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Monday, July 07, 2008

Have you ever noticed that the designers for plus size clothes must not be overweight or have no taste in clothing? As a currently plus size woman I would not want to wear a top with sleeves so tight it makes my arms look like sausages in their casings, but neither do I feel comfortable in sleeve-less garments.

And at 43, I really do not want the "tent" or housecoat design either. And I love color, but neon horizontal strips are not slimming!

I was thrilled when the tunic came back last year, because some designers are absentminded, when they create shirts that stop just above or mid tummy area!?! (I'm trying to cover that area up!)

Most of my casual wardrobe is jeans and t-shirts. Sort of non-descript, boyish even. It isn't greatly attractive, but it doesn't billow, chafe, or advertise from 10 blocks I'm coming :)

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    agree with you. We can look very pretty if we choose our colors carefully and i don't meanwear black all the time we can match our hair,skin ect bring out our best quilities and pray they change their attitudes. Rebacca7 emoticon
    cute at any size though think thin and healthy and out side will catch up
    4389 days ago
    I hear ya! (And I'm also lovin' the cool Mucha and '60s artwork on your Sparkpage!). I know of a fashion stylist who's clueless when it comes to dressing larger women. She insists that closely fitting clothing is more flattering to larger bodies...her victims look like they've been stuffed into sausage casings :(

    No, I think it takes plus-size people to design plus-size least in my experience.
    4444 days ago
    You are so right. In fact, I had to order a cotton dress from National in order not to sweat my whole stay in Dominica. The sleeves were too big.

    I love my skinny clothes now.

    4460 days ago
  • no profile photo MESACHICK
    LOL...I SO get you!! This is dead on!!
    4481 days ago
    You've said a mouthful there - i wish someone from Lane Bryant would read your blog! i like how they assume all plus sized lovelies have a big chest! Thanks for writing exactly how i feel!
    4549 days ago
    I have noticed (if you are willing to do some digging in the racks) that Ross Dress for Less has clothing from the Lane Bryant line that has been discontinued. emoticon
    But as the other comment said may not need the plus sized clothing soon.

    4553 days ago
    The way you're going lately, you won't be a plus size much longer, so you won't even have to think about this stuff any more!!!

    4557 days ago
    I agree but you forgot to mention the flowers. I noticed awhile ago that flowers seem to be a big thing with plus sized and maternity clothes. I always thought it was someones way of saying we were grow. It irks me to no end. But I do like flowers just not all over me. emoticon
    4562 days ago
    Amen to that, sister! Obviously, there are no real designers, who do clothes in Plus sizes. I can find occasional things at Lane Bryant and Mervyns...I actually find it hilarious that plus size clothing is so full of Gigantic prints! Anyway, by the time its time for me to shop again, I plan on not needing anything Plus sized. 11/12 here I come!

    4569 days ago
    Sounds like you and I could just about swap wardrobes and not notice. I too tend to wear big t's to hide my midriff. I very rarely buy anything (except jeans) in the women's dept because everything looks like the south end of a north bound mule. Even things that should be nondescript won't cut it with me because of the cut (shorts are too short) or the color.
    4588 days ago
    You mentioned the neon horizontal stripes - my favorites are the metal circles that are supposed to fall in the V-neck of your shirt, or the wooden beads that they embellish the top portion of the shirt with. All of that deco stuff just draws attention - and although I believe they make that kind of tacky stuff for the regular size gals also, I tend to find ALOT of it in the plus size sections.
    Last year I was excited to find out that Maurice's began carrying a plus-size line. Although this store is mainly for the young and trendy type, sometimes I can find some solid colored tops. It's also a store that I now buy all of my jeans at and can usually find nice dress pants for work.
    4597 days ago
    Oh yeah
    the designers must not be fat at all!!!!!!! I am a little tall-and they do not think that Fat people should be tall either! i hate when a shirt is too short and it rolls up..UGH. I am long waisted so it is so hard to find the right fitting clothes--Especially when i was over 400 lbs--now it is not as hard--but still crazy. I hate uncomfortable clothes too--especially when it is hot and humid.
    I totally agree with you on this.. As alot of us do.
    Good subject to discuss..

