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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Eating clean is a great idea, and I know I feel better now that I am trying to do it. However, eating 6 small meals a day is a concept arrived at by people who don't have anything else to do all day BUT eat 6 times and workout. That's my theory, though I have yet to come up with conclusive evidence that I am correct. Unfortunatley, I don't have time to investigate. I feel like I am MORE obssessed about food because I have to watch the clock and be thinking about it and do a lot of preparation for it. It's been rather frustrating to say the least. I never realized how badly my work environment effects my desire to eat and eat bad things. YIKES! Just a heads up for me. I can't wait to go grocery shopping today, because we are going to a bigger store where I can buy eggplant! I am going to buy 2 or 3.

The good news about eating clean is that I bought a bag of apples last Saturday, and by Thursday needed another bag. That boy of mine LOVES apples, and he is eating them constantly instead of eating JUNK. Whooohooo. I am still working on getting the junk out of the house, but I have it hidden; whereas the apples are right out on the table, and he sees those first. (I didn't plan it; I just didn't get the apples put away.)

As for the gym: I've been there daily since I started. In a way I feel like I am cheating on my trainer. She told me to start at the lowest weight on the circuit machines, but I went up a notch. The lowest felt stupid. Knowing me the way I do, I know that I need to perceive mentally that I am being challenged so that I can rise to it. Even level 2 isn't challenging me all that much, but my brain is happy there. (I didn't realize how mental I am in this whole thing. I'm not surprised; just alert to it now.) So I've been kicking it up on the treadmill and doing the circuit since ummmm Thursday - I have a streak going of being at the gym going on my 4th day in a row. I might not get there tomorrow, because I have to drag the sweet boy to Wisc. Dells for baseball. Dang!

Oh and I joined the gym for three months because they had a great deal, AND I took the family package so that my sweet boy can get on a treadmill or recumbant bike and do a workout as well. He'll like that idea. AND I took a month-long tanning package, too - just for me. I've never tanned ever before. This is my gift to me for joining the gym and finally doing something about my weight where I can be butt-kicked by someone.

It does feel good to be working out and have a place to go to do it. I feel better already. As I continue on this journey, I also continue to filter out the bad junk going on in my brain. I have lots of baggage that I am lugging around that centers on the negative things that have happened to me in my life and how I am holding on to that junk. Eeeek. Sure explains why my house is filled with junk I'll never need again.

Gotta fly. Dogs need walking, breakfast needs eating, gym needs visiting. And I have to start packing my giant cooler on wheels so I can be ready for my 6 meals-a-day gig tomorrow!

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    You go girl! I am so proud of you! Keep up the wonderful work and you will continue to see changes!!! Big Hugs!~~Di~~
    4679 days ago
    I'm here LOL at your "6 meals-a-day gig"!!! FUNNY!
    SO, for your information, paragraph 1 --- *I* eat throughout the day and yeah, I *do* have other things to do than eat 6x a day! HAHA I set my cell phone to go off every 2-1/2 hours to REMIND myself because MY problem is that I 'forget' to eat - a concept that my husband just DOESN'T 'get'! Hey, I stay busy most of the day, so food is the LAST thing I'm thinking about ... and get this ... I work in a GROCERY STORE!!!! LOL
    But I look at the stuff as PRODUCT, not FOOD, so maybe its a mind-over-matter thing for me.
    But eating 6 times a day - is NOT a sandwich, chips, cookie. Not for ME, anyway! 1 meal will be oatmeal. Another will be a banana. Lunch is USUALLY an orange and a granola bar. See? It's not A LOT, its just spaced throughout the day.

    Good luck on packing and toting that GIANT cooler!
    4679 days ago
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