Wednesday, June 11, 2008

life doesnt have to be this difficult! u can call it whatever you want eating clean eating right... its all about changing your habits and making it a point to say no to yourself when you feel yourself losing control. i need to point out the first and most important thing i did was to eat every 3 hours! when you eat every 3 hours not only are you not hungry through out the day but you keep your metabolism going all day! its vital that you drink water... i dont even keep track these days but i drink water with every meal, with nothing, out of bottles when i'm on the go ...ALWAYS.... juices and soda are not only high in calories but in sugar and sugar only makes you HUNGRY! all these things make a difference. i cut back from whole milk to fat free i recommend skinny cow it tastes delicious if you hate the taste of skim.... exercise it makes u feel good and it reminds you that you are doing hard work to burn these calories on the treadmill or outdoors which helps keep you away from high calorie snacks like chips and soda! next PORTION CONTROL! the serving sizes in restaurants is off the wall they are nuts three people could stuff themselves with one dish from the average food joint! so think of it this way you NEED to eat every 3 hours and you are trying to consume anywhere from 1200 to 1500 calories TOPS per DAY! so start out the morning with some cereal i recommend flax plus excellent source of fiber 110 calories per serving plus your skinny cow fat free milk.... a little trick i like to use to make sure i dont over do the caloric intake for any meal, i always eat less than serving size! so guesstimate that first meal at about 200 calories we have about 1000 to 1500 to play with for the rest of the day a few snacks about 100 calories give or take: yogurt, cheese stick, craisins from ocean spray helps satisfy the sweet tooth! i like honey wheat pretzels yum! and if you like assorted nuts are great! think about dinner and lunch... because you are eating all day long you have to make sure that you dont over do it with dinner or lunch by having a super high calorie meal, remember you are learning and retraining your body on how much food you NEED to consume in order to be satiated. in the old days i wouldnt leave a plate till i was absolutely stuffed and that was the way i dealt with every meal! its no wonder i didnt weigh more the way i used to eat!!! the pt is that its food it will always be there as long as you live so learn to live with it around and learn to take in a bit at a time there is no need to binge you'll eat again in three hours and when you are at a diner cut everything in half pack it up right away just think of the money you'll save when you eat that for one of your meals tomorrow! food will always be there its not going anywhere so enjoy it in moderation so you CAN enjoy it without feeling guilty!
continue to weigh yourself regularly BUT stop feeling bad about the number! guilt doesnt help you accomplish anything nor does it give you motivation to go to the gym or lose weight! its just another part of your life you must change in order to make this happen, your attitude is everything and you must be positive to keep yourself moving and going and working towards your goals HAPPILY!!!! it seriously helps to have a positive outlook when you are trying anything! if u only take one thing from this blog with you... its POSSIBLE any GOAL you are HONESTLY working HARD towards you can attain!
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    Happy that I ran across this! Thanks for the tips and motivation!
    3597 days ago
    Wow i am truly inspired and motivated by your story!!!!! Wow! I am at lost for words but i must say CONGRATS TO YOU! I wish you all the best in life and may God continue to bless you and keep you!!!! emoticon
    4510 days ago
    How did you get to be so smart !!
    Keep up the good work, you give a great pep talk girl
    Thank You !! emoticon
    4510 days ago
    Thank you for sharing that. You're doing an awesome job.
    4584 days ago
    Great blog! Thanks for the pep-talk! Your AMAZING!
    4678 days ago
    great blog - thanks
    4678 days ago
    Thank you for the pep talk! I have recently lost another 2 pounds and I am so happy! You are right about everything that you said. It's easy to make it a lot harder than it really is. emoticon
    4703 days ago
    Thank you for the amazing tips you left on this blog. I especially like the one about eating 6 times a day, but remembering to adjust your lunches and dinners. That is something I didn't do when I started eating 6 times a day so hopefully this will help me remember. BTW, you look great!
    4703 days ago
  • no profile photo CHRISFIT1
    Thanks for the reminder. So true, eat often and eat a little less than the recommended serving to leave some calories for the small snacks. The day will balance out near the 1250-1500. You look great. You and your mother inspire me. Christine
    4703 days ago
    I can totally relate to so much of what you are saying and you really motivate me...thank you!
    4705 days ago
    This is yet another reason why I love you and keep coming back to your page. You're such a great inspiration and keep me motivated to keep going. I believe we do make this so difficult sometimes - worried about what we "can't" eat and what have you instead of concentrating on what we are gaining - health, wellness, more energy and a long joyous life.
    4712 days ago
    Your story has motivated so many people......WOW
    You look great!!!
    4715 days ago
    Some Great Points here!!!!We need to fuel our bodies with food to fuel which can give us energy.......
    4717 days ago
    Great advice and absolutely true. Eating to live instead of living to eat really makes a difference and so does having a positive, can-do attitude!
    4722 days ago
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