WooHoo Wacky Brain

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Someone asked my why do I think yesterday's emotional explosion happened and why did I need the cigarette so badly.

Well ...I could go all introspective and analytical on you. I could do the therapist act and say that I really did not want to quit smoking back at the start of this year and that I was angry about quitting this lovely addictive habit. I could say that I had repressed this anger for 6 months and like all repressed emotions, they finally pushed their way to the surface and exploded. Yep that is what the therapist would say and it would cost me big bucks to hear it.

But I have a simpler explanation.

You see, I have two brains.

One brain is "Sane and Sweet" and the other brain is "WooHoo Wacky"

Sane and Sweet Brain will go shopping and be thinking about the budget the entire time.
WooHoo Wacky Brain will impulsively buy whatever strikes it's fancy.

Sane and Sweet Brain faithfully follows a healthy diet.
WooHoo Wacky Brain says "feed me NOW, feed me anything, just feed me"

Sane and Sweet Brain loves people and loves socializing.
WooHoo Wacky Brain is a recluse who hides from the world.

Sane and Sweet Brain gets out of the house and walks, goes to the gym, exercises.
WooHoo Wacky Brain finds the couch and stays there mindlessly watching whatever is on TV.

Sane and Sweet Brain is kind and understanding of other people and their human flaws.
WooHoo Wacky Brain thinks that everyone else in the world is crazy except me.

Sweet and Sane Brain is thankful for her blessings and and is so happy to be who she is.
WooHoo Wacky Brain gets angry at nothing, gets her feelings hurt easily and slams the door and pouts in her room. (Yes at 63 I can still pout in my room.....I earned the right!"

Sweet and Sane Brain is responsible and can be relied on to get things done.
WooHoo Wacky Brain will never do anything today that can be put off until tomorrow.

Sweet and Sane Brain knows smoking is killing me.
WooHoo Wacky Brain felt deprived of it's soothing addiction

So what happened yesterday is simple ....WooHoo Wacky Brain got out of it's cage and pummeled Sweet and Sane Brain into a bloody mess. Then WooHoo Wacky Brain ran amok until it was recaptured and locked away again.

I know all about WooHoo Wacky Brain and I have to live with her and control her. Usually I do.....sometimes I don't.

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    Wow if you can't speak for me!! I'm sure all of us have this going on we either don't admit it or don't recognize it, thanks for sharing it!!
    4680 days ago
    This is sooooo me! I never realized it before, but I too have 2 brains! I do all those things you do too... except the only time I end up smoking is when I go hang out with my daughter's college friends and we drink, smoke, and act generally stupid. They are only 20 so they are kind of excused... me at 47... another story
    4682 days ago
    I quit a little over 18 months ago. My first quit and my last. Never gonna do that again...never. And, have there been times when I wanted to smoke? You betcha! Right now, in fact, because I feel so deprived because I HAVE TO LOSE WEIGHT AND I AM SICK OF DIETING AND I WANT WHAT I WANT WHEN I WANT IT...WAAAAAAH! Ok, so I had my little tantrum, but I didn't smoke. Here is what has helped me. I found out that Cinnamon has some sort of an oil in it that cuts the need for nicotine when you have a huge crave. So go to the store and buy: Jolly Rancher Cinnamon Red Hot Candies, Big Red Chewing Gum, Listerine Cinnamon Breath Strips and, believe it or not, grapefruit juice! I can tell you this for a fact, you put any of the things I just mentioned in your mouth and your crave will go away, honest!

    It's fact that every 6 months an ex-smoker gets horrible craves for a couple of weeks so be prepared for the long haul. I used to think that the theory was bunk! Yeah...right. I'm here to tell you that every 6 months I have a couple of weeks where I feel like I just quit! What I keep telling myself is that there is no way on God's green earth that I want to have to quit again and that I'd hate myself in the morning, kinda like a rotten affair.

    So, THE ONLY WAY TO NEVER SMOKE AGAIN IS TO NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF...NEVER...NOT ONE. Don't you dare smoke ever, ever, ever again!
    4683 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/10/2008 5:27:20 PM
    Must be a little Gemini in your blood
    4683 days ago
  • no profile photo TMROTH
    maybe I need to share my song of the day.

    Mi Vida Loca --- My crazy life.
    we must be related.
    4683 days ago
  • SUZY6281
    A little WooHoo Wacky Brain never hurt anyone. Sometimes you just have to let loose.

    Good for you on quitting smoking. You will be so much healthier in the end. Even if WooHoo Wacky Brain does not agree.

    suzy emoticon
    4683 days ago
    OH MY! That explains it! I too, must have a WooHoo Wacky brain! And unfortunately for's out and doing its damage today. Actually, it got out last night, but my Sane and Sweet Brain must have been putting up the "good" fight until this morning at about 10 am... I just thought I went crazy(once a month), but I recognize the symptoms from your blog . Thank you for the diagnosis. Now...have you a cure? emoticon
    4683 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/10/2008 12:37:41 PM
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