Bloody Knuckles

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Okay so it completely looks like I've been in a fight this week and I guess some would say I was.

Tuesday I go to my training session to have my trainer say "okay face the mirror, you are going to do everything I do." In my head I'm thinking okay this should be interesting...but I'm not sure I was fully prepared for what the next hour entailed.

Just to do full disclosure here, at this point in time I had already done 2 1/2 miles running and 55 zumba squats (fast squats) as a warm up.

We started with doing jumping jacks, then switched to high knees, then back to jumpking jacks and back to high knees. Then it was time to drop down and do 20 push ups, then flip over to do 20 crunches. Hope up and take a break. Then we repeated this and got another 30 second break. We then did jumping jacks and high knees into punches in the air, then dropped down to do 20 push ups and flipped over to do the 20 crunches. Then it was time to start traveling across the green mat at the gym. We started by doing forward lunges, then backward lunges, then quick bunny hops forward and backwards. After that it was side squats across and back, then jumps across and back, then the grapevine across and back, and side shuffles. Then we got to take another quick break as my trainer went over to get two free weights. I got the 25 lb weight and he got the 45 lb weight. He also grabbed two medicine balls. With the free weights in hand we started doing shoulder presses (we moved the weight from one shoulder to the next by lifting it over our head and repeated), then we did the squat thrust and to the weight while in a squat and lifted it from between our legs to eye level. After that we dropped the weights and did some more air punches, and then picked up the medicine balls to throw them up in the air overhand to start with and then underhand. We repeated this process two more times, then added a twist in with the free weights. We held it in front of us at one hip and then swung it to the other hip and back. We then held it over our head and behind us and lifted it straight above our head. After that we dropped down for 20 more push ups and 20 more crunches. Then since we obviously hadn't done enough with our core muscles, we moved over to the Abs machine and the leg lifts. I started on the Abs machine and started workin those while my trainer had fun on the leg lifts. He then yelled switch so we did. I did the leg lifts (legs straight out) and he did the Abs. After doing three sets of this we moved over to the bike. It was 6 minutes at 30 second intervals starting at level 6 then up to 10 then back down to 6 then increased it to 12, 14, 16 respectively.

I was sweating up a storm but very happy I was able to keep up for the most part and was still surviving. We then moved over to where I got the bloody knuckles, the punching bag. We had both of them, one is hanging and the big boy (100 lb bag) is on the floor. While standing we hit the bag, me on one side and my trainer on the other, for 2 minutes then dropped to a knee over the big boy and did one two punches and elbow drops on that, then got back up and repeated this three more times.

Then I cheered, even though I had three bloody knuckles on my right hand and one on my left as I was told I survived my first martial arts conditioning exercise program. I then stretched out for a few minutes and was happy I made it through.

Fast forward to Wednesday when I decided to sneak out of work a little early to make it to the kickboxing class I've always wanted to go to. Yeah kickboxing where you do punching against pads with people isn't the best idea. The first time I hit something there goes the knuckles back bleeding again. I did okay considering I was in immense pain from the day before (knuckles not muscle fatigue). We had to do 50 more push ups, you know as I didn't do enough the day before!!!! The class was great but now I have three more knuckles on my left hand cut up and really look like I've been in a fight. If you add the bruised knee, right elbow and right forearm in it's crazy.

I was in a meeting this morning with my boss and he stopped it to ask me what happened. His comment was if anybody says we aren't tough enough we'll just show them Christine's knuckles as evidence of how tough we are. He then turned to another co-worker to ask if he had seen my hands and I had to explain to them that I paid to get beat up but it's okay.

Everybody keeps telling me to stop abusing myself like this...but the problem is, although I'm in pain, I had a great time on Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm hoping to not have to punch today but still I wouldn't trade it for anything. I'm not even going to mention it to my trainer tonight as I know all he'll say to me is you need to suck it up and get tough and stop acting like a girl!!! Ummm that's pretty impossible as I am a girl.
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  • CMM339
    Yeah from what I've seen of Jillian my trainer is very similar. They take no mercy.
    4088 days ago
    OOOOOOOoooooooh that workouts sounds AWESOME. Very Jillian-esque I would say. :D (I would also like to add that it sounds so hard, I definitely think I would be at the bare minimum STRUGGLING if not completely INCAPABLE of completing it. HAHAHA) YOU ROCK!
    4089 days ago
    You really do like abusing your body. You are sure looking great though. Way to go!!!!
    4093 days ago
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