What I do at the gym.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

For reference, this is what I do in the gym, three days per week. (New split. I was doing a 6 day half-and-half split but changed to a full body 3x/wk one for the time being!) It's in the order I do it. There's a little bit of a circuit on upper body free weights, you can probably figure it out but I kept it together for simplicity's sake.

The shorthand I use is like: 3x12@100 means 3 sets of 12 reps at 100 lbs. Or, 8@60 = 1 set of 8 reps at 60 lbs.

I'm putting this here so I'll know what I did later on, but also because it might give someone some ideas. I always like to see what other people do in the gym! It always makes me want to try new things.

Starting downstairs in the machine room:
Stretch 10 mins.
Assisted pull-up: 8, 6, 4 @ level 15
Assisted dip: 8, 6, 4 @ level 14

Upstairs in the weight room:
Alternating lunges: 6@45, 5@55, 4@65, 3@75, 6@55, 6@45 per leg
Barbell squats: 6@45, 5@55, 4@65, 3@75, 6@55, 6@45
Pull-up bar hang: 3x5 seconds
Barbell calf raise: 3x12@105
Flat Bench press: 3x6@45
Lat pull-down: 8@60, 6@60, 5@75, 4@75, 8@60
Dumbbell shoulder shrug: 12@15, 10@20, 8@25, 6@30, 12@20, 12@15 per arm
One-arm bent-over row: 3x12@20 per arm
Shoulder press: 12@10, 10@12, 8@15, 6@20, 12@12, 12@10 per arm
Concentration curl: 8@10, 6@12, 5@15, 4@20, 8@12, 8@10 per arm
Tricep pull-over: 12@8, 10@10, 8@12, 6@15 per arm
Wrist curls: 2x10@8 per arm
Lateral raises: 3x10@12 per arm
Hammer curls: 12@8, 10@10, 8@12, 6@15, 12@10, 12@8 per arm
Tricep kick-backs: 3x10@10 per arm
Reverse wrist curls: 2x10@8 per arm
Front raises: 3x10@10 per arm
Bicep dumbbell curls: 3x10@12 per arm
Bench dips: 3x10
Oblique side bends: 12@25, 10@30, 8@35, 6@40, 12@30, 12@25 per side

Back downstairs in the machine room:
Leg press: 8@240, 6@250, 5@260, 4@270, 3@280, 2@290, 1@300
Lying leg curl: 8@65, 8@60, 8@55
Leg extension: 8@90, 8@85, 8@80
Hips in: 8@130, 8@110, 8@90
Hips out: 8@110, 8@100, 8@90
Seated calf raise: 3x12@160
Ab crunch machine: 8@70, 8@60, 8@50
Back extension: 3x12
Flat crunches: 3x10
Upper back machine: 8@70, 8@60, 8@50, 12@40
Vertical chest press (dual axis): 8@35, 6@40, 5@45, 4@50, 8@40, 8@35

Stretch 10 minutes.

No cardio. 15 min walk each way to/from gym.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    It means one set of eight repetitions using 70 lbs each time, followed by one set of eight repetitions using 60 lbs each time, etc.
    3576 days ago
  • RACH111700
    I don't mean to sound dumb cause this is all new to me but what does 8@70,8@60..(etc) mean ?
    3576 days ago
    Posted for ya' :)
    3616 days ago
    Excellent! I'll definitely be back to read it. I know I've been slacking at the gym and your posts are perking up my interest. I think I may make a bunch of adjustments and see what happens.
    3616 days ago
    Hi! I usually do all of the sets of each exercise before moving on to the next exercise. Sometimes, though, I will do one set of the first exercise, one set of the second, one set of the third, then the second set of the first, second set of the second, and so on (circuit-style) with no rest in between any of the sets.

    I'm actually going to put up a new post with my newest gym update. I've been making really rapid progress, and I've been changing things up a lot. The big change is that I've stopped doing some of the "smaller" more targeted exercises, and started doing more compound exercises involving lots of muscle groups. So I'll post that soon!
    3616 days ago
    This is seriously impressive (and inspiring!) I'm realizing how little I'm doing to push myself while reading through this. I have one question: do you do all of one exercise, switching weights around, or do you grab your starting weight and do all the excercises with it before you move up to a higher weight.

    EX: You mention starting with an 8lb weight for wrist curls and hammer curls. Do you do both those exericises (and whatever else) with the 8 lb weight before moving up to the next-heaviest, or do you finish all the wrist curls at one time?
    3616 days ago
    Monica, it usually takes me about 125 minutes. I have since managed to increase the weights on a number of the exercises! I absolutely LOVE it and can't wait to go back and do it tomorrow!!
    3629 days ago
    Wow, that's amazing! How long does it take you to get through all that?
    3629 days ago
    yowsa. impressive!


    3632 days ago
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