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It seems like years........

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ok, so I know it has only been 2 wks and 5 days, but it sure feels like longer. I thought I'd get to start exercising this week but not yet. I had to go to the doctor yesterday coz the right breast is running like I have a broken faucet and the left is swelled and red. The doctor took a swab for culture of three different sights. He actually cut my incision open a little on the right with scissors. Didn't feel a thing. I don't let anybody bump them coz I don't know how bad it will hurt. The doctor has other ideas. He squiahes them and makes the fluid come out. OUCH!!!!!! I could actually feel the fluid run out of the right side. He put me on Levaquin 500mg for 10 days. I hope that does the job. I woke up this morning and there was fluid all over my bed and my bandages and bra were soaked. I got up and changed it . My DH works nights and he came to bed to a crying wife. Sometimes it is all too much. I just want one thing to go right the first time. Yes I'm being a baby and right now I don't care. Tomorrow I'll probably be better but for this moment I need to cry. I told my DH that I really only did this to take the pressure off my back, which it has. But I don't want to look ugly at the end either. I may be 51 but how I look still matters. How my DH feels about how I look still matters to me. He was so good this morning. He put his arm around me and said we just need to give it time. The infection will clear up and the swelling will go down. Then he proceeded to talk about other things and got my mind off of it. He is really good about stuff like that.

I go to the doctor on Friday to talk about the cultures, so I won't know more until then. I guess this to shall pass.
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    Hi, I came here to thank you for the message and I see you have a lot going on! I hope that things turn around for you and that you feel better quickly. And I'd like to add that you do not look your age! I wanted to also share with you that my family on both sides has history of diabetes both juvenile and adult onset. It seems the last few years, my younger cousins and some of my cousins children have developed it. It is a hard thing for a child to live with and a huge responsibility for a child! I am 6 years older than my sister and I remember thinking so many times over the years how brave that little girl was. I'm sure you understand that with your son. thanks for letting me share, rest and think positively, you'll get through this I see here you have a lot of support.

    4637 days ago
    I absolutely love how your DH handled himself!!! Most guys would have gotten away from you ASAP and told you to get better soon!! He's great!

    As for you...don't forget that this is the hardest part! Once this is over, you get to wear cute tops and blouses that you don't have gaposis in!!!!!!! (gaposis..that gap between the button above your cleavage and the button under it...really annoying!)

    Hang in there Carol! And you know we're hangin with you!

    4639 days ago
    Carol, what more can I say that these caring friends haven't already said? Give it time. You'll be all healed soon and back to doing everything you wanted to do before the surgery. Take care,
    4639 days ago
    Carol, so sorry to hear that you're not doing well today... Thanks goodness you have a caring hubby that helped out this morning... Hang in there... They will get it all figured out... I had some of the same kinda trouble when I had a very small surgery, ( had some lumps removed)... but it took forever to get my infection under control... But all ended well... as it will for you... Glad they put you on something for the infection...
    Hang in there...
    Hope you feel better soon...

    4639 days ago
  • MARLA7
    Deuce - Sorry for your pain & aggrevation. Glad hubby is supportive of you. Probably you're crying because your hormones might be out of whack from the surgery... or you're just emotional about it all right now. That's fine. Let it out. I have broad can cry on mine anytime. I'm here for ya.
    ((((((((((((Hugs))))))))))) Marla
    4639 days ago
    awww ya know surgery takes a while to heal, just give it time, keep going to the dr, and REST! your hubby sounds awesome! I wish I could get a reduction but my dr said im not big enough (im 5-3 and have a d cup, im thinking that does NOT help with the back pain and its so hard to find anything that fits especially bathing suits! but he says he only sends women with size double d and up for reductions) any way your in my thoughts for a faster recovery, less pain, less swelling and only good news from the dr. hugsss
    4639 days ago
    sorry your having such a hard to healing i've had problems like that before hope everything works out okay at the doctors on friday emoticon
    4639 days ago
    Dear Deuce, I hardly know what to say. You are going thru so much. My prayers are with you. Thank you for sharing your hard time with us. Shirley
    4639 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2948406
    Oh honey! It will take time. Healing is NOT the fun part. Trust me. When I wrote earlier, I told you I had some issues and I did but together, DH and I got through it. What happened to me what that when they pulled the sutures out, it left a small hole like opening in the T section under the breast which is the hardest part to heal because it is the place where everything is being pulled together. I basically had a little whole under my tit for about 4 weeks. It would drain only a little but I would rub a little alcohal and then use butterfly bandaids in an X shape to pull it closed. Its important not to let the sticy part of the bandaid get on the cut, incision, etc. It healed wonderful. After all the openings had healed and the left over sutures had fallen out. Yes, they could not get all the sutures out so I had little tiny hole openings around my nipples and other parts of my breast. When one would show like a strong, my DH would take twizzers and pull them out. So it took about 10 weeks for EVERYTHING to heal and come out and boy when it did, that was awesome. JUST REMEMBER- this too shall pass. Say it again - this too shall pass and your breast will be cute and perky and this time now will be a forgotten memory! Please let me know if I can do anything!
    4639 days ago
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