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Monday, June 16, 2008

Been getting more and more frustrated with no progress and even going backwards, DESPITE very healthy nutrition and activity. Have stayed off the scale for past 3-4 weeks, just eating and excercise as I planned and Dr says it very good. Well today,.. I knew it was happening,.. but the scale was UP 20+pounds in less than 3weeks. I was Very, Very upset. This can't be right. But I just knew it was. Have been retaining lot of water. Not eating any salt or salty foods or packaged item. Everything from scratch, fresh. Drinking my water. Taking my supplements. Dr has been working on my kidneys, gall bladder and liver. Says they all affect fluid regulation. But this is ridiculus! So when I saw him today. I told him how frustrated I was and all my symptoms of swollen feet, legs, hands, eating right foods and right calories and doing exercises and etc.........and then to gain so much, so fast. It is just not right! Either I am blind to some terrible mistake I am making or I am growing some huge water balloon inside me. And I was serious. I have been trying and sticking with this new lifestyle because I truely believe it is for my best and I want to improve. But it has been almost 6months and my prize is 20more pounds! Not happy, Not happy at all.... ...... My Dr was so patient and listenig to me. Then he did a complete response test, And the results showed that I have a 'low-grade" bacterial infection going on that he says is zapping any thing from working right inside. It is actually normal bacteria we all have. But it has gotton much higher level than is normal. Said I may have had it for a long time, possibly from my recent illness and infections and surgerie or even before. But it has been brewing and my immune system, in it's already weaken state, hasn't been able to deal with it. .... Anyways I am keeping on with my nutrition and exercise as I have been, but he has started me on a bit different supplement regime as well as avoiding as much sugar as possible, which tends to feed any bacteria. ..... I felt a little more encouraged when I left. But I think I am still a bit skeptical. Not of my Dr. I do trust him and that he knows what he is doing. But it just seems like no matter what I try or do that is suppose to be the right thing, it backfires with me. I know I am being pessimistic. And I know that is not good. But my results - or lack of results - is just taking a real toll on my belief that I can ever even get near to my goal. emoticon
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    Oh girl I feel for you, and yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, you will get to your goal! Just stop and think what has happened. Your body probably went on strike, after being on vacation! Just think of this as your body's temper tantrum, and you are not giving in to the tantrum. Don't give in girl....we're here for you, so don't be getting frustrated anymore without letting someone know! We all know what lack of progress feels like! We are all in this together, so shout out!
    Eva from your 50+ team
    4794 days ago

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    Hi Deb! This is a terrible place to be. Please don't give up. Healthy living will pay off. I have been in this situation and just quit due to hopelessness and frustration. I understand how hard this is. I also have been at death's door on a cpl occasions. My body was so out of wack. I had to take high dose of prednisone for 6 mos. and then gradually tapered off the next 6 mos. I really gained then. I don't want to expound on your situation by telling my story, but to give you hope as there are others who have fought the battle and won. I now feel better than I have in years. It just takes quite a bit of time to get everything operating efficiently again. It truly will be worth your effort. Look at how you decided to make a change and how well you are doing it. Your body just has to catch up. AND IT WILL!

    Also, I believe it is very important to get a second opinion, no matter how "attached" you are to your Dr. I was loyal to my PCP. After all, he had been with me through so much, but I found out I could have healed faster if I would have let another Dr. see me immediately. "Two heads are better than 1." LOL!

    God bless you throughout this ordeal and always. You will look back on this time and realize how much you have learned about life and how much you've grown.

    Hang in there! I would love to hear from you.
    4795 days ago
    Hi Deb,

    Sorry to hear you're having such a difficult time, especially when you are trying so hard but I agree with Jibbie, keep on eating healthy and exercising and it has to come off eventually. I know how discouraging it must be but giving up will only make your life more difficult.

    What your doctor is telling you about infection causing water retention sounds feasible. I know that yeast can build up throughout your body and in your intestinal tract and can cause bloating and water retention. I had that once and my doctor gave me a natural supplement to correct it. It took a few weeks but when it was under control I dropped 11 pounds almost overnight so I can see where an overgrowth of bacteria could contribute to your weight gain.

    Keep at it and do what your doctor advises and hopefully you'll be seeing the results of all your hard work very soon. I'm here for you if you need a shoulder...just sparkmail me and vent away.

    Take care.
    4795 days ago
  • LALATY152
    Deb -
    I wish I had the miracle words and suggestions for you, unfortunately I don't. I can however relate to what you are talking about. The last post breast cancer med they put me on caused me to gain 20 pounds in 7 weeks, and I really was trying "to be good". I didn't break that until I just decided I was going to feel like I was starving the rest of my life. There ended up being so many other side effects, I finally talked to my PCP and oncologist and told them I was not going to take that med anymore...then I started feeling much better, and started SP about the same time.

    I am not a medical person, but I would like to offer, or much as I prefer natural healthcare...what tests have they done to figure out what all is going on?...sorry I'm just worried for you if you are retaining that much fluid.

    I hope that your doctor can turn the bacterial infection around, if not, please be your own best advocate and ask for additional testing or get a second opinion. Reasonable health is something we all deserve. I know I've learned to ask MANY questions, and do some of my own research so I can ask even more questions. I've asked my physician to please check for additional information for me before. Once I borrowed a book from my surgeon, prior to my mastectomy, so that I could read up on it, and not from the cute, pink, "pt info" fluff booklet.

    Please keep me/us posted as to how you are doing, and please be sure to ask your medical care providers lots of questions.

    Wish I could reach in and pull you out of this funk, and health situation. If all else fails, be sure to sit outside and breath fresh air, get limited sunshine, watch the birds, figure out what shapes are hiding in the can help your outlook even if you're feeling bad...and it can't hurt.

    Linda T emoticon
    4795 days ago
  • JIBBIE49
    Just stay on the good nutrition and exercise. How is your HIP? I was going to say that I've been watching a lot of clips on YOUTUBE of people who are doing the hcg diet (the shots) and I did that about 30 years ago and now it is a "miracle cure" so I hear.
    ANYWAY, one thing that doctor tells them to do is use the REBOUNDER and jump on it so it stimulates your lymph system so you drain out excess fluid. I don't know if that works, but I did have one of those about 15 years ago when my kids were little and I got rid of it, because one of my boys flipped it up and it hit the other in the head and he had 7 stitches.
    ANYWAY, thinking about getting another one and jumping on it to help "DRAIN" me. They make them now with a "Handle" so you can hold on, which I think is much better.
    4795 days ago
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