Over 5 million pounds lost!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

emoticonWe're thrilled to announce that SparkPeople.com members have collectively lost over 5 million pounds to date! Nope, you're not seeing things. That's 5,000,000—with 6 zeros.

You can check it out for yourself on our Activity Stats page, which also keeps running totals of calories burned, cups of water members have drunk, and more. These are real-time stats that update every time a member tracks these details on the site.

This is a huge accomplishment for every single person who has logged in, stuck with their program, and tracked their weight loss on the site, no matter how big or small. Congratulations to everyone who helped us reach this big milestone.

We hope this is just the beginning, too. Every day, members are losing weight and getting healthier, helping one another along the way, and Spreading the Spark so that more people can find out about the amazing resources, tools and supportive Community features that SparkPeople offers for free. Here's to your next big milestone!

Now it's time to toot your own horn. emoticon Comment below and share how many pounds YOU'VE lost since joining SparkPeople!
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    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2965 days ago
  • SHERI1969
    This was very helpful. I've lost 25 pounds since starting SparkPeople and coming off some of my meds, working with my family doctor and my 35 medical conditions since Jan 18, 2008. I've finally seen some real benefit. I just don't know how to add the I've Lost 25 Pounds thing to my tracker and to get the Picture that says I lost 25 pounds On SparkPeople. Thanks for the help Coaches and Jen for the post. emoticon emoticon
    3089 days ago
    I have lost over 100lbs withSP and have kept it off almost 2 years now! :)
    3499 days ago
    Since January 1st I have lost 42 lbs. emoticon
    3548 days ago
    I have lost 54 lbs so far!! WooHoo!!! I have enjoyed SparkPeople so much that I tell everyone about it. Anytime there is something said about weight loss I just have to tell them about SP. While I have lost 54 lbs, my husband just for tagging along has lost 35 lbs. Keep up the good work everyone!!!!

    Carol N. emoticon
    3558 days ago
  • JSTUDLEY_2000
    since september07 i have lost 63 pounds!
    3561 days ago
    Since starting this seriously on 4/3/2008, I have lost 15.25 pounds. I started this because I was gaining weight caused by the steroids I have to take for my chemo treatments and I needed to slow it down...the most I was hoping for was to stop gaining weight...if I stayed the same I was going to be happy. Boy, did I get a surprise...in the last 12 weeks I have only had 1 gain...that was my 2nd week and that was for a pound...the last 10 weeks have all been no gainers! I was really amazed when I started losing! I love this program and everyone here. They have all been very encouraging and helpful. I love everything about this site and as I dig and play with the various pages I go through I love it even more!
    This is a wonderful thing you did, Chris. (You also have a fantastic staff!) I really appreciate it a lot...the fact that is free is amazing but if I had to pay I wouldn't be able to achieve my goals and get healthy nearly as fast. You make the program so easy to do. I don't have to do any of the complicated "figuring out how much of what" I need to be able to control my intake. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! emoticon emoticon
    emoticon to all!
    Julie T
    Nicole...I really like your videos...you make it look so easy but what I like the most is that you explain it and show it so it is easy to follow...I have some videos that it goes by so quickly you can't figure out how it was done and it isn't explained very well either but your videos are really good...makes it a lot easier for me to follow...you are a good teacher! emoticon
    3579 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/4/2008 2:54:17 AM
    I have lost 35 pounds since beginning my journey in January, 2007. This site has helped me get a good focus on what I wanted to accomplish & how to accomplish it. emoticon to all who have lost weight. Keep up the good work!!!
    3582 days ago
    I think I've lost about 8 pounds. I only had 10 to lose I started on SP to re-motivate myself to work out. I've been very successful at regular workouts. Mostly cardio.
    3583 days ago
    Congrats SPARK and all who work their tales off!

    I have lost 29lbs since Jan. 08.
    3583 days ago
    I've lost 15lbs! Way to go everyone!
    3587 days ago
    I've only lost 14 pounds since May 9th, but most of that was done without any exercise at all, so I'm not really bummed out. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty excited. Who knew that I'd ever have FUN dieting?!? Sparkpeople make dieting so much fun that I can hardly wait to log in or weigh myself!
    3588 days ago
    I have not lost as much as I would have liked to, but I know one thing that is for sure, I have not gained as much as I would have without Spark People. I love SP. emoticon
    3589 days ago
    Since April 8, 2008 I've lost 30.3 lbs. And I hope I never find those lbs again.

    3590 days ago
    I have lost 18 pounds since February. I've got about 5 more to go.

