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Thursday, July 10, 2008

I needed to burn 900 calories today. I did it, but it was a challenge.

I got up early (for me, set the alarm and everything) so I would get my gym workout done cuz my sister had a day off and she and my niece wanted me to spend the day at the beach with them.

So I got to the gym about 3 hours earlier than usual. My plan was to just knock out an hour on th e elliptical, do some stretches and then go to the beach. I figgered I could do a walk on the beach later in the afternoon.

I got to the gym all right and I started up my music and get on the machine (thank god for the new playlist) and start working….

And then I realize it’s hot. I mean, IT”S HOT! emoticon The gym is an open affair with the cardio equipment in a loft. There are ceiling fans and normally the temperature is ok. But today it was HOT!

I barely made it through my warm up set. I mean I am seriously friggin hot. And I go downstairs to talk to Nida or her brother, the owners. I can never remember his name. He’s usually not there when I am. Anyway, I tell them that it’s REALLY HOT and he says “yeah, they’re sawing and the air conditioner is turned off."

YIKES! I’m in trouble. I’m sweating and pantin. I can’t help myself. I kinda roll my eyes and say “ok??”

I feel bad as soon as I do it because they’re really nice and the gym’s great, but they’ve been working on this remodel job for the past few weeks and dammit, I gota workout to do.

On Tuesday night I committed to burning 3600 calories by Sunday and I needed to do an hour on the elliptical to get part of those calories knocked out.

So I went back upstairs and got back on the machine. It was gruesome, even though I noticed that they did turn the air on for a little while, it never really cooled down to the normal tolerable temperature.

The machine calculated that I burned fewer calories than yesterday, but I don’t think so. With the heat, my heart rate was at least as high as yesterday, even though I wasn’t going as fast.

The main thing though….I didn’t give up. I stayed on the thing for an hour and even though I was whining, crying and groaning (in my mind), I finished it.

After that, I went to the beach. I mostly just relaxed and enjoyed myself there, but I did commit to burning a lot of calories by Sunday. .

I don’t see my sister often. She and my niece wouldn’t walk, so I shortened the planned hour walk to 30 minutes.

I got up and walked down the beach as fast as I could, 15 minutes out, 15 minutes back. I figured I could knock out the other 30 minutes at the dog park later in the afternoon.

That didn’t exactly work out either. I won’t bore you with the details, but I only got in another 15 minutes hiking at the dog park.

But you know what? I still did it. Despite everything, I burned 940 calories today.

And the scale is moving down again.

What obstacles did you push through today? I’d like to know.
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    this is great! I felt like that this morning. my hrm for some reason put my target zone WAY high. So i had to work twice as hard as yesterday to just stay in my zone. i thought i was going to die before it was over. i was watching the seconds until i got to an hour of running. now my hips hurt and my legs are sore. i still have 1568 calories left to burn by Sunday. :( i don't have an elliptical. wish i did. it would make burning them quicker, that's for sure. you're very inspiring.
    3588 days ago
    Way to go Kerry! You are on automatic pilot girl! You just keep on going! HURRAY for you!

    I know how hard it is working out w/o AC. Did that before I had one installed in my gym room at home. I looked at the sweat dripping off me as an achievement of perserverance!

    No major obstacles for me yesterday besides having a ton of stuff to do that I thought I would have to bag my workout! The NEW me decides to bag the ton of stuff to do and DOES the workout instead! Does feel good overcoming those voices in your head that are trying to tell you to ditch the workout and you listen instead to the other voices telling you to ditch the chores.

    I am wondering which voices will win tonight!

    3629 days ago
    3629 days ago
    Wow, that's intense! With no a/c I would just wilt and go home and walk in place in my living room with a big fan in front of my face. Good for you!
    3630 days ago
    And oh yeah...part of the credit for my showing up today, without a doubt goes to the newly nominated spark motivator CJ. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!
    3630 days ago
    WOW, Kiss, you really showed up today. It's days like this, when it's really hard, that you get to be extra proud of yourself. I'm totally impressed.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    I was supposed to go to the gym today. I totally don't have inertia. I'm totally up for it mentally. But physically, I wasn't so good. I was at work for 12 hours today, and I probably shouldn't have been. So I DIDN'T push through what I was supposed to push through. I kinda just punked out. I'm going to try again tomorrow, but in light of your amazing accomplishments this week, I'm a tad embarrassed that I couldn't even show up and just look around for 30 minutes at the gym!

    emoticon emoticon
    3630 days ago
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