After two months with a personal trainer

Friday, July 11, 2008

I'm consistently wearing a size 12, and sometimes an 11. My "time of the month, FAT jeans" are a 14, and they are LOOSE. I could wear thermal undies under them with no trouble.

I have WAY more energy than I did, and a generally more optimistic outlook (with some exceptions - see below).

I'm not embarrassed to look at myself in the mirror.

Now, for the latest:

It has been an insane week in my life. First my car had to have a number of things fixed, which was time-consuming and expensive; then plumbing, which turned out to be FAR WORSE than we had thought it was, and *that* was expensive, and then today, instead of having a massage and facial, I bought two new tires because I HAD to.

I suspect that my birthday this year (tomorrow) will be pretty darned low key based on how much money DH and I have shelled out in the last week. He is talking about taking me to a movie.

I had my very first bout of night sweats the night before last (Wednesday night) and it was horrible. I was utterly miserable, and I know that this is not over, because menopause is just starting for me.

Life this week has been "challenging".

But there are good things, too, and they have to do with my general physical progress.

I am done with physical therapy, and the diagnostician says I have made amazing progress.

Here is the bestest part though: my official weigh in today was 176.4 (on the scale at the gym that Elena always uses), my body fat percentage is down by 4% in two months, and *I gained 3 lbs of lean mass* in those same two months while I was losing fat!

So, no matter what - all I have to do is to remember what I was like on my last birthday and I start grinning, because I have made such amazingly positive changes.

I stopped smoking.

I've turned myself around completely about eating and exercising.

52 is going to be a GREAT year, a great time of life for me.

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    Better late than never.. but I just wanted to comment and say good job on all of your successes! I have quit smoking myself and that is NOT an easy thing to do, on top of that, exercising the crap out of your lungs is another. That is an amazing thing, and I understand how good you feel to know that you've quit and how much healthier you are. *HUGS* I've dropped from 270 to 169 today, and i know you are from a similar path... so I can see where you've been and what you have to do to get there. You did it! and there is no stopping you on where you want to go!!! Dana xo Take care and have a fantastic week! Don't let those off days throw you off track! Would love to hear an update :)
    3809 days ago
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