Reverse maintenance or water retention?

Monday, June 09, 2008

I had it easy. Once my metabolism kicked back into gear, the weight loss was simple for me. So simple in fact that it just kind of took over. I had wanted to stop at 140-145, where I thought it looked good, but my body wanted to go back to it's previous scrawny, skinny state from my younger days, and continued. It ended up hovering around the 125 mark, give or take a pound or two, even though I increased calorie intake to allow for maintenance.

At this weight I feel too thin, and have been trying to put some back on. I tried to increase my calories to around 2200, but I'm not a real big eater and most days only managed about 1800-1900.

Well, I don't know if I've found the proper level or not. I doubt it, because there seems to be something else going on right now. Extreme water retention or something.

I've been hovering at 126 the past week and more, no matter what I do or eat. I weigh daily, more as a curiosity than anything. Monday though Friday, all of last week was 126.x.

Last week saw an increase in calories more in the range of where I wanted to be, however, it was just calories. They were mostly healthy calories, so it wasn't a concern, and I went over "budget" more than once. Still no concern because I've been trying to gain some of the weight back. It was just that I was more prone to snacking than eating an actual meal. Too lazy to cook. Without a meal, more snacks seem to be required, hence the increase in calories to where I wanted to be, even though I know that's not the way to go about it. The overall balance was still good for the most part. The fat percentage was a touch high, but with only one exception of 4%, usually only 1% over. Over is over though, and if done consistently, can be a problem.

However, the weight may be coming back too quickly, and not due to calorie intake. All week I was 126, but Saturday I weighed in at 129. Then Sunday was 133! 7 lbs. in two days. Today is OWI and I'm down to 130. Fluctuations don't normally bother me, but this seems a bit extreme.

I'm pretty sure that it's not actual weight, but extreme water retention for some reason. I've noticed the past several days that my ankles have been swollen, with yesterday actually being the worst. I couldn't even put shoes on, and flip flops were even cutting into my feet, making them look like sausages, and ankles are non-existent. I saw it in my face, hands, arms and calves, and my boyfriend even noticed it yesterday.

Being OWI today, it's also measurement day, and I have added 2" to both waist and hips, and 1/4" to my neck. That's a LOT of water. And it's DOWN today.

I am still puffy and swollen today, and shoes are still not an option. The size 10 pants that were loose on me last week, give me muffin top this week, and the "bra bacon" is back.

I've gone over my food logs, and discovered that there has been an increase in wheat intake, which I'm not supposed to have. There has also been an increase in sugar. I don't track sodium, but that would be a good reason for holding water. I got a touch dehydrated when camping last weekend, and it could be my body's delayed reaction to that, even though I am drinking plenty of water now. It's not likely to be GEORGE. At least not all of it. I've never really had a significant problem with that, and it wouldn't account for swelling my feet so badly.

I had this happen last summer too (when I was still fat), and the doctor had chalked it up to some medication I was on. I had been on the medication for many months before the swelling started and couldn't understand why it would do it all of a sudden, but I'm not the doc. I'm not on that medication any longer though, so I guess that wasn't it after all.

I have been trying for months to put some of the weight back on. I had gotten used to where I was though, and quit obsessing about it. The timing though is just bad. I'm not overly concerned about it right now, other than the fact that I bought a new dress for Vegas and it JUST fit my 126 lb. body, and I'm not sure it can accommodate the extra puffiness. Zippers can be so unforgiving.

It eventually went away last time, and it will eventually go away this time too. I just hope it's within the next two weeks.

Geez, I complain because I'm too fat. I lose the weight and complain that I'm too thin. Now I've put some back on like I wanted to, and I'm complaining again. Actually, if I thought it was actual weight gain, I wouldn't be complaining, other than the dress factor that is. I guess I'm not so much complaining as wondering if anyone else has had unexplained water retention to an extreme level before. Any ideas out there?
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    Hang in there Tracy!! One thing you need to consider is that your back injury is a major contributing factor to all these things you are going through. When I started my weight loss, I lost 19 pounds in water weight, and now that i'm having issues with my neck and headaches too, I am retaining water again. Just hang in there and try not to add any more stress than you already are going through.
    4719 days ago
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