Mom & Daughters Lose 165 Pounds

Friday, May 09, 2008

A Mother's Day Success Story
At SparkPeople, we've seen countless success stories come from our Community of amazing members. One theme that is present in many of our favorite stories is members are not only improving their own health, but the health of the people around them too. This perspective is one of many ways that SparkPeople is different from traditional weight loss programs that are often isolating and difficult to stick with. Just in time for Mother's Day, we wanted to share the story of three SparkPeople members--a mom and her two daughters--who worked together to lose over 165 pounds combined.

It Starts With One
When Vivian Bedoya (BEMORESTUBBORN) decided to lose weight in June 2004 to prepare for her eldest daughter's upcoming wedding, she knew it wouldn't be easy. She had spent years as a busy wife and mother of two, but didn't make time for exercise and had never tried to eat healthy. Fortunately for Vivian, the same stubbornness that enabled her to maintain her unhealthy habits all those years also gave her the strength to stick with to her new program.

That summer, Vivian began to exercise regularly and pay close attention to what she was eating, but she kept her goals to herself. Even without significant weight loss to start, Vivian remembers seeing early results. "Once I began making progress," she said, "I was pleased to discover that my health issues were alleviated. As a bonus, I discovered that I love running - something I NEVER dreamed I would enjoy." At five feet tall, Vivian was able to transform her self-proclaimed "rotund" body (starting at over 150 pounds) to a svelte 108 pounds by her daughter's wedding day in October 2005.

Like Mother, Like Daughter
But this story does not end with the fabulous mother of the bride. A few months after Vivian began her journey, she debated with herself on how to help her youngest daughter, Lisette (LISETTE44), take control of her health and weight as well. Lisette was Vivian's "mini-me." The duo had been partners-in-crime for many nights of take-out and desserts. Although Vivian knew her daughter was unhappy about being overweight, she was still reluctant to interfere with her daughter's choices. After one of the most difficult conversations the two had ever had, Vivian and Lisette agreed that after Lisette graduated from college, she would start taking control of her health.

In May 2005, with the help and inspiration of her mother, Lisette began her own weight loss journey. Through consistent exercise and portion control, she has lost an amazing 75 pounds over the last three years.

Spreading the Spark
Inspired by the amazing lifestyle change her mom and sister experienced, Vivian's eldest daughter Jessica (JYBEDOYA) reached out over email for advice from her mom. Eager to see her daughter achieve the same life-changing results, Vivian responded almost immediately with, as Jessica describes, "wonderful advice, a workout schedule, and of course, SparkPeople.com"

In the year and a half since that fateful email, Jessica says that she "took advantage of just about every feature that SparkPeople has to offer." This dedication coupled with the support and motivation from her mom and sister, enabled her to reach her goal and lose over 45 pounds.

Reflecting On Their Changes
Listen to what each of these remarkable women has to say now.
"As glad as I am about my success, it is the success of my daughters that makes me happiest. That I motivated them through my example is wonderful; that they took that example and through their actions, commitment and discipline created their own success - that is a priceless legacy!”- Vivian

"Unlike the old days, when the family task was deciding which Uno's deep dish toppings we wanted, talk around the family dinner table is now geared towards the run one of us went on or what new exercise someone is doing. Keeping up is motivation in itself!" - Lisette“

"Nothing on a plate tastes as sweet as being healthy. Nothing is worth the feeling I have when I look in the mirror and love the reflection of the new me and I'm sure we all feel that way."- Jessica

Have a Happy and Healthy Mother's Day from everyone here at SparkPeople!
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