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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Hey, so. There I am, getting into the groove of power walking at the mall; I've gone from having to kick myself into doing it...to loving it, looking forward to it M-F.

I've gone from doing maybe 2, 19-minute miles to doing 4, 13-minute miles with 2, 15-minute half miles as warm-up and cool-down, regularly.

I've gone from panting and huffing to taking deep strong breaths and working my heart rate up to around 145 and keeping it there for good chunks of time. It's the complete de-stresser for me. It's the setup for a good day. It gets my blood flowing and my energy up. I feel SOOOOO good after doing my walk that I decide maybe I want to start weight training too, and I get a Jari Love "Ripped" DVD and start doing it twice a week.

And then the pain starts. And it gets worse pretty much on a daily basis.

So after a month of barely being able to get out of my car after the short drive from the mall to my home, I go see my MD. And power-walking at the mall is out for me, forever. Squats and lunges are gonna be off the list, too.

"Chondromalacia patella" is what he calls part of it - my left kneecap isn't staying in it's groove - it pops out with an audible "click" and a burst of pain - it's grinding the cartilage under itself in bad places. Bursitis in my left hip is the other part of it.

I suppose that this is "just recompense" for not caring about my health at all until I was over 50, but...dang.

So I checked out the local "Ladies' Fitness Center and Spa" last night after dinner. And beyond the OUTRAGEOUS amount of money they want for membership, they do NOT want me there. They do NOT want me talking to other women there. Just in the short time I was touring the place, (maybe 10 minutes, tops) there was a gaggle of "girls" who came in for "Bootcamp" *because their husbands wanted them to*, and one gal who was taking the tour with me said to the employee showing us around "I really need to use the treadmill, because my husband says that's the only way I lose weight, and he says I've gotten too fat". This with a deeply worried look on her face. She continued "Can I take a look at your treadmills? He's waiting in the car outside for me to sign up if they're good treadmills and I don't want him to have to wait too long".

Is THAT what women do in those places? Re-shape themselves, not to make themselves happy or healthy, but to keep their complaining hubbies off their backs?



I'm going to be doing physical therapy three times a week for a while, and trying to find something else to do to replace my power walking. I could just cry. I actually found this thing I loved doing (and the odds against that were staggering), and then it got yanked away from me.

I'm going to go check out something more closely resembling an actual gym today after I do a *slow and careful* walk (with taped knee) on a dirt track - a gym with a pool.

Lap swimming, maybe that would be good.

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    Something like this has happened to me! I fell off the exercise wagon several years ago because after I used the elliptical machine I felt worse instead of better. It turns out my hips were not able to handle the impact of that type of exercise, and that's what was causing the pain. It made me so bitter, and I just gave up. It took me years to get over this. :(

    Now I'm back on the wagon again but only doing stuff that feels okay for me. I can't run and I'm not sure if I can power-walk or not, but I can definitely just WALK walk, even at a fairly quick pace if I'm not "pumping it."

    I'm so glad you're going to physical therapy to heal your injuries! I think your physical therapist should be able to get a handle on your needs after about a week and then s/he would be in a great position to tell you what type of exercise you CAN do. I agree that swimming sounds likely. Good luck!
    4002 days ago
    Raven, I feel sorry for that girl in the gym.... Her husband must be shallow guy... I love that you are so motivated to find something else that you can do. I´m sure you will find something that you will love too. Swimming seems to be a very good choice. It´s very low impact and it's an all around exercise. Keep going!!!
    4004 days ago
    talk with your doctor, if he doesn't suggest some sort of exercise that is doable, find another doctor. they get more money if you are sick and overweight.your doctor should want you to be healthy even more than you do.(it took me years to find a good doctor, but i do so love doctor rebekha)
    4004 days ago
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