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Calorie Deficit for June 15-21

Monday, June 16, 2008

CALORIE DEFICIT FOR THE WEEK – Goal of 1,500 deficit to lose half a pound (At this point since I’m so close to goal, I think one pound a week would be crazy. I’d either have to starve or spend 2 hours exercising every day)

Goals for the Week of June 15-21:
1.100% honest & accurate tracking or there is no point in doing
this. Reminder to self: if you can’t track all the bites here and
there then don’t eat them!!)-Did the best I could. The weekend
couldn't really be tracked since I was at a wedding
2. Get back to clean eating- Didn't happen
3. Try at least one new recipe- Didn't happen, but I found a new recipe that I plan to try
4. 6 cardio sessions + 3 strength training sessions- Came close, 5 cardio sessions + 2 strength
5. Lose half a pound-Can't really tell, the scale is all over the place these past couples day. I was 107.4 on Sun. and then 109 Mon morning. It was a bad week exercise wise and now it's TOM so hard to say what my true weight is.

AM Weight: 108.6 (late night snacking)
Hours of Sleep: 6.5
(BMR x 1.1) + Calories Burned = 1,422 + 374
Calories Consumed: 1,610
Calorie Deficit: 159
Notes: This is going to be a lot harder than I thought. I now see why I haven’t been able to lose these last few pounds. Bites here and there add up and I’ve probably been guilty of eating more than I should and more than I’d like to admit.

AM Weight: 109.8 (ate like crazy yesterday & my sodium was high)
Hours of Sleep: 9
(BMR x 1.1) + Calories Burned = 1,422 + 0
Calories Consumed: 1,390
Calorie Deficit: 32

AM Weight: 108.2
Hours of Sleep: 9
(BMR x 1.1)+ Calories Burned= 1,422 + 890=2,312
Calories Consumed: 1,359
Calorie Deficit: 953
Notes: Deficit way too huge today. I wanted to get the biking in because DH was off today, but I also needed to run because I hadn’t ran in a couple days. Wasn’t sure if I could do both though because of the weather. It was supposed to thunderstorm, but didn’t. It makes up for yesterday’s missed workouts though. I’m sure the scale will be higher tomorrow morning because it usually is after an intense workout day. I need to start planning hard workout days in advance so I can start eating more early on.

AM Weight: 108.4
Hours of Sleep: 7.5
(BMR x 1.1)+ Calories Burned= 1,422 +356= 1,778
Calories Consumed: 1,391
Calorie Deficit: 387
Notes: Supposed to do a run today, but again had to abort mission due to a thunderstorm. It’s supposed to rain for the next 5 days as well so I think I might have to pull out the treadmill again. Boo!!

AM Weight: 108.6 (always up the morning after strength training)
Hours of Sleep:
(BMR x 1.1) + Calories Burned = 1,422 + 0
Calories Consumed: 1,380
Calorie Deficit: 42

AM Weight: 108.4
Hours of Sleep: 7
(BMR x 1.1) + Calories Burned= 1,422 +0
Calories Consumed: ??? Sick with the flu
Calorie Deficit: ???

AM Weight: 108.2
Hours of Sleep: 7
(BMR x 1.1)+ Calories Burned = 1,422 + 0
Calories Consumed: Who knows! Went to a wedding. Didn't eat much food, only salad because there was no meatless options, but a lot of calories consumed in alcohol.
Calorie Deficit: Probably none

Weekly Deficit: 1573

The math behind it all:

BMR = 655 + (4.3 x weight in pounds) + (4.7x height in inches) – (4.7 x age)

BMR only accounts for 75% of your total daily caloric expenditure though and is the number of calories it would take to fuel your body if you did nothing but sat there in the dark all day. The other 25% of the expenditure is made up of the calories needed to get you through your everyday life which include activities such as showering, walking around, watching TV, doing the laundry, etc.

To get the total number of calories it takes to maintain my current weight (referred to as TEE: Total Energy Expenditure) I multiply my BMR by 1.1, because my everyday life outside of exercise is sedentary, meaning I don’t have a physically demanding job. Those who have a job where they are on their feet for half the day use 1.2 (this includes doctors, salespeople, servers, etc.) and those who have a job where they are on their feet all day long use 1.3 (this includes mail carriers, carpenters, etc.)

Now to create a calorie deficit I need to either eat less my maintenance number, exercise or do a combination of both. I prefer to do a combination because this enables me to eat more, plus I like exercising. I use a heart rate monitor to keep track of my calories burned through exercise and add this number to my TEE. Then I subtract my calories consumed to keep track of my deficit.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • RGOFF1
    Could you email me the equation you used to find out your calorie deficit daily. If this works I will try it. The inches are coming off but the scale won't move. I cut my calories another 250 this week and upped my exercise to 1400 burned this week. It could be I have a really crappy scale. I go to the dr. on the 23rd. I will find out then. TY! emoticon
    4686 days ago
    Sarah... great, introspective, honest down and dirty blog. It's tough, but you are too. I have fallen into the not so clean and not so neat eating habits it seems you're pulling yourself out of and I found it helpful to read your blog. Thank you for sharing! Keep up the great'll get there. 1/2 lb at a time...

    4710 days ago
    I've heard that the last few can be the toughest! If anyone will succeed, it will be YOU! I love what you wrote about: if you're gonna eat the need to record them! Maybe that will make me stop and think twice! I'm gonna start trying to change my thought process to that!!

    You are very strong, Sarah, and I don't doubt for a second that the next weeks will be successful for you. YOU CAN DO THIS!

    Happy Day!
    4712 days ago
    great job sarah. i will be honest that a goal of mine at the start of the month was the same as your #1 but it some how got deleted - hmmmmmmmm? i am sure you will do great though. still waiting on the hr monitor.
    4713 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/16/2008 8:28:31 PM
  • MARLIE13
    Ouch! Your #1 really convicted me. lol! Ok, I can do this. WE CAN DO THIS! emoticon
    4713 days ago
    Thank you so much for explaining this whole BMR thing to me! I have seen a ton of people do their calorie deficit for the day/week on their blog, but never knew how they did it! When I saw your blog, I was actually going to write you and ask you, but you had it all right there for me! Thanks again! I am going to start doing this too! :)
    4713 days ago
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