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Monday, June 02, 2008

WEll, it's been a while since I've blogged, quite a while. During that time, I've had some very good days and some pretty awful ones, from the standpoint of my goal of a healthy lifestyle. But something is going on right now, something good, and I thought I'd just spend a few minutes putting it all down in writing.

I've always believed that the best approach to doing anything is to keep an open mind and take the best from everything we learn. As an example, if I'm making a recipe for something, I'll start with a basic recipe but I'll look at a few and likely will add some things to the basic recipe that I got from other recipes. Likewise, this "get healthy" stuff. There are many, many, good programs out there, so why not take the BEST from all of them, and just do what's right for you?? That seems to be what I've been doing lately, and it feels like it's working. Over the course of the last several weeks, I've been crafting "Tina's Way..." I truly have taken input from so many different places, and can't even tell you the numbers of places, or where.

It all started when I went for my physical a couple of weeks ago. Now, despite being overweight for the great majority of my life, I have always been a healthy overweight person. My blood pressure has always been fine, my cholesterol has generally been okay, etc, etc. If it's possible to be both fat AND fit, that probably generally describes me over the past several years. But this trip to the doctor brought something a little different. While I might not have high blood pressure, it's certainly not just fine. While my cholesterol is not so high that I'm being rushed to the pharmacy for medication, it's up over 200... My doctor has been my doctor for the last 18 years (I simply can't believe that's true, but it is). She doesn't overreact to things, and she doesn't wag her finger in my face and scold me about my weight. But, it is always a big topic of conversation when we see each other every year, and this year was certainly no exception.

This year, the discussion was about how to fit enough exercise into a schedule that includes a full-time job, a 6-year son who has to be picked up from school and brought to a sitter every day, a spouse that works a long way from home and is therefore gone from 6:30 in the morning until at least 6:30 in the evening, homework, dinner, shower and bedtime. One thing that will change a bit is when school is finally over, I will not have to spend every lunch hour picking up and dropping off at the sitter. So we targeted Saturday and Sunday, then just two more days a week, for getting to the gym. And before she sent me out the door, she decided she wanted to see me in three months instead of a year to check on the blood pressure again. Now, the last thing in the world that is going to happen is that this blood pressure is going to be anywhere near high when I see her again in September, because this girl is NOT going on medication, period.

What I know about myself is that if I am exercising, the eating takes care of itself. As a veteran of these wars, I don't really need anyone telling me what I should or shouldn't eat, or how much, or any of that stuff. And on this site, I'll bet I have a lot of company in making this statement: I've forgotten more about good eating than most people have ever known.

One other very lucky thing happened to me right after my appointment. I learned that I have a TON of vacation time I have to take before June 30, or I'll lose it. So, I decided that I'm going to use that vacation time, you guessed it, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, to make sure I get my four days a week in, and I have. So, I didn't even have to wait until my son gets out of school to begin my new program. And I was right about the food..it has fallen right into place.

Once I have firmly established the four days/week aerobic schedule, my plan is to do a small 20 minute weight training routine at home on Mon, Wed, Fri (and THAT will be lots easier to establish in the summer when school is not in and there are no homework/time constraints like during the school year). Finally, I found this really neat mini-yoga workout that takes about 10 minutes that I'm hoping to do at night after my son goes to sleep.

Okay, cardio, strength, flexibility, good eating habits... Look out world, here I come... Anyone care to join me???
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