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Jared, the Subway Guy

Sunday, July 06, 2008

So I decided to read the book by Jared Fogle, the guy who lost weight eating only at Subway.

He gives some practical advise, nothing too terribly mind-blowing. Although I did realize that I wasn't too keen on some of his tactics.

I mean, he was able to lose 245 pounds in 11 months. 245 was my starting weight. He lost the fat me in less than a year! Whiel that may sound cool, I can't imagine losing that much weight in that short of time. Especially doing it by basically not providing your body with the proper amount of nourishment.

He basically went from eating over 10,000 calories a day to eating less than 2,000. No wonder he lost the first 94 pounds in two months. I would have gone down a LOT slower than that. I also didn't like how he implied that plateaus don't exist. I have been on a few plateaus and am currently in a plateau. Sorry Jared, they do exist!

He also skipped breakfast. Not something I am willing to do. The only meat he ate was the turkey meat on his 6-inch sub at lunch. He ate a 12-inch Veggie Sub for dinner. At both meals he ate baked chips or pretzels and washed everything down with diet pop. Any time he was hungry for a snack, he drank more diet pop. He ate no dairy and no fruits. No fruits? Ok, that diet isn't for me! =)

I also don't understand his no snacking policy. I kept thinking, don't you know how much healthy food you could eat? But he enjoyed hearing his stomach groan and rumble wanting food. He didn't give in and would wait it out until his next meal. So he basically went from eating crap 24/7 to eating two meals a day. A sandwich and some chips at noon. A sandwich and some pretzels at seven. No other food...ever.

I really do hope he's eating a more well balanced diet now. It's good that you can lose weight and have kept it off for six years, Jared! But denying your body of the nutrition it needs isn't any better than stuffing it full of crap.

I did really enjoy the book because I never knew his whole story. It's touching and just for that, I would certainly recommend people read it.
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    very interesting. Makes me glad to have a balanced approach. Just goes to show how far we can be willing to go to get rid of the weight...but what I'm excited about is living an overall healthier life. Sounds like that's what you are doing and you are an inspiration to many.
    Thanks Amber.
    3564 days ago
    Thanks for telling us about the book, very interesting. I think there's a wide variety of what people can eat and how much; I don't think we'd agree with an African bushman's meals either, too many bugs, LOL. But it is fun to read about and imagine and see if there's anything one can learn or want to try for one's self. I like he had a veggie sub at least. Most guys wouldn't I don't think.

    Does make you wonder if he isn't sick of Subway and its subs by now. Don't know that I'd like to become an (un)official spokesman for an organization that way and be tied the rest of my life to it. I wouldn't do Subway because I find their subs "tasteless" no matter what I do with them. I don't do any fast food/"quick" meals like that anymore at all; when I go out to eat it's a real restaurant where I can get my fresh broiled fish fix :-)
    3571 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/9/2008 5:42:37 PM
  • *AMBER512
    That's ok! I know that he didn't have cheese on his sandwiches. He saw it as just extra calories he didn't need. And he said baked chips, but I'm not sure if it was the original flavor or if they had other ones. I know an ounce of my baked chips is 120, but I thought the bags there had like 1 and 3/4 ounces in them or something like that. I'm not sure.

    And apparently he used to eat numerous fast food meals and I don't mean throughout the day, but in one sitting. He tells a story about when he was home alone as a kid and ordered a pizza, extra meat, extra cheese, and ate the entire thing himself. So I'm not surprised he could eat that much, especially since he was drinking pop by the truckfull! lol
    3571 days ago
    sorry to double post -

    Baked chips, 1 small bag is really only about 120 calories. Either he was eating the regular chips, or he really was pretty far under 2000 cal. I'm just curious to know: Did he have cheese on sandwiches and what did he drink with the meals?
    3571 days ago
    I'm glad that this worked for him, and that he has been able to keep the weight off, but I personally am tired of this guy. The subway "diet" at least my assumption of it that he did just isn't realistic, as far as time goes and the price of their sandwiches. Now he almost definitely eats for free, of course. I had no idea that he lost all that weight in just 11 months, wow.

    I can honestly believe that he probably was eating 2000 calories or less to do that, but what I don't understand is how he could possibly be eating 10,000 calories a day before the subway "diet" thing. That sounds insane, but I guess he probably wasn't eating the best foods to begin with so I guess it's plausible.

    I don't really like that he wrote a book outlining what he did (two meals a day with no other food, no breakfast?!) and that the company unwittingly condone it. That sounds like giving people advice to starve themselves and they'll be successful as long as they stick with it. Also, I've never seen pretzels at a subway, I wish they had pretzels at the ones I go to!
    3571 days ago
  • *AMBER512
    Well the total calories of his sandwiches was 750, but he also had a bag of baked chips or pretzels with each sandwich, so that probably added about 350 calories or so. I don't remember how much is in each bag. So he was definitely eating less than 2000! WAY less. When he said he ate less than 2000, I didn't even realize how much less he meant!

    3572 days ago
    If Jared only ate those two meals a day, how did he get his 2000 calories in? I didn't think the sandwiches he ate packed that many calories into them.

    I agree it could not have been healthy to drop down so drastically. I commend him in keeping the weight off, but have to agree that I would definitely go about it a different way.
    3572 days ago
  • *AMBER512
    See that's where I disagree. The amount of protein in his turkey sub (6 inch) is only 18 grams. The amount in the veggie one (12 inch) he ate for dinner is also 18. That's only 36 for the day. That is not enough! Plus he certainly wasn't getting all of the vitamins and minerals he needs considering he had completely cut out two food groups.

    Slow and steady wins the race. Without complete doctor supervision (which I'm glad he recommends even though he didn't do it himself) losing that much weight that quickly can really mess up your health.

    3574 days ago
  • JIBBIE49
    Jared has been here at the SUBWAY stores in Pensacola and came to the Junior College for FITNESS DAY in April, although I didn't get to meet him. But one of the store owners told me that he was 6'2" and well over 400# when he started. FOR A MAN losing that much weight isn't really bad. Richard Simmons lost 138# in two months when he began his weight loss. They have a LOT of swelling (water weight) when that obese. Dr. Atkins would say that such an obese person has ALL THE FAT they need to live off of, so 2,000 calories a day would provide Jared with the nutrition (vitamins, etc) that he needed. No one needs more that 80 grams of protein per day which is 320 calories, so he did fine with the turkey meat.
    What I love about JARED is he NEVER started out trying to be anyone famous (unlike Kathy Lee Gifford, Maria Shriver, etc.) He just did it to he HEALTHY. emoticon
    3574 days ago
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