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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Last night I was scolded by my trainer. He doesn't want me doing anymore 5k as apparently it's hindering our training. Umm I didn't know that and nobody told me what exactly we are training for. I really felt horrible and it still bothers me. He informed me that I’m setting him back in our training and that I’m an athlete so I should know better. Umm this is where I’m still new as I figured that doing the 3.2 miles running isn’t as much as I do on a daily basis for my cardio so that it would be easier on me not harder, especially since I went easy on Monday and only did 2 miles (1 running and 1 walking interval) on Monday and then the Versa Climber. He wasn’t happy and made me feel horrible. He made me promise I wouldn’t do any more 5K’s unless he said it was okay.

He says that doing the 5K made my legs junk as I didn’t give myself time to recover and that because I did the 5K I didn’t have the power needed in my legs to do the 60 lb bar. It was very challenging and I expected it to be but as I did it more it got easier for me. He says that running the 3.2 miles on Sunday and then doing the 2 miles on Monday didn’t help and that I shouldn’t even be walking at work with one of my co-workers. He told me that I’m not trying to lose weight anymore so I shouldn’t be doing the running that the 5K would entail. I’m sorry I didn’t know that you only do 5k’s to lose weight and that you shouldn’t do them after the fact. Yeah I know my legs were tired and they are tired today as well but I didn’t know or think that it would result in me having a hard time living the 60 lb bar or that I wouldn’t be able to do as many reps as he wanted me to do with the squat press. Both exercises he has me do are hard no matter what. He also didn’t seem to think it hurt doing the chest press, the dips or the pull ups I have to do. He didn’t care my back was hurting when he was making me do the unassisted pull ups. I nailed my nose as well the first one I did but still had to keep going. He’s a fickle man. I would think he would be proud of me for getting out and racing and trying to be active throughout the weeks and weekends, but apparently it’s only if it benefits him. His scolding me saying that I’m setting us back and ruining his plan really hurt me and I told him that it bothered me. If he shared the plan with me then maybe I could plan what I want to do with MY LIFE better with his super secret schedule. Nothing like being scolded for something you pay for.

Pretty much that's what I'm feeling. Oh well he'll get over it.
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  • CMM339
    Thanks for all your comments. My trainer definitely has his reasons for doing what he does. He appologized to me for that day and informed me that he was having a bad day. I also gave it back to him when I saw him. It's now turned into a big joke of how I'm an "elite athlete" who can't compete. I just needed to vent that day. All's well and now we are moving onto beating myself up in other ways. See my entry regarding bloody knuckles for further explanations.
    4122 days ago
    Wow! That seems so strange that your trainer would say those things. he's there to do what you want him to do, right? So if you want to run a 5k then I think you should be able to. I would ask him what his secret schedule is and if you don't like the answer, I would be shopping for a new trainer.
    Good luck.
    4124 days ago
    I am sure your trainer has his reasons for getting after you. However, if running races is something you want to do then you and he need to reach an arrangement. Perhaps he can change your leg routine to a different day. I am assuming that you pay him a good amount of money to be your trainer. That means you have faith in him and the things he tells you. However, when it comes down to it, he works for you. He needs to meet your needs while pushing you towards your ultimate fitness.
    I had a trainer for a bit last year and he got after me for doing to much cardio. He did explain his reasons to me which made sense and we worked out a plan so we would both be happy.
    Congrats on doing the 5k. It is quite an accomplishment.
    4127 days ago
    That sounds bogus -- Like you said -- nobody told you exactly what you're training for... hello!!! Maybe if he could better explain to you how you can still run, but maybe less, and why doing this would help you reach your goals... but based on the conversation it sounds like a load of poo. Maybe scheduling runs on the days after doing those super squats? I dunno. Anyway -- you've got a personal trainer hired so that you can have someone tell you what to do -- YES. BUT! You have them hired so they can help you achieve YOUR goals, not theirs. If your goals include running 5k's -- then he should find a way to incorporate those goals into your training regimen. You know? LAME. :D Anyway. I hope you've had a good talk with your trainer since so that you are on the same page. *HUGS*
    4138 days ago
    Not that I know what I'm talking about, but I'd seek the opinion of another professional trainer.

    In my mind, any trainer that would criticize someone for doing something healthy is a bit suspect.

    You've done an amazing job. Keep up all your hard work!
    4139 days ago
    I agree with the others -- this seems a little weird. My trainer gets irked with me when I run because sometimes it hurts my knees, but NOT because somehow I'm setting back our training. In fact, he said if I can find the right pace that keeps my knees and back from hurting, it is great cardio.

    You should sit down with him and plan out YOUR goals and not let him dictate. You, after all, are in charge. If you want to train to run a 5K, then that's what he should be helping you do, IMHO.

    Good luck to you!
    4143 days ago
    He should be working around your schedule not the other way around. You're doing a good thing running a 5K and he should support that.
    4144 days ago
  • JLH1026
    OK who is paying who and who is the boss? Really? Aren't you there for his HELP and not to be treated so horrible? And some of that is not true - I know many MANY people that do not run to lose weight. They do it because they like to. They do it as part of their fitness - to improve their time and such. It is not even in any way about weight loss. I could see him maybe saying to let him know so he could figure that into your training schedule but to tell you that you can do NO MORE and yet you want to ? That's really not fair to you - I think you've done a really great job and should be doing what you enjoy as well as what continues to challenge you.
    4144 days ago
    I'm kind of with you -- after all, it's not like you were running marathons or something. 3.2 miles shouldn't make that much of a difference I would think. Are you weight training for a competition? (You know, where they get all tanned and do poses and flexes in front of judges.) Because otherwise, I'm not understanding your trainer's attitude at all.

    He works for you, right? So why is he calling all the shots?
    4144 days ago
    Your trainer sounds like he was out of line. He shouldn't be concerned about his plan so much as he should be concerned about you. He needs to take a better approach because he could possibly discourage his clients.
    4144 days ago
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