    I haven't been this thin or had this flat a belly since after my first child was born! (He's 26 now). I've got to buy clothes 2 sizes smaller!
    Thanks Spark People!
    3590 days ago
  • HAYA1971
    I have lost 12 pounds so far...20 more to go!
    Good luck to everyone
    Haya emoticon
    3590 days ago
    3590 days ago
    I've lost +60 lbs prior to joining Sparks, maintained it for 4+yrs. Needed the support here to lose 7 I'd gained back since Surgery & health issues arose.
    3590 days ago
    I lost 28 pounds , I originally wanted to loose 14! I love SP!
    Gold Coast Hinterland QLD Australia
    3592 days ago
    I've lost 12 kgs, not sure what that is in pounds.
    3593 days ago
    I've let 13 lbs go to help the cause...whooo hoooo emoticon
    3594 days ago
    Its good to be connected to a crowd that lost 5,000,000 pounds. I am glad that my loss of 12 pounds is part of it.

    My next goal is to loose 6 more pounds by summer end. emoticon
    3594 days ago
    Lost 5 lbs and 10 more to go :-)
    3594 days ago
  • DAWNA09
    25 down and 15 to go! emoticon
    3594 days ago
    I've loss 10 lbs and 29 inches. Yeah Me!!
    I still have 40lbs to go, but I'm heading in the right direction. emoticon
    3594 days ago
    I began just prior to being lucky enough to find Sparks! So far, I have lost 45 pounds, have about 55 more to go, and am never going back to " that" me. Thanks Spark People!!
    3594 days ago
  • BAMOM19
    Hi, I just wanted to "weigh-In" here and thank Spark People for what they are providing for all of us who have struggled/struggle to eat healthy and exercise and finally lose the weight we've carried around for so long! In a world that seems to only exploit the overweight, I am so grateful that SP is here as a real solution and it's FREE! What a blessing for us all! I've lost 143 pounds and have been on this journey for 2 and 1/2 years now. My life is changed in so many ways and I am eternally indebted to SP for the part they have played in my success!
    3594 days ago
  • SHERRY528
    I will be ETERNALLY GRATEFUL to Chris for what he has provided here FREE to us!
    My life has changed so very much.
    I can't wait to see many more "first's" for me.
    I've met people here who are now as FAMILY.
    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.:-) emoticon emoticon emoticon Sherry
    3594 days ago
  • MAEMAE10
    23 down and 21 to go!!! THANKS SP!
    3594 days ago
    3594 days ago
    I have lost 12 pounds so far. Sparkpeople is an awesome motivator for me!
    3595 days ago
    I have lost 52 with 48 more to go. Thanks, Sparkpeople.
    3595 days ago
    down 10 lbs....20 to go!!
    3595 days ago
    Down 46 Woo Hoo!!!!
    3595 days ago
    about 25 lbs!!!!
    3595 days ago
    Lost 22lbs & found 4 again on vacation am confident that will soon be gone, still have an additional 15 to go. Spark is a great help.
    3595 days ago
  • MARIAH251
    60 pounds less.... which is 27 kg overall.
    3595 days ago
    Minus 45 for me!
    3595 days ago
  • LALATY152
    I'm down 37. . . emoticon . . . yes It's true "I am a Sparkaholic", and proud of it.

    Linda T
    3595 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/18/2008 11:05:49 AM
  • FAITH540
    I'm down 7.4 pounds with SP and down 10 pounds prior to that!
    3595 days ago
  • RENEB2
    I have lost 5 lbs since I been staying on track with Sparks this time . enjoying the articles very much it is keeping me motivated.
    3595 days ago
    I have only lost 5 pounds since I joined Sparkpeople, but I had lost 33 pounds prior to that. I started on January 5, 2008. I really like the articles and suggestions on the site.

    Wallyn1 emoticon
    3595 days ago
  • ACACIA21
    40 pounds. Just 10 to go, but I plan to spark for a long, long time! emoticon
    3595 days ago
  • ITSME51
    I have lost 19 lbs and hope I never find them again!! emoticon
    3595 days ago
    I am down 7.3 pounds! I am super excited!
    3595 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/18/2008 9:22:38 AM
    60 lbs. 1/2 way! emoticon
    3595 days ago
  • BCR8IV99
    I hired a personal trainer last September 2007 and have lost 44 lbs so far. emoticon I have another 15-20 to go. I feel great and owe a lot to my trainer for motivating me throughout this journey. I couldn't have done it without him. I'm also motivated by everyone at work stopping me to comment on how great I look and how did I do it. I'm addicted to working out now and am at the gym at least 5 days a week.
    3595 days ago
    I began my own weight loss program in February of 2008. Since starting that I have lost 40 pounds and have at least 40 more to go!!! Since joining spark people I have lost about 5 pounds but I am at the point where it is more difficult to come off and I am building muscle which I am told will have me maintain my weight for awhile and then I will begin to see it come off again! Either way I am so happy :-)
    3595 days ago
  • MU55IN
    I have lost 60 lbs since July 2006. I have 10 more to lose. Sparks has been with me every step of the way.
    3595 days ago
    I have lost 84 since March 2007. Only 6 more to go!
    3595 days ago
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