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Day 2: Master Cleanse (Warning: a tad graphic)

Saturday, June 07, 2008

The picture shows the Master Cleanse arsenal:
1) Water bottle with number of ounces imprinted on bottle for accurate servings.
2) My 32 oz. Mason Jar for the Salt Water Flush (SWF)
3) Sea Salt (must be non-iodized salt)
4) Cayenne Pepper.
5) Organic Grade B Maple syrup

All that's missing is laxative tea (I'm using Senna), lemons and water.

OK, so I made it through day one. It was definitely a challenge. I just wanted one walnut or almond or Ruffle potato chip. Just one. But i did not.


Today is a whole 'nother animal, folks. I started my cycle today. Probably not very good timing on my part so I'm experiencing effects of both a detox and natural body cleanse. And so far, they're working in harmony.

I slept for an inordinate amount of time today. Just very drowsy. But you must realize now that from this point forward, this experience is being shared from a menstruating female's p.o.v., so some things might not apply in your experience.

Woke at 7am to release what Senna laxative tea loosened. (is that ungross enough? I don't wanna turn people off but if you're considering doing this, you really don't wanna miss important details like this).

Went back to bed.

Drank Salt Water Flush (2 tsp of sea salt added to 32 oz purified water): 11am

11:40 am to 4:40pm: Watery eliminations. Lost count of how many. It was one after another between 11:40 and 12:40. But then I fell asleep until 2pm. And a few more sporadic ones later.

Still thinking of trying this?

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wow, this is great info! Its good to know what you are getting into before you actually do it. I have the booklet, now I have to decide when and then mental prep. Thanks for the details.
    3029 days ago
    Hi ,Terrie! I'm going to post my comments here in case other people have the same questions as you.

    Q: "... is this to rid your colon of the parasites or is it for the weightloss?
    A: I know nothing of parasites. I'm doing this strictly to "unload" my body from the crap that's been weighing my body/intestines/colon down, whatever that may be. And now that you've mentioned parasites, I'm picturing big grody bug-like thinks like that mucous commercial coming out of me too. Yayyy!

    Q: did you lose weight?
    A: It's only Day 2 so no I don't believe so. I weighed myself this morning but due to my foggy a.m. state I was experiencing earlier, I forgot what it said. Wow, I just totally craved a taco for a flash of a second.

    Q: did you have cramping?
    A: Yes. The senna tea is taken in the evenings. The cramping is what woke me up this morning for my first elimination. It wasn't bad like menstrual but rather a like a few little nudges to get my butt outta bed and over to the toilet. Goes away as soon as i go, though.

    Q: how hard was it too choke down salt water?
    A: You know, after reading tons of online blogs (not on Sparkpeople) about it and in discussion forums, it's really not that terrible. I've drank worse things I think. Now granted, 32 ounces is a lot to chug of anything. However, the book states that if you just can't handle SWF's then you are allowed to drink the Laxative tea in the a.m. in place of it. I take little sips, then chug a little, then little sips. Some people warm it up in the microwave to make it seem like soup (that's a stretch I think). I think that fact that it's lukewarm water also helps.

    Q: how long do the after affects last, i work m-f , i cant spend my days in the public restroom. please let me know.

    A: Exactly why I started mine this weekend. I wanted to get the feel for how many times and at what hours I will need to hit a public restroom when I return to work. Typically, after taking the SWF, you should give yourself about 30-40 minutes for it to "kick in" and then another 30-60 for your regular "office visits". Keep in mind, however, your results will probably vary so for those who work Monday to Friday, I would recommend drinking the tea Fri. Night, and then starting the SWF as early as you will on a work day so you can time it. And by all means, record all the nasty details for later reference. And blog and share.

    Hope that helped! I say "Go for it!" That or just stick with me for the next 8 days and see what you think. Our bodies can handle a great deal, Terrie! I'm sure you'll be fine. It's really mind over matter.

    Extra notes about the cleanse:

    1) Suggested cleanse duration min. 10 days, max. 40 days (only serious renegades do 40.) for maximum benefits.

    2) 6 lemonades/day recommended for added benefit of weight reduction and up to 12/day.

    3636 days ago
    hello. i am a nurse and not to much grosses me out. now please tell me, is this to rid your colon of the parasites or is it for the weightloss? did you lose weight? did you have cramping? how hard was it too choke down salt water? i am so curious, i been thinking of doing this, but how long do the after affects last, i work m-f , i cant spend my days in the public restroom. please let me know. terrie
    3636 days ago
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