    Q emoticon
    4600 days ago
  • KIWI121
    Oh, I totally relate to your reaction about wanting to cover the tummy area up. What are these designers thinking? I like your candor and sense of humor here. No one wants to be seen from 10 blocks away, that's right! emoticon
    4602 days ago
    I totally agree with you. Clothing for heavy set people have no style or curves. Used to you could find a nice blouse with darts to indicate some sort of waistline, but anymore its just a t-shirt and jeans because a larger woman's figure has gotten lost in the fashion industry. The tops seem to end right where the belly hangs out and spending all day tugging at it to get it over the bulge is rediculous. I find that if jeans fit in the waist they are always too short, designers must think all fat people are short. emoticon
    4605 days ago
    I sure know what you are talking about! It is frustrating trying to look fashionable when you are big. I have always been the glamour puss type, but being fat does not lend itself to being in style. I like Lane Bryant and The Avenue, but I have a hard time finding stuff there too. I hope to be out of plus sizes soon so I have more options!
    4605 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/19/2008 12:38:56 AM
    I'm totally hooked on Fashion Bug! They have the cutest plus size clothes and when you make the transition, a lot of the same clothes come in misses sizes! The prices are great too!

    4612 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/12/2008 2:28:17 AM
    Have you seen XL in some stores? They look like they could maybe fit an elementary school kid. Some of the baby dol shirts make me look pregnant so I have to even try those on. I am glad they came back though. So sick of skin tight short shirts.
    I am with you. Great blog.
    4612 days ago
  • RAVON27
    I use to go to Catherines! I know it's in the midwest, and online. They always have coupons and nice styles. The best part is they have a sizing system where I was actually a size 2 LOL! When I started shopping again in the regular stores I didn't know what to wear. I found out a size 2 is actually a 22, Yikes! But the clothes were very nice and slimming (as much as possible) LOL!
    4614 days ago
    You really have to look for cute clothes in plus size. I always try on. I also seem to have a problem with finding dress clothes, everything is casual it seems. Places I have found good stuff:

    Dress Barn
    Lane Bryant
    Good Will/ Salvation Army (yep you would be surprised)
    Delta Burke has some stuff too.

    4615 days ago
  • NETTY129
    Boy do I hear ya!!! I don't think that have good taste when designing clothes. And I abhorr some of that cloth patterns too!! That are absolutely hideous!! Makes me shiver! I wanted to say thanks for stopping by my page. emoticon That was really sweet of you. I hope you had a wonderful holiday!! Take care and talk to you soon. emoticon Netty
    4615 days ago
    Amen to that. Although I think no matter one's size there are challenges in the clothing department. I struggle at times to find clothing that is appropriate for a six year old girl who is six and not six going on 25. I no longer need a plus size in jeans now (thanks SparkPeople!) which I thought would make shopping easier, but when did the average woman become so tall? I'm not exactly short at 5'7", but recently every pair of jeans I've tried on flows onto the floor!
    4616 days ago
    I know Fashion Bug always had cute styles. I don't know if that is in your area or not.
    4616 days ago
    I also want to know where they get their sizes from. I bought a plus size 16-18 workout tank top today from Walmart & it could fit my 11 year old daughter!!!

    Lane Bryant has some really nice clothes. They fit me everywhere, except in the stomach. Everything there makes me look pregnant!!!

    I have a very hard time finding clothes! Old Navy & Aeropostale are ones I can shop at without too many problems!
    4616 days ago
    I totally agree! It seems like these designers have no taste as to what looks good. I really wish they would have cute, trendy and affordable plus size clothing.
    4616 days ago
    AMEN sister!

    We have a store here locally called CATO. They are also online. The offer plus size clothing and I do like some of what they have to offer - but like you said up until recently everything was too short. Or would fit fine when I bought it in the store and then bring it home and wash it and it's shrink city!

    It has gotten so bad that I have an entire load of laundry that I will wash but not put into the dryer b/c I don't want it to shrink and be a middrift top!

    And don't get me started on these hip hugger jeans! WoooooWEeeeee!

    We also have a Lane Bryant and I do like most of their clothes but they can be costly and the quality doesn't always equal the cost.

    4616 days ago
    I've always wondered about the reasoning behind tight-fitting sleeves on plus sized shirts. Or worse, cap sleeves that constantly work their way into your armpits! I think maybe they are trying to punish us for being overweight. So in the meantime, I too am wearing jeans and t-shirts!
    4616 days ago
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