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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I haven't blogged for a long time because I seemed to be saying the same things over and over and I was even boring myself with all my whining about not being able to stay on the wagon.

I'm not only on the wagon again - I'm driving it.

I was at my wit's end trying to figure out how to eat nutritiously, get enough fuel for my runs without feeling exhausted all the time, and not constantly fall into the night binge trap.

I met with a dietition and nutritionist last week. I was afraid I was going to get the standard diet sheet and be told to eat 1200 calories per day and do some exercise.

Fortunately, the nutritionist is a runner, and she totally understood how I was feeling. She told me that it isn't normal to feel ravenously hungry on the amount of food I was ingesting. I'm a vegan, and my diet has always been reasonably healthy as far as getting something from every food group. I don't eat any animal products of any kind so I thought I just had to eat more of the good stuff to keep fueled. Oh man, was I

The upshot of the meeting was 10 day's worth of meal plans. I can switch the order of the meals, but no substitutions are allowed from the listed foods. ALL grain products have been removed from my repertoire. That means no rice, no wheat, no kasha, no quinoa. I can have 2 servings of oatmeal per 10 day cycle.

Apparently grains have been playing havoc with my blood sugar, so that was the first thing to go. We'll re-evaluate at the end of 10 days, but I already know what the answer will be. Since I've been loading up on beans, vegetables, and low glycemic fruits I feel SO much better. No hint of any kind of urge to binge.

I'm no longer exhausted after my runs - I don't crash mid-afternoon, and the stress of working long hours on the weekend didn't send me off to buy candy.

I'm sure we've found the secret key. It makes it very difficult to eat out, but we don't do that much anyway so it shouldn't be a huge deal.

I'm almost feeling like I could start training for another half marathon.

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  • no profile photo CD318156

    Thanks for sharing...I was walking a similar path for almost a year before I had my break through moment 2 months ago. I am so glad to hear that things are going better for you and that you are finding some of that lost energy. Let us know how you are doing!

    4487 days ago
  • no profile photo CD557571
    Two steps forward and one step back....

    Glad to see you are stepping forward again my friend.
    4491 days ago
  • LYBBE1631
    Monica - apparently all nutrients don't have to be included in all meals on all days - as long as everything comes together at the end of the trial period.

    A typical day would include in 4 meals:

    1. garbanzo beans and soy 'chicken'

    2. pinto beans, almonds, green and red vegetables

    3. soy milk, almonds

    4. baked beans, soy 'beef' fresh peaches.

    No restrictions on quantity - but you are encouraged to eat sensible portions. There have been a few days when I have eaten more almonds than I normally would, but those are usually days when I've done particularly strenuous runs.

    There are 26 foods that are cycled throughout each period - some high cal days - some low cal.
    4492 days ago
    Woo hoo! Glad to hear you've found the key and been feeling so much better! I'd love to hear more about what your nutritionist recommended... were there a few examples of meals that you could share? I have a hard time imagining a complete meal formed entirely of produce and beans... but I'm not very experienced in the veggie world, tee hee!

    Keep running, keep smiling, and keep blogging! Missed ya!
    4492 days ago
    Lybbe - great post!!

    I think I've been having too much grains, focusing on whole grains, whole wheat. I really should cut it out of my diet (or have very little)

    So nice to see your post!
    4493 days ago
    Wow, really?! Good for you! I'm ovo-lacto veggie, so nowhere near as restricted* as the vegan diet, and now you have one more thing to watch out for - I'm not sure I could handle it. But, if you're feeling that much better, then obviously it's worth it and it's the best situation for you. Your mileage has certainly sprung up the last couple weeks. :-) This is all great to hear. Happy well-fuelled running!

    *I know you probably don't consider it restricted, and I don't consider no meat restrictive, but hopefully you know what I mean.
    4493 days ago
  • ROSET491
    Good for you on finding out what you need! I too have issues with the scale not moving!! I decided to start with the 5-6 meals daily with the mini meals being a bowl of oatmeal with fruit and almonds! I just have my fruits in the AM. Read from a posting about how fruits can mess with your blood sugar level in the afternoon causing those afternoon slumps!I have been trying to have a huge salad at night with all the veggies I want!! In one weeks time I lost 3 pounds! Hope to see good progress each week! It's funny how are bodies work, and how much information it takes to get it right! Good Luck with your plan!
    4493 days ago
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