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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Got enough cardio today to make up for many sins. I am tired. First I ran a super hilly cardiac inducing run with my good friend. My legs felt like jello. When you've run a lot or very hard sometimes they get like this . Its like having dead legs and you are forcing them to work. It is difficult to lift them and you cant really run very fast. Still i did it.

One thing I really want to share for all you runners walkers and bike riders out there. Even on the trails there are rules of the road. The rules are you always pass on the left, that means if someone is coming up you move to the right not too far jus t enough to give them room to pass. It is just like driving a car all passing is done on the left. Today My friend and i were running up east ridge the trail there is about 4 feet wide. Two women are walking side by side blocking the entire trail they hear us coming behind them so one crosses to her left one crosses to her right. They are still blocking the trail and we are still coming they both cross the opposite way again the one on the right goes to the left the one on the left goes to the right. Still blocking the trail we start to slow down (which totally blows your momentum and ruins your time) and the one on the right jumps across the trail to be with the girl on the left right in front of us. She says sorry I simply say Girls always move to the right. Trying to let them know how it is supposed to be done for future so they don't hurt themselves or someone else. You see the trail is a two way trail and is used by mountain bikers, runners. dog walkers etc. These girls ended up standing on the left around a bend. If a mountain biker had come down right then they or all of us could have gotten hurt not to mention all that juking and jiving we did behind them trying to figure out what they were gonna do. That type of thing can cause a runner to get injured.

So i just said Girls always move to the right. The jumping girl calls after me Hey now no need to be snotty. So out of breath huffing up the mountain I call back Its not snotty it is simply a fact always move to the right. So here's my two cents for everyone who uses a trail. It is exactly like driving a car (in the US anyway). Slower traffic to the right. All passing is done on the left. If you know the rules it is safer for everyone. Really I have seen some bad accidents/injuries and we had a fatality here on the trail because people don't know the rules. We have dedicated running/cycling trails here (No cars) and I guess people don't realize that they are still on a road and still need to share with others. The rules are posted and they have been printed in the newspaper. Still so many people don't kn0w them it amazes me.

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    Know them just choose not to apply them! Some people are just SOooooo Roooooode!
    All out of breath maybe you DID sound snotty - you know, like maybe you needed to blow a wad? EEEEEEEWWWWWWW I'm EATING here!!
    Oh, and I DO know what the jelly legs feel like! Been there, done that too! It feels SO GOOD to know you've pushed PAST your limits and that you're STILL MOVING! It's all mind over matter - there IS NO PAIN! (well, maybe the stitch in the side - or the grinding thigh bones ... LOL!)

    Good blog!
    3581 days ago
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