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"We are defined by the choices we make."

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Take a moment and think about that for a second.....

What a powerful statement.

One of my Monkey's said this to me this morning and it has stuck with me all day. Last week I re-comitted to the Team and to myself and that statement sums it perfectly.

The choices we make on this journey are what defines our progress and determines which goals we are going to reach and which goals we are going to fail to attain.

There is NOTHING else in the equation that is going to effect our success or failure EXCEPT our choices. Simple as that. Nothing else. No magic formula. Nothing.

I know I harp on accountability constantly and it is like a broken record but it is the truth. Thanks for driving that home again for me HeadKacey! I SO needed to see that simple statement today. You made a difference for me today!

Keeping that train of thought in mind... "We are defined by the choices we Make" ... Also applies to our attitude. If we make the right choices... we feel better about ourselves in general. That attitude really is a basic part of our success on this journey too.

I learned something interesting about myself tonight... My body image is still really skewed. I know this because just a few days ago I wore the exact same work out clothes I wore tonight and thought, damn... I still look like crap. I wasn't feeling good, I was hurting and REALLY did not want to go work out.

Today... I wore the exact same thing and I was feeling good about the challenge. I was happy about the changes I had made from last time and when I looked in the mirror ... I liked what I saw this time... then it hit me.

What was so different in three days? My frame of mind. It made me really stop and take a second look at how I really saw myeself and what a huge difference my attitude made in the way I PHYSICALLY saw my body. I REALLY didn't like what I saw last week... tonight... feeling good about myself... I liked who I was. I was comfortable in my own skin tonight.

Why this just totally floored me, I don't know. I know that where the mind goes, the body will follow. I am a HUGE advocate in positive thinking and visualising what you want. Why THIS eluded me for so long is a mystery to me. It was kind of like... I don't know... It really made me think about where I am and where I want to go and how my attitude needs to be a positive one if I am going to see where I am going now.

That doesn't just apply to this weight loss journey... but to life in general. Does that make any sense at all or am I just rambling in a state of exhaustion? Well ... anyway... just some food for thought.

Thanks again Headkacey for making me think today!
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  • APP123
    There is a difference between knowing something and KNOWING something. You can think of the first as knowing with your head and the second as knowing with your heart. Or maybe in your bones! Internalizing it and living it rather than understanding it as a theory.

    I think that's the difference that you are realizing. It seems obvious because you already understood it with your head, but now it's part of you in a way that it wasn't before!
    4515 days ago
    Once again you have NAILED IT!! Free will - our choice every second of everyday. I so enjoy your posts! You have a this way of explaining or describing feelings that is amazing. Makes me sit up and take notice!

    Elane emoticon
    4532 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/26/2008 1:00:47 PM
  • no profile photo CD3048897
    good stuff!!!! I have been learning the same thing!!
    4534 days ago
  • FELICE73
    I am taking your quote and posting it everywhere to remind myself!!! It is a great quote! Thanks!
    4537 days ago
  • 1NUGGET1
    Glad I was able to help! I love how well you take an idea and run with it! You've now given ME something new to think about! You know, this is a magnificent journey we're on, full of all the great ups and downs of life. And you're so totally right about a positive attitude. I literally preach about this all day at work (I work with emotionally disturbed children), but sometimes I don't internalize it. I guess you could say I don't always practice what I preach...but now I'm thinking about it a little differently. And I do keep coming back to that common factor that we are indeed defined by the choices we make!
    4539 days ago
  • H2O4LIFE
    I totally get it and it's 100% truth. Why are so many hiding from truth? I lose my motivational MOJO from time to time. Who knows what causes it or why. I increase my workouts, which helps..but the cloud still descends. It's in these weakest of times that true character is established. I'm learning to take full advantage when my motivation is high and to maintain when it's low. We can forgive ourselves and still learn a lesson. Mistakes are alright if we learn and improve ourselves. It's when we make excuses and don't take accountability, that the lesson is lost. Hi-YA*that was a karate chop*...I am well versed in martial arts...NOT!
    4539 days ago
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