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Monday, June 16, 2008

From what other people have told me throughout my life (both the adoring fans LOL and the people who respect me but find me a little outside their wavelength), I seem - take your pick of words- different, odd, weird, crazy (in the best sense of the word), unconventional, unusual, off.

(By the way, yes, I too have had those who loathed me and wished me ill ... but I'm not talking about them today.)

So I understand if my ways of life, especially my ways of losing weight and keeping the weight off this time around, fit only me. That would make sense to me. But, on the off chance that someone else may find useful what's working for me (since May 2007), here are some of my techniques:

1. In the short run, I keep my weight pretty much a secret among me, myself, and I.

When I post a new weight, I have generally been living with that new weight for a few weeks or even a month - because I want my posted losses to be "solid" in *my* mind before I share them.

I never had water retention related to female hormones until recently. Now, I deal with it frequently throughout the year. Although I am somewhat used to it, resigned to it - the jumps in my weight from water retention can really undermine my confidence at times.

So I sorta undermine my confidence in advance, deliberately, on purpose! (Similar to a vaccination that gives you a dose of what you don't want to get.) LOL If I keep in mind that I actually am closing in on a solid loss of 3 pounds below what's posted publicly, then I can deal with the actual scale reading on a given day being up 7 pounds from the 3-pound loss - because I can tell myself, "I'm only 4 pounds over what's posted." If your mind doesn't work the way mine does, I'm not surprised; I'm just sharing a little of how my mind sees things.

At *this* time in my life, my weight is not stable the way that it's been mosf my life; my true weight graph would look like the super roller coasters that have extremely steep peaks and valleys. I choose not to look at the short run, but at the long run. Over the past 58 weeks, I've had a consistent pattern in the long run of losing 53 pounds and a consistent pattern of increasing my fitness minutes per month. And I can see it and feel it. So I'm doing something right.

That's what I want to keep foremost in my mind: I'm doing something right. Doing something right is a HUGE, TREEEEEMENDOUS motivator for me. It makes me almost impervious to what a piece of metal (a scale) says.

That way, the ups and downs at the scale don't affect me as much; if a scale number is affecting me significantly, then I know I'm having a bad moment with my self-esteem and need to apply the remedies that restore my self-esteem but do not need to reinvent my menus or my fitness plans. Saves me a lot of drama and keeps me from getting sidetracked.

2. I have always drunk enough water. Water is even more a factor in my daily life now because I have to work to keep water retention at bay or when it's present despite my best efforts, I have to alleviate the symptoms.

I don't talk a lot about the ups and downs of individual days; you are safe to assume that on any given day I may be dealing with water retention - or not. You are definitely safe to assume that unless I'm asleep, I'm drinking plenty of water.

(There too, by the way, until the Spark Streak software will recognize that 11 cups or more of water in a day means I did indeed drink 10 cups of water (DUH!), you'll keep seeing the same boring 10 every day. My small sacrifice for the sake of keeping the software gods happy.)

3. I work to get my sleep and to have it be the best sleep I can manage.

That's not an easy job for someone with PTSD and SAD. From what others have shared with me, it's not an easy job for many people.

Enough sleep and good quality of sleep don't magically happen. Would that there were a magic wand that would bestow such things; believe me, I've searched for one.

Also, there's no sleep bank. You can't stay awake now and sleep days later and have it be the same as if you'd slept all along. It is better than not sleeping enough on the later day as well, I admit. But, just as with my food plan and my fitness plan: Each day counts as its own separate entity. Got to get the sleep in during that day or pay the price.

4. The tagline in my posts is there for one reason: To remind *me* that each moment every day offers *me* the opportunity to begin anew.

One of the "secrets of my success" is that I take advantage of those oppportunities to begin anew. Blown it with food? Blown it with not enough water? Blown it with not moving my body? Blown it with not getting enough sleep or enough good quality sleep? I can do something about that. I don't have to wait till "tomorrow." I can begin anew each moment. That means each nanosecond (one billionth of a second) if you want to get technical about about it means to *me*. LOL Before the thought of "I've blown it" even finishes loading to my conscious mind, I can begin anew. So can you. It takes practice but that's all it takes. Oh, and a few reminders around if you're like me and inclined to forget that you do indeed have the opportunity to begin anew each moment, every single day.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thank you and I can relate about not posting until I am absolutely sure that the pounds have indeed gone. Thank you for your encouraging words.
    This will help me rethink my water retention and not beat myself up too much.
    4408 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2709582
    I'm smiling after looking over your post!

    Take Care! emoticon
    4790 days ago
    I knew there was something I liked about you; You're "quirky", too!! I like how you think things through. I should take more time for this.

    Thanks for your encouragement on my Spark Page! It really helps to have friends along the way!

    Sandy emoticon
    4792 days ago
    For some reason your post reminded me of the Louis Mann quote "What happens to a man is less significant than what happens within him."

    Your thoughts on remembering... conquering... appreciating... moving on from each moment are true in all arenas. The kids grow up too fast, the parent grow old too fast, there are never any guarantees of another breathe - yet we will spend days beating ourselves up over a bad meal (or a week of bad meals).

    Thanks for the reminder to do whatever it takes - no matter if it is conventional or not.
    Love ya!
    4792 days ago
    Nice blog. You found what work for you.
    4793 days ago
    I enjoy your posts. Thanks for this one. Something for me to think about.
    4793 days ago
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