Wednesday, July 02, 2008

What gets you out of bed in the morning when nothing is going the way you want in life??? No weight loss, no health and fitness, no loving supportive relationships, no financial success??? I'm just asking. It's so easy to get so swept along by the things we "do", that we often don't stop to ask ourselves "why" we bother doing them in the first place and how much it will matter in the larger scheme of things. I have had the idea of "motivation" on the brain lately because I just completed a piece I was asked to do for a city fundraiser...decorating a large tin star...about a dozen artists were asked to contribute work to be auctioned off at a big "whoop-de-doo" in August. Everyone had to choose some "theme" for their piece that was somehow related to the idea of a star. I decided to do a "Star Motivator" with every motivational phrase containing the word "star" that I could come up with, and original "mini" illustrations of each phrase collaged all around the star, embellished with yarn, beads, paint, etc. A friend did Van Gogh's "Starry Night" w/ words from the old Don McLean song in sort of an art journal format. Still another did the idea of "Rock Star" gluing on pebbles all over the star! (She'll probably take the "originality" award!!) I can't wait to see what some of the other contributors did! I'm so grateful to be able to work "creatively", even when it doesn't bring in a very "liveable" income.

The eye seems stable at the moment...vision is more blurred than I am happy with, but hey, I'm happy to have any at all! I can still see well enough to drive, to write, and to paint, so I don't have any complaints. In an odd twist of something or other, my sister has also had the scleral buckle on a retina repair "fail", and she is having some kind of quirky vision loss from it...her doctor caught hers before the band actually disintegrated, however, and removed it surgically...what may have to happen ultimately with mine, as well, but I want to avoid surgery if at all possible.

I've lost 2 lbs. over the past 10 days...water weight, I'm pretty sure, but hey...I'll take it anyway I can get it! That puts me at 173...still 13 lbs. more than I had gotten down to before this past Christmas. Grafflesnarf!! Hang in there, everybody!
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    I can be rather moody. Some mornings I jump out of bed excited for anything that may come my way. Other days I think, "I might as well sleep all day because no one would notice and I don't have anything I want to do." I have never given in to the Whole DAY in bed thing. Because I really can think of things I want to do!
    I love the star theme. Creativity is the best part of life for me too. It may seem rather dull but I am creative with forms that I am coming out with for the medical social workers. I want them to be easy to use, easy to communicate with the medical team and pleasant to use (attractive).
    It is quite a coincidence that your sister has a similar problem with her eye. Is there any genetic correlation or is it all environmental?
    I was so glad to see you had another blog up and even happier that you added me as a Friend!! I am most honored!!!
    3944 days ago
    yes, i think a motivator star is definitely something that should be featured here on SP! sounds like a wonderful idea.

    i hope your eye will require no surgery for now, blurred vision is not good, but it sounds like you are able to work and get along fine. i'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that nothing gets worse.

    i think what gets you out of bed in the morning when nothing is going the way you want in life is what i lost for a while lately - most of the days my only reason for getting out of bed was that there wasn't an alternative, if life was out to beat me at least i wanted to go down swinging. i'm grateful i'm finding more and more reasons to get out of bed again now. i have no idea how much they will matter in the larger scheme of things, but at least they matter to me.

    hang in there, girl. you are showing unbelievable determination and you will see this through.
    3944 days ago
    Whatever works for you, beloved, I'm glad you keep on keeping on. Keep getting up, keep trying. You are such a wonderful artist...
    It's a pleasure to just cheer from the sidelines.
    Do we get to see your motivating star?
    3944 days ago
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