to breath and unable to enjoy his family and just not be able to talk most days. Smoking is BAD so please don't do it, think before your tempted, think of all your good times with family and friends .Think how they would be if you should pass way just because of that little white stick you put in your mouth and suck up all that poison. emoticon emoticon Lynn
    4689 days ago
    4690 days ago
  • DEUCE119
    Ro you can do this . Slow and steady. Breathe. I quit 9 wks ago and still get them at weird times. You can do this.
    4690 days ago
    I quit 21 years ago and still have cravings now and then.... Its an addiction that is soooo hard to overcome! Even now I sneak in a cig or two.... only once or twice a year though. Hang in there and fight it... we all have faith in you! Love ya, Kris

    My pastor says, "any day above ground is a good day" and thats what I think when I have my crabby, I wanna kick somebody's butt days....
    4690 days ago
    My mother-in-law smoked for 30+ years and then quit. She quit probably 20 years ago, and to this day, she still has cravings for cigarettes. I guess it's just like the Spark Life Style, you take it one day at a time. There are times that we all slip up, but we just have to keep at it.

    Don't beat yourself up for slipping up, just keep going forward (and not smoking.) I'm proud of you for what you have accomplished so far.
    4690 days ago
  • JIBBIE49
    My mother didn't start smoking until the woman in her hospital room gave her one after she'd had gallbladder surgery. She was 46 then. She died at 58 from a heart attack. I watched her pick apart butts and make a "roll your own" and smoke it with a bobby pin holding it, so she could get all of it, because she was out of "smokes" and it was the middle of the night. I vowed NEVER in my life to ever be addicted to anything, because I wouldn't humiliate myself in that manner.
    I met a man at the Navy Hospital who was in one of those electric carts and had oxygen. He said he was a LEVEL FIVE COPD patient. I never want that. emoticon
    4690 days ago
    When I quit, I had to use visual aids. I printed out pictures of people dealing with lung cancer and their story. They made me cry for them.

    I printed out pictures of people like your neighbor and put my face on them.

    I printed out pictures of those I loved and have lost to cancer and remembered the pain of saying good-bye.

    I even went so far as to print out a family picture and took me out of it....and thought about what my death would do to those who loved me and I loved so much. The pain it would make them go through.

    These are all very real scenarios waiting for me if I continued. If it happens to can claim our lives.

    I know this may sound morbid, but for us smokers we really downplay in our heads what we were doing to our bodies.

    PLEASE, stay strong.....take a black magic marker and write on one hello cancer.....death family's loss.

    Everything on your list is an awesome reason for quitting. You are also giving a wonderful gift to those that love you.....years more of sharing and caring.
    4691 days ago
    Rosie- you CAN do this! I BELIEVE in YOU !!!!!

    Yes Nicotine does have a way of rearing it's ugly head, maybe "it" is somehow being released from being stored in the fat cells, so, as you are losing you are releasing that toxin into your body? So somehow if you get a craving you can tell yourself oh yeah ... I don't WANT a cig - it is just the toxins...GO ME for losing weight and taking better care of myself!

    And maybe take up needlepoint?

    Keep up the good work!!! Also - I don't know if this will help, but I had a co-worker once who told me his Mom always said "Everyday there is breath in my body is a GOOD day!" So keep that in mind - even when you are going nuts. (I remember looking through purses myself - desperation)
    4691 days ago
  • no profile photo TMROTH
    You forgot
    Tammy will fly to CA and kick your butt(I'm being a good girl- you know the word I want to use).

    SMOKING IS BAD. you don't need them. You lost 20 pounds =good
    starting smoking again=bad.

    You can beat this Ro- I believe in you.

    Love ya and don't want to lose you to the bad habits.
    4691 days ago
  • KERI65
    #1 - {{{{{{{{{{Ro}}}}}}}}}}
    #2 - YOU CAN beat the habit!!!!!!!!!
    #3 - You do not want me to kick your butt for lighting up near me. I have asthma and have been know to tell my family members who smoke to go outside next to the farm field behind our house so I don't have to smell the smoke.
    4691 days ago
  • no profile photo AUGUST311
    I commend your will power. You can get through it. Prayer helps. You are not alone. I am not a smoker. I recently learned that a very dear family member has a spot on her lungs and her sibling is on oxygen. They are not smokers. Their mother is a smoker,and has smoked all of their lives.
    Life and the quality of life desired for yourself and those around you will help when cravings get bad. You can do it!
    4691 days ago
    My husband quit smoking 2.5 years ago after having smoked for 35 years. He told himself that the pack of cigarettes was going to be his last and he started spacing them out farther apart until he had smoked his last one. Less than an hour after he had his final cigarette, we received a phone call from his mother. She called to tell us that she had been diagnosed that day with lung cancer and we lost her 8 months later to it. Bob quit cold turkey and I'm so glad that he did because I don't want to lose him before his time. So I hope that you can remain smoke free for not only yourself but your friends and family too.

    4691 days ago